Why does the ” MALINIAK METHOD ” successfully treat hair loss and MPB ? Because it finally explains the whole HAIR LOSS syndrome and treats the MAIN cause and NOT just DHT

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The evidence continues to grow about the effectiveness of the MALINIAK METHOD for treating HAIR LOSS and MPB using NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY. It is obvious that this  radical NEW theory is CORRECT and that it is the FIRST comprehensive and coherent explanation of all the sequential steps in the HAIR LOSS and MPB syndrome.

It is now as simple and obvious  as A.B.C.

A. It all starts with the disruption of the BLOOD FLOW caused by a genetic pre-disposition which SOME people have towards developing a very tight lower scalp layer called the GALEA which CHOKES OFF the blood supply to the follicles.

We only go bald where this GALEA exists at the TOP of the scalp and nowhere else. Every man has a GALEA but it is ONLY  men with a very tight GALEA who go bald. But it is only a genetic  ” predisposition ” and not a permanent genetic “TRAIT ” … It can be counter-acted….but NOT the way it has been done till now by incorrectly focusing only on DHT.

B. This disruption of the BLOOD FLOW results in a lowering of the OXYGEN levels, a condition called HYPOXIA, which  triggers a serious INCREASE in the production of DHT. So, the MALINIAK METHOD still respects the conventional wisdom that DHT is the actual ” killer ” but says that  DHT is only a ” secondary ” factor. The main culprit and the main target for treatment of  HAIR LOSS is the DISRUPTED BLOOD FLOW…


C.  The overproduced DHT accumulates in the follicles and clogs and SHRINKS them. It also lodges in the DERMAL PAPILLAE, which is the hair producing ” factory ” at the bottom of the follicle, and shuts them down. All this extra DHT also disrupts the normal metabolism of the SEBACEOUS GLANDS, which start to produce much too much SEBUM.

In the most advanced  and aggressive cases of hair loss, where men are CUE BALL bald, this overproduction and accumulation of SEBUM deposits on the surface of the scalp and becomes a thick layer of SEBACEOUS PLAQUE, like an extra skin covering. It is why all such men have what looks like very tight, SHINY SCALPS.


The MALINIAK METHOD uses just TWO radical new steps. The first treats the disrupted BLOOD FLOW by a special MASSAGE TECHNIQUE which relaxes the GALEA and restores the proper blood flow to the follicles. This massage technique goes against all the conventional wisdom of how and where we thought we should be massaging. …WHICH WAS WRONG till now

The second step REVIVES the already dormant or partially dormant DERMAL PAPILLAE and follicles with an OLD established electrical science invented by NIKOLA TESLA OVER 100 years ago…it is NOT a laser.

Read about it at http://www.BornAgainHair.com