THE “BEFORE AND AFTER” picture dillema

One of our members just asked if we had other BEFORE and AFTER pics to get “inspired”. I told him we have several BEFORE and AFTER pics on the website but not a BIG gallery because our members are all over the world and are not under our control. Here is what else I said as to why we never relied on that tired old marketing tool because NOBODY believes those photos anyways and even more so now with the fakes that can be made with photoshop. Here was my answer:

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If you want to get “inspired” just read the numerous unsolicited testimonials on many of the world’s largest forums on hair loss and MPB about their success with the MALINIAK METHOD.

We already have several before and after pics on OUR website but since most of our members are all over the world and not under our control we do not yet have a BIG gallery of these type of pics AND most people have said they don’t trust those photos anyways because of how easy it is to fake nowadays with photoshop …I have heard this over and over.

That is why we never relied on this tired old marketing tool, but now I have decided that even if many people don’t believe those type of pics…I think it would still be useful, and I will just let people make up their own minds if they believe them or not, so we are in the process of compiling a gallery of these pictures and I now ask all our members, as I ask you, to take pictures of their progress and allow us to post them later.

The difference with the MALINIAK METHOD compared to other systems is that people join us because the theory is LOGICAL and makes sense.

This is not easy because people with this problem are very sensitive about it and many of them do not want to go public about it..

Just do exactly what I say and be PATIENT and PERSISTENT….you will NOT be disappointed.

Do the MALINIAK METHOD NOW but do it exactly as I say and get the right machine from us… YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

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