I recently posted this comment on a Facebook site of a prominent professor from McGill University who hosts an ongoing battle between the forces of conventional science and those people in the general public who are are looking for more effective and less toxic solutions in the world of alternative science and I think it is instructive for all people struggling with this issue and who are not satisfied with the DISMAL status quo either on the issue of HAIR LOSS and MPB or for more serious health issues and which provides a strong argument for any of you who are also looking for answers;

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This ongoing soap opera of the contrived battle between conventional medicine and “natural” healing is a laughable red herring perpetuated by the mainstream medical profession to distract us from the inescapable scientific truth that effective treatments against diseases can come from a variety of sources and conventional medicine does not have a monopoly on legitimate or effective treatments. If the only acceptable test for the validity of any particular curative science was that vaunted “sacred-cow” of DOUBLE-BLIND, PEER-REVIEWED studies then how come so many of the drugs which have been foisted on the public through this methodology and pathway have ended up producing drugs which are killing thousands of people worldwide. CNN’s Dr. SANJAY GUPTA, the ultimate mainstream doctor and media persona just did did a special called DEADLY DOSE where he chronicles the horrendous number of deaths from prescription medicines whose limited benefits are far outweighed by their deadly and un-disclosed side effects. On the other hand several primitive and advanced societies have survived for thousands of years using a variety of natural cures whose track record is surely not as dismal as that of conventional medicine. JERRY LEWIS has raised billions of dollars for MD over thirty years and still there is NO CURE and not even any significant progress in that field. The drug based approach is a complete failure and will continue to be a failure unless and until drugs can be made so perfectly target specific that there will be no unfavorable secondary side effects…something which at our current rate of progress I hold out very little hope of happening because mankind is still in such a primitive state of knowledge as to the multitude of micro-chemical reactions and interactions that are going on in the body that trying to find a cure through that pathway is a non-starter. I repeat that my objective in this initiative is simply to convince the benefactors and the donors to health and research programs to direct some of their money to the investigation of at least a few of the more compelling ALTERNATIVE sciences which already some body of evidence as to their effectiveness, even if for now that proof is only anecdotal. At the end of the day we are all after the same thing…TO IMPROVE the way we deal with disease and since the conventional approach has not perfected a solution to this problem until l now, we should not be closed minded to exploring other avenues. Just as one practical example of this shortsightedness, the failure of the western medical profession to totally ignore the ELECTRICAL functioning of the body and making sure it is working properly before poisoning us with drugs and burning us with radiation and slashing us with surgery is incomprehensible. The CHINESE start their medical diagnosis and treatments with this approach in conjunction with herbs and nobody can accuse them of being stupid.

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