The MALINIAK METHOD, brought to you by the people at BORN AGAIN , the ALTERNATIVE SCIENCE company , has now been available for two years. In that time thousands of people from all over the world have tried this method and many members of the biggest FORUMS on HAIR LOSS and MPB in the world , the most well informed, skeptical and cynical group anywhere, have posted “unsolicited” testimonials all over the Internet about their success with the MALINIAK METHOD…SO NOBODY HAS TO TAKE JUST MY WORD FOR IT ANYMORE.

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The TWO main underlying principles of the MALINIAK METHOD theory were LATER validated by Independent scientific studies ONE year AFTER the publication of my first book. One study by BRIAN J. FREUND confirmed the accuracy of my first theory that a TIGHT GA;LEA is the MAIN cause of HAIR LOSS and MPB because it creates an environment of LOW OXYGEN called ” HYPOIXIA” which cause an over-production and accumulation of DHT…which is still the actual “killer” of the follicles. The second study , by DR. GEORGE COTSARELIS confirmed that contrary to what we have been told for years and years, DORMANT follicles can in fact be re-activated.

The MALINIAK METHOD said this one year earlier, and more importantly, provided a treatment method of first RELAXING the GALEA and restoring blood flow and secondly, by using an old established science of NIKOLA TESLA to revive dormant follicles and stimulate them to grow hair again with a special electrical device which is NOT a laser.

The effectiveness of the MALINIAK METHOD simple treatment method has now been proven over and over again because it has been REPLICATED in many of our members all over the world.

Yet, still some people, who have never tried this MALINIAK METHOD drive themselves NUTS trying to speculate continuously on what other factors might be involved. Some blame HEAT or COLD as the cause, others wonder if too much SEXUAL activity causes HAIR LOSS or MPB. Others try to analyze the issue of NUTRITION and HAIR LOSS and end up compiling a list hundreds of things you should eat and hundreds of things you should not eat…IT IS ALL A WASTE OF TIME.

These other factors may also play some minor role in HAIR LOSS and MPB but they are all secondary to what I have established is the MAIN CAUSE….WHICH IS THE TIGHT GALEA AND DISRUPTED BLOOD FLOW.

Poor nutrition cannot be the MAIN cause of HAIR LOSS OR MPB because many men with the worst diets and habits imaginable have FULL heads of hair like rabbits. Other men who have lots of testosterone and have sex constantly also have FULL heads of hair…ALTHOUGH men who do have this problem of a tight GALEA…anything which increases DHT makes hair loss worse…but the MALINIAK METHOD can COUNTER-ACT this . So, these other things cannot be the MAIN causes of hair loss. If those factors, or if too much HEAT or too much COLD was the MAIN cause of HAIR LOSS and MPB…then ALL men would be BALD…BUT THEY ARE NOT.

On the other hand, some people have innocently asked; how can the MAIN cause be a tight GALEA…doesn’t every man have a GALEA…don’t WOMEN have a GALEA ? Why isn’t every man and women BALD ?

The answer is very simple and underscores the VALIDITY of the underlying principal elements of the MALINIAK METHOD, namely; It is not just simply having a GALEA which is the is ONLY a problem for those men who have a very, VERY TIGHT GALEA, choking off the blood supply to the follicles, which is a problem and who lose their hair and they lose it only in that area where this GALEA exists and nowhere else. These men and only these men have TWO factors going on at the same time; A very very TIGHT GALEA and HIGH TESTOSTERONE and its byproduct DHT….the TWO FACTOR theory of the MALINAIK MTHOD.

Most women normally do NOT lose their hair even though they also have a GALEA and some may even have a tight GALEA…but they don’t have the SECOND factor at the same time…which is high levels of TESTOSTERONE. However, many women DO LOSE their hair later in life after CHILDBIRTH or after MENOPAUSE because now their hormone levels change and they SUDDENLY develop higher levels of testosterone…and if they already had a tight GALEA….then now, they also have BOTH factors at the same time…and just like men…these women now lose their hair.


I tell people who write to me about this subject to stop driving themselves crazy. The MALINIAK METHOD is FINALLY a complete and comprehensive explanation of the entire HAIR LOSS and MPB syndrome and HOW TO TREAT HAIR LOSS AND GROW NEW HAIR.

There may be other variables and factors which play a smaller role…but if you address the MAIN cause first, as recommended in the MALINIAK METHOD…this will STOP YOUR HAIR LOSS AND GROW NEW HAIR…just do it !

Do the MALINIAK METHOD NOW but do it exactly as I say and get the right machine from us… YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

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