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It is the first radical NEW theory to come along  in over 100 years about the TRUE cause of HAIR LOSS and MPB  and how to treat it simply and cheaply  using  NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY. There are now over 4,000 members on this method all over the world and our success rate is well over 95%.

It explains that the reason they have failed to solve this problem till now is because the conventional approach focused only on the role of DHT .

The MALINIAK METHOD finally describes the entire HAIR LOSS and MPB syndrome and explains that DHT is still involved but that  it is only a ” secondary ” factor which becomes involved only after the MAIN cause triggers it.

The MALINIAK METHOD identifies the MAIN cause of HAIR LOSS and MPB as the disruption of  BLOOD FLOW to the follicles caused by a very very tight LOWER scalp layer called the GALEA . We only go bald where this GALEA exists and nowhere else. HAIR LOSS is still described as a problem caused by a genetic ” predisposition ” but one which causes a very severe TIGHTENING of this GALEA in only some some people and which in the most severe cases is further increased by STRESS..but it is only a ” pre-disposition ” and can be counter-acted and REVERSED.

The MALINIAK METHOD shows how to RESTORE THE BLOOD FLOW in a NEW way that we did not think of before and it revives the use of a 100 year old electrical device invented by NIKOLA TESLA to stimulate and revive already dormant follicles. This device is NOT A LASER or an L.E.D. or any such device.

It is a special  high frequency, high voltage, low amperage generator and it’s functions produce many many more beneficial effects then any other electrical device. There are many such devices still in use for over 100 years for other cosmetic purposes with a wide range of specifications but the device used by the MALINIAK METHOD is specific for only this problem and replicates the original science of  TESLA.

This device used to be used to treat HAIR LOSS long ago but it was abandoned because it only helped a few people and did not work on the vast majority of  people with hair loss. The MALINIAK METHOD explains that this was because by using only this machine they were only treating HALF THE PROBLEM and were ignoring the MAIN problem which is the DISRUPTED BLOOD FLOW.

The MALINIAK METHOD now treats BOTH the problem of disrupted BLOOD FLOW and the revival of DORMANT FOLLICLES .

Do not waste any more time OLD failed methods which cost a fortune and which are not really effective. If these conventional methods really worked we would have solved this problem long ago.