I recently got a request from a member to comment on another supplier of violet ray devices and the answer may be of interest to others;

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You are asking me about another supplier of USED violet ray devices, so I will give you a detailed answer and not just peremptorily or arrogantly tell you to get it from us, because this is an important issue and will interest other people as well.

I also remind you that even the world’s best and most expensive machine will do absolutely nothing without the MASSAGE portion of the MALINIAK METHOD to relax the GALEA and restore the proper BLOOD FLOW to the follicles…it is still the “KEY” to the whole thing.

I know this other violet ray site very well and they make some nice looking USED restorations, they have a good reputation and their products may in fact be effective…but I have never bought or tested any of their restorations and so I do not know if their USED and restored products truly reproduce the same original specs as the one I use…maybe they do…but I no longer want people to take a chance getting the wrong device.

Also, if I am not wrong, their products are not cheap and a USED, restored machine is just about the same price as the brand NEW one available directly from us…SO WHY TAKE A CHANCE with this critical issue ? Why not be 100% sure you are using the right device ?

At the start, I helped people buy violet rays from other suppliers and did not even sell a machine because I did not want anyone to think all I wanted to do was profit from a sale. I wanted them to go on the MALINIAK METHOD because it was LOGICAL and made sense and they accepted this new theory. But many of our members insisted I make my exact machine available from us directly so they could be sure to have the right one and not have to shop around, especially after some of them got the wrong type of machines.

Some people started buying from us directly but some people tried to save a few bucks and sourced their own machines elsewhere….I tried to be “politically correct” and even helped them, reviewing link after link which they found. But then we started getting more and more feedback and proof from people all around the world that this MALINIAK METHOD was really working if people did exactly what I said and also had the proper top quality NEW machine from us.

People who got their machines elsewhere had nothing but trouble. They did NOT get results because they were either getting the wrong types of cheaper NEW machines from China or the Ukraine or were getting restored USED machines, neither of which really produced the exact specs CLAIMED or reproduced the original science of NIKOLA TESLA.

Once they got the correct machine from us…they got great results…so this is my only PRIORITY now.

It is more important then being “politically correct” and most people are so thankful to finally have something which is actually curing their HAIR LOSS problem…they do not mind that we make a few bucks from the machine…many even INSIST on it…in GRATITUDE. I am very PRO-ACTIVE with our members and they are very appreciative of my help.

Maybe some other suppliers’ machines are in fact appropriate, but TOO many are not, so it got to the point where I could not and would not any longer trust any other sources. Some suppliers were so unscrupulous, they tried to cash in on this MALINIAK METHOD and even claimed they were MY supplier, or that their machine was the one used with the MALINIAK METHOD…it was ALL FALSE !

The MOST IMPORTANT thing for me AND EVERYONE WITH THIS PROBLEM, is that people do the MALINIAK METHOD correctly, and STOP their HAIR LOSS and GROW NEW HAIR…therefore, I stopped being involved in people trying to source a machine elsewhere and strongly URGED…but STILL did NOT force people to get it from us, just to be SURE they are doing this right and were getting the FULL benefits of the MALINIAK METHOD.

You are free to do what you want, but if you want to sure you are really doing the MALINIAK METHOD correctly and do not compromise your chances, I would also strongly urge you to get the proper device from us. I do NOT any longer comment on, endorse or approve machines from sources I have not tested. Our profit margin on these NEW devices is very small and we do this mainly to be sure people do the MALINIAK METHOD correctly.

Do the MALINIAK METHOD NOW but do it exactly as I say and get the right machine from us… YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

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