Those of you who have read my book and have followed the MALINIAK METHOD know that the foundation of my radical new theory and treatment method is the principal that what sets all of the phases of the HAIR LOSS and MPB syndrome into motion is FIRST, the choking off the of the BLOOD SUPPLY to the hair follicles due to a tight GALEA, which causes DHT to be over-produced and to accumulate and that all this EXTRA and unnecessary DHT now becomes detrimental to proper HAIR GROWTH instead of being beneficial for HAIR, as it is normally,

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The recent scientific studies of BRIAN J. FREUND, published one year AFTER the release of my first book, has further confirmed my hypothesis and explained the actual “mechanism” by which this happens. This article is cited on our website and in the later editions of my book, and what FREUND says is that, the disruption of normal blood circulation causes a reduction in the OXYGEN levels in the follicles and this triggers a condition of low OXYGEN called ” HYPOXIA” which is an environment in which DHT is over-produced and allowed to accumulate….AND THEREBY TO CAUSE ITS DAMAGE….although the exact mechanism of how it does this is NOT known.

So, as I said in my original theory, DHT is still the actual “killer” of the follicles, which respects the conventional wisdom, but that this happens ONLY in people who have too much of it due to a disruption of the normal blood flow. This is why not every man is bald, even though ALL MEN have DHT and we do not go bald anywhere else on the scalp EXCEPT for where this GALEA exists and disrupts the blood flow…and nowhere else. BUT… ALL men have a GALEA…so, it is ONLY in those men with a very, very TIGHT GALEA where this becomes a problem. A normal, non-tight GALEA does not cause a problem…which is why not all men are bald.

What emerges from all of this is that once again we learn that OXYGEN plays a major role in all of this HAIR LOSS syndrome, just as medicine is learning that it can play a major role in addressing and treating much more serious illnesses like CANCER…and that OXYGEN levels should be addressed and treated before poisoning people with toxic drugs. We are NOT talking about just “breathing” oxygen, but thorough INFUSION throughout the body. This is a new approach, which is already being implemented by such pioneers as DR. ROBERT ROWEN in his clinic in California, who is a medical doctor and a former politician from Alaska. He is the world’s leader in OXYGEN and OZONE THERAPY.


This important role of OXYGEN is all so OBVIOUS to me and it so ELEGANTLY fits in with I what consider to be a better, more intuitive understanding of GOD”s magnificent design of life…THAT we can use something so FUNDAMENTAL AND SIMPLE as making sure someone has enough “OXYGEN” as the “KEY” to solving many of the problems that plague mankind….even the very serious ones.

Also, the evidence continues to pour in from DIFFERENT sources on the importance of the role of OXYGEN in other cosmetic issues which further corroborate it’s critical role.

Today my daughter JENNNIFER read me the literature that was provided with the line of ACNE products called PROACTIVE. They are the most successful and effective acne treatment in the world and the scientific explanation of their products contents and effects they provided was VERY IMPRESSIVE and persuasive.

Basically what they said was that ACNE is causes by bacteria and that these bacteria feed on the OILS in the skin. When the follicles become blocked with too much of these oils it give the bacteria more food and they grow, which triggers an IMMUNE response…and it is this which causes the breakout….sometimes aggravated by STRESS…just like in HAIR LOSS.

What is interesting in the context of this discussion about the role of OXYGEN is that they declare that the main ACTIVE ingredient is in their products is BENZOYL PEROXIDE,…a well known anti-bacterial, The way they say it works is that it is an OXIDIZER which attacks and kills the ACNE bacteria….OXYGEN !!!

This role of OXYGEN in their explanation, that it is also related to over-coming the effects of too much bacteria feeding on too much skin OILS…ties in very nicely with what I wrote in my last article about the possibly much more important role of SEBUM in hair loss then what we previously thought.. It would seem like the least important of the POTENTIAL culprits, but it may turn out to be not the case and may end up being the MAIN agent.

I theorized that the actual MECHANISM by which DHT causes HAIR LOSS in the scalp follicles, a mechanism which has till now NOT been elucidated, is due to the way it interacts with the oils of the SCALP…called SEBUM. In normal circumstances, DHT interacts favorably with the sebaceous glands and causes a NORMAL level of beneficial SEBUM…GOOD FOR PROPER HAIR GROWTH but…when there is much too much DHT due to the restricted blood flow…THIS now causes an OVER-PRODUCTION and therefore, ACCUMULATION of too much SEBUM and this blocks the follicles and chokes them off and causes the follicle to shrink and it possibly that very hard SEBUM clogs the follicles and prevents hair from pushing through and eventually makes the follicle DORMANT.

This is all again pure scientific thought, but it seems to make perfect sense, and in the absence of any other legitimate explanation for the mechanism by which DHT causes hair loss… I believe this is a LOGICAL and viable explanation and I feel justified in proposing it.

It also leads to the conclusion that perhaps the cleansing of the scalp follicles with products like PROACTIVE for VERY RESISTANT cases might also be helpful to make the MALINIAK METHOD work even better…something we would like to test in the near future. It may be that very resistant people also have an extra problem, just like those people with ACNE, of too many bacteria feeding on too much SEBUM.

In my last article I reviewed the role of HAIR MITES called DEMEX FOLLICULARUM, as a POSSIBLE complicating factor and alternative explanation that some people have explored as a CAUSE of hair loss and concluded that the consensus seems to be that it rather a CONSEQUENCE and not a cause of HAIR LOSS…but in the light of what the people at PROACTIVE say about skin ACNE, it is worth exploring further in relation to HAIR LOSS.

According to the overwhelming feedback we are getting from our members, The MALINIAK METHOD is working great in the vast majority of cases using only the two (2) BASIC and simple techniques…but we have to keep an OPEN MIND and not be afraid to consider other factors in the cases of the few, very RESISTANT people, and this idea, of some sort of bacteria being involved, and using an ACNE type treatment is intriguing.

But, I would not consider testing anything other then what is in PROACTIVE because I have been informed by one of our members from INDIA, and I then researched myself, that some other ACNE medicines actually CAUSE HAIR LOSS…because they completely SHUT DOWN the SEBUM production…an extreme solution which seems OBVIOUS would be harmful for HAIR GROWTH.

I will investigate this issue further and report back to all of you because this is a continuing and pro-active adventure. We have already had tremendous results and almost every day I get NEW letters of thanks from our members who are getting great results…but I am always looking to understand any other factors which may be at work in the HARD cases…I DO NOT GIVE UP.

Do the MALINIAK METHOD NOW but do it exactly as I say and get the right machine from us… YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

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