Some jealous and malicious people and disgruntled competitors who want you to keep spending thousands of dollars on drugs, lotions and surgery have tried to attack me and discredit the MALINIAK METHOD with all kinds of lies and mis-representaitons. Here is an extract, with a few additions, from a letter I sent to a civilized , well informed and helpful member who also understood exactly what was “NEW” about all of this;

You seem to have grasped exactly what the MALINIAK METHOD has brought to solving this problem which is new and that is the COMBINATION of two previously UN-connected methods and a complete theory of the whole hair loss syndrome. I am sure many other people have understood that as well because it is so easy to understand my explanation that one of my earliest members called it “LAYMAN’S LOGIC” and we have thousands of people from all around the world on this method and so many reported cases of success …even though I wish they would all send me more pictures.

Everyone who is not in denial or jealous, or a competitor, realizes that I have acknowledged that even though the two separate elements of the MALINIAK METHOD have been known before, what’s new about this is that;

1. Even though the possible role of the GALEA in hair loss and MPB was known before, it was a never ending, unresolved debate. I ended that debate and took a position and concluded that it is obvious that it is involved in HAIR LOSS and MPB.

Also, the old methods of scalp MASSAGE to improve blood circulation usually were aimed at only the BALD areas themselves where the GALEA ( the third LOWER layer of the scalp) exists on top of the head and which I concluded were of very little use because it is only a superficial stimulation. They never properly targeted or sufficiently improved the deeper stimulation of the blood LOWER layer of the scalp which would vastly improve the blood flow to the upper layer of the scalp by relaxing of the muscles all around the perimeter of the scalp, where we are not bald, but which is where the pull on the GALEA is coming from, and which is much more effective in restoring blood flow.

2. Even though the VIOLET RAY was known about for hair loss one hundred years ago, it was abandoned for that use over fifty years ago because it was not very effective for most people when used only by itself. I have revived it’s use by saying its previous limited effectiveness was because they FAILED to first treat the main underlying cause of hair loss , which is the restricted blood flow caused by the tight GALEA.

3. The MALINIAK METHOD is the first theory to combine these two procedures into a comprehensive TWO step method, and just as importantly, the first to provide a complete and coherent global theory and explanation of the whole HAIR LOSS and MPB syndrome by saying that; Hair loss and MPB is a TWO FACTORED problem triggered firstly by the restricted blood flow to the follicles caused by this tight GALEA and that DHT is only a secondary factor.

DHT is still the “killer” of the follicles, respecting the conventional science, but that it only becomes detrimental to hair follicles in people with this very tight GALEA because this causes too much of it to be produced and too much to accumulate in the follicles.

Nobody ever put these two treatment procedures together and nobody ever explained the whole hair loss syndrome in this way.

One year after I published this theory in 2010, my main principles were confirmed by the most recent, most comprehensive clinical study ever conducted on hair loss by BRIAN J. FREUND of the CROWN institute OF Pickering , Ontario and it confirmed everything I said about the GALEA and the secondary role of DHT.

The existence of that study was brought to my attention by one of the members one of the world’s largest forums on HAIR LOSS called “CYBERPRIMATE” and I give him credit for this in my book.