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If you have a HAIR LOSS or Male pattern baldness problem, stop fooling around with all the OLD treatments which are useless and expensive. You know they don’t work or we would have solved this problem a long time ago.

The MALINIAK METHOD is a radical NEW idea which finally explains the entire HAIR LOSS syndrome which says we have not solved this problem till now because we have been focusing only on DHT and it is NOT the main cause of hair loss. The MALINIAK METHOD says DHT is only a ” secondary ” factor ” and it identifies and treats the REAL cause of hair loss…disrupted BLOOD FLOW to the follicles.

It is all explained on our website, so you can read it yourself  and you can also verify the proof  of its effectiveness independently by Googling  sites on the Internet, especially the FORUMS on HAIR LOSS and MPB ,  and you will see all the people who have reported success with this method.

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There are now over three thousand members all around the world and our success rate is over 95 % and we use NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY and it is a ONE time cost…and is the least expensive treatment method available.