Here is an answer I posted on one of the world’s leading forums on HAIR LOSS in answer to a request about the OLD literature on the use of the violet ray device;

There are literally thousands of sites and articles with information on the science and history of the TESLA violet ray device. This science also has applications in other fields, as I discuss in the book and on the website at;

As you requested, here is one old literature style link to get you started and see just how widespread the use of this device was before the A.M.A. banned it for “medical” use. NO MONEY IN IT.

It is still approved for cosmetic uses and there are hundreds of companies making dozens of different types of these devices “generically” referred to as a violet ray device. But they are not all the same and they are not all appropriate or effective for treating HAIR LOSS and stimulating DORMANT follicles back into action. It took me lots and lots of testing with many types until I found the one which worked the best for this application. It is a delicate balance; TOO WEAK and it will not stimulate the dermal papillae enough. TOO STRONG and it can actually damage and KILL the follicles.

You must have the exact correct machine or you will be wasting your time. Despite offers from many manufacturers to be my supplier, with their version of this device, so many of which I tested and found useless, I have stayed true to my “MANTRA” that I am reviving the use of the type of device which has the power specs of the original science of NIKOLA TESLA and I adopted the one which is the closest to those original specs and NO other modern version of it despite efforts to “intimidate” me into using a different machine.

I also repeat how much more important it is to first practice the MAIN step of the MALINIAK METHOD, which is the MASSAGE techniques to really relax the GALEA and restore adequate BLOOD FLOW to the follicles. Without this, NO machine will do much, even the most expensive one available. That’s why so many makers of this device are trying to PRETEND that their device is the one used with the MALINIAK METHOD….all false.

There are many “techniques” of massage, and they all provide some sort of stimulation and improved blood circulation at the SURFACE of the scalp, but I adamantly maintain that the simple, properly placed techniques that I use which target the “DEEP” sources of the blockage of the blood through the GALEA layer are much more effective then any other methods which target only the SURFACE circulation. THE PROOF IS IN HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE REPORTED RESULTS WITH MY METHOD….most of them very quickly.

However, I do not want to exaggerate, and there are some people who do NOT get great results right away. Sometimes it takes much longer and this is to be understood because although the techniques are simple and effective…it takes PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE because many peoples’ follicles have been under attack for YEARS AND YEARS and they will not revive and bounce back in a few weeks. That’s why the biggest challenge, for those who are slower to repsond, is to get them to STAY WITH IT until they also get results…do NOT give up.


It’s fun to read about the OLD sciences and I am an activist and advocate against the suppression of information and the revival of some of those lost NON-DRUG, NON TOXIC, NON SURGICAL methodologies. I have created a FOUNDATION whose purpose it is to properly test, according to the standard scientific model, the other applications of RADIO FREQUENCY therapy, like that used by DR. ROYAL RIFE, who effectively cured 16 out of 16 terminally ill CANCER patients in a controlled experiment at the University of California in 1934 under the auspices of a committee of the top doctors in the country. This is as close to a modern “double-blind” study as you can get, and moreover, I do not believe that that type of testing is required to prove a “mechanical” procedure.

The A.M.A. also banned that application of this form of electro-therapy science when RIFE and his partners refused to allow them to buy into his company. Unlike other “conspiracy” theories, these guys ended up suing each other in COURT, so all the history of this science and its effectiveness is in the transcripts of the trial and are a matter of PUBLIC RECORD.

WHY IS THIS BEING SUPPRESSED ? We should at least test it again from scratch and see if it really works and only if this testing shows it to be useless…then we will abandon it…BUT LET’S AT LEAST TEST IT PROPERLY !

Curing HAIR LOSS is not as important as curing CANCER, but HAIR LOSS is also a source of tremendous trauma and tragedy to so many people, and just like with cancer, it has BAFFLED the mainstream medical community for years, and so my argument is that we are free to propose ALTERNATIVES. I feel that the success of using this ALTERNATIVE science of electro-therapy to successfully treat HAIR LOSS validates our efforts to apply the same initiative to the more important field of curing CANCER, which has also “baffled” the mainstream medical community.

Anyone who wants to contribute to that effort is welcome to contact me at