I just received a nice telephone call from someone in Africa who reads these posts and told me how much he appreciates the articles I write on other topics related to HAIR LOSS like the connection to SEXUAL ACTIVITY and SPORTS and he asked me if I would write something about my opinion on the role of NUTRITION, so here it is…but read it carefully to understand what I am really saying;

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Many people have written to me before to ask me what role NUTRITION may play in HAIR LOSS and what they can do about this to help them with this HAIR LOSS problem and have asked why it is not part of the MALINIAK METHOD.

My answer is that NUTRITION is obviously VERY important for every aspect of our well being and should be the FIRST thing we address for DIAGNOSING and TREATING any kind of serious MEDICAL problem or ILLNESS. However, I do NOT consider HAIR LOSS or MPB to be an illness so when it comes to HAIR LOSS and MPB it is OBVIOUS to me that NUTRITION plays ONLY a secondary role and is relevant more for the QUALITY of the hair, and that except for truly CRAZY extremes of malnutrition, it is NOT the main trigger of HAIR LOSS or MPB in the general population and would not explain the “epidemic” of HAIR LOSS.

There are many other treatment methods I have researched which advocate a whole shopping list of nutrients to eat and another shopping list of things to not eat and it becomes so complicated and convoluted that as far as I am concerned, there is no way to properly make any kind of valid SCIENTIFIC conclusion about their CAUSE and EFFECT and any such approaches are of no PRACTICAL use to anyone.

The same principle applies when you read about certain wild alternative theories for treating cancer. They tell you to do 300 things and avoid 300 other things, and if you don’t get cured they tell you it was because ” you did not eat an organic banana on the third Tuesday of every month with an R in its name”….COMPLETE NONSENSE AND USELESS for any practical application for anybody.

I wanted to keep the MALINIAK METHOD simple and to identify, target and to ONLY TREAT the main CAUSE OF HAIR LOSS AND MPB and not confuse people with convoluted and complicated collateral issues.

So even though I am sure that there are some nutrients which are beneficial for the QUALITY of hair growth, I do not believe that inadequate nutrition is a major factor in CAUSING HAIR LOSS or MPB. Most of the people who have this problem eat very well and are otherwise very healthy…LIKE ATHLETES. Many of them HAVE TO eat very well and are very healthy and strong, get lots of OXYGEN and have good BLOOD FLOW…but many are BALD because even though they have great nutrition and great blood flow…it was obvious that for some reason this blood with all its rich nutrients WAS NOT GETTING TO THEIR HAIR FOLLICLES…and this is the real CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM.

I considered the case of ATHLETES to be further proof of the validity of the MALINIAK METHOD because it was a dramatic example that the REAL problem was that the tight GALEA was blocking the great blood flow from getting to their follicles even in these guys with great blood flow and nutrition.

There are people who don’t eat right and have terrible nutrition, they smoke and they drink, they party all night and lead all kinds of debauched life styles and they have hair as thick and full as OTTERS …I HATE THESE PEOPLE !

But In those of us who have this UNDERLYING problem of a tight GALEA and a disruption of the blood flow to the follicles, it seems like every bad habit makes it worse…and this is TRUE…because these bad habits all further reduce the amount of OXYGEN which gets to the follicles…and it is this disrupted BLOOD FLOW and the reduction in OXYGEN which is the true underlying cause of our HAIR LOSS and MPB…and if you do not treat that by first relaxing the tight GALEA, which is the basis of the MALINIAK METHOD…. then you can eat all the INOSITOL and OMEGA-3 and other B vitamins that you want and you will NOT solve your hair loss problem…you must first treat the REAL CAUSE…the tight GALEA.

If those of you who have hair loss or MPB use the very simple steps of the MALINIAK METHOD and properly treat this MAIN CULPRIT first…you will finally STOP YOUR HAIR LOSS and GROW NEW HAIR again….and then afterwards, there is nothing wrong with supplementing your efforts with nutritional products which claim to be, and which probably are, beneficial for the QUALITY of the hair you grow….BUT I DO NOT MAKE THIS AN ELEMENT OF MY METHOD.

In my book there is only ONE comment I make about any kind of nutritional issue and that is about the risks of taking too much VITAMIN “A”. I advocate that we avoid supplements with HIGH DOSES of VITAMIN A because it is a PRECURSOR to TESTOSTERONE production and this leads to too much DHT production…and DHT is still the actual ” killer” of the hair follicles… but AGAIN this happens ONLY in people whose tight GALEA has caused an over-production and accumulation of this DHT…I do NOT say to avoid vitamin A altogether, because it is VERY important…I just SAY to avoid very HIGH supplemental doses of it.

Just to be sure there is no confusion about what I am saying about NUTRITION and HAIR LOSS, and to make sure nobody thinks that I am trying to claim that NUTRITION is not important in almost every serious medical condition,,,I want to make it clear that when it comes to almost any kind of serious MEDICAL condition, and not just a cosmetic problem like HAIR LOSS or MPB…I FANATICALLY believe that the doctors should always START with first examining and treating the NUTRITIONAL history of their patients and look for a solution that way BEFORE poisoning them with toxic drugs or burning them with radiation or slashing them with surgery AND that they should find out first if there is any inadequacy in their diets WHICH WOULD EXPLAIN THEIR ILLNESS and treat that BEFORE anything else.

However, to me, conventional HAIR LOSS and MPB is NOT an illness…it is a mechanical problem caused by a mechanical “choking” off of a blood supply and therefore a “mechanical” solution is the answer and the nutritional issues are secondary.

Do the MALINIAK METHOD NOW but do it exactly as I say and get the right machine from us… YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

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