The MALINIAK METHOD finally explains the whole hair loss syndrome and how to solve it without the crazy salad bar ideas on the Internet

Go to and learn about the true, scientifically proven MAIN cause of HAIR LOSS and baldness and how to reverse it using NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY.

If you go on the Internet you will find all kinds of crazy, un-tested and unproven ideas about some type of what I call ” SALAD BAR ” bar solutions about some food or ingredient being able to cure hair loss. It could be onion juice, ginger, garlic, and a host of other complex concoctions which are total nonsense and not based on any kind of real science.

Then there are the poor DIET arguments which are even more silly. If hair loss was really related to a poor diet then every POOR person would be bald and this is obviously NOT true. The men who do not lose their hair can smoke and drink, stay out late and eat crap and still do not lose any hair or go bald…IT IS INFURIATING to those of us who have this problem whose hair loss becomes worse with every bad habit. So DIET and bad habits are not the MAIN cause of hair loss.

It is also not just about DHT or else every man would be bald because we all have DHT and all the mainstream solutions based on just reducing DHT have all FAILED miserably. DHT is normally very good for proper hair growth and also, more importantly, very good for the proper development of every major male characteristic, so screwing around and reducing DHT un-naturally is a BAD idea and has serious side effect and consequences, like IMPOTENCE.

That is why there are class action law suits against the manufacturers of those drugs in Canada and the USA…DO NOT DO THIS

The MALINIAK METHOD finally explains how the entire hair loss syndrome all begins with a disruption of the proper BLOOD FLOW to the scalp caused by this tight lower layer of the scalp called the GALEA. This sets into motion the whole series of events which then cause HAIR LOSS. This tight GALEA chokes off the blood supply to the scalp, which then causes a low OXYGEN condition called HYPOXIA and this finally causes a serious OVER-PRODUCTION and accumulation of DHT  in the follicles…and only now does DHT become BAD for the hair.

So DHT is still involved but the MALINIAK METHOD explains why it is only a ” secondary ” factor and reducing DHT will help a bit but not enough and you must first and foremost attack the MAIN cause…the disruption of the BLOOD FLOW.


All men have a GALEA but only those men with a genetic pre-disposition to having a very tight GALEA lose their hair. We only go bald where this GALEA exists on the top of the head and nowhere else on the scalp. This tightness is further made worse by STRESS,  which is why the worst cases and the fastest cases of hair loss happens in young men under 20 years old who can lose all their hair in less than six months. These YOUNG men are facing the ” perfect storm ” of high levels of testosterone, a pre-disposition to a very tight GALEA and the STRESS of adolescence. Older guys who who also have a tight GALEA but do not have all these three conditions at the same time lose their hair more slowly and steadily over time.

The good news is that this tight GALEA is not a genetic ” trait ” which is irreversible, like eye color, but it is only a ” pre-disposition ” and it CAN BE REVERSED and the earlier you start…the better. Start the MALINIAK METHOD as soon as you start seeing hair loss and you will prevent the whole process from even triggering, which is the BEST way to counter-act it. Start it later in life and STICK WITH IT and you will reverse the hair loss process and re-grow your hair.

Do not waste your time with un-scientific and frivolous nonsense and try the MALINIAK METHOD because it is based on solid science and the main principles of this system have now been validated by three independent scientific studies….plus if is plain ” LAYMAN’S LOGIC”…as one of our earliest successful members famously put it.

Go to and read about the MALINIAK METHOD, do exactly what it says in the book about the proper MASSAGE technique to RESTORE blood flow, which is very simple…and get the correct electrical machine from BORN AGAIN which is based on an old science invented by Nikola TESLA to revive already dormant follicles…something we were told is impossible and which we now know IS NOT TRUE.

You will not be disappointed again…this is the real deal.