It has now become obvious that in the very ADVANCED cases of HAIR LOSS and MPB, meaning older guys who have been balding for a long time and whose follicles are very dormant, some of the BEST results with the MALINIAK METHOD are achieved by members who first go through an INITIAL phase of what is perceived to be an INCREASE in the rate of hair loss …this is called SHEDDING.

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The YOUNGER men, who are not in such an advanced or long standing state of hair loss and whose hair follicles have not been DORMANT for as long, do NOT seem to go through this and they just see firstly, a very RAPID and obvious STOP in their HAIR LOSS and then, at different speeds, NEW HAIR GROWTH….. and SHEDDING is NOT an issue for them.

However, in the guys who have been balder for longer times and whose follicles are more dormant, we see instances of SHEDDING and we have learned that what this represents is PROOF that the previously DORMANT follicles have actually been forced to REVIVE and forced to complete the cycle they were “STUCK IN”.

The hair in these previously dormant follicles starts to grow again, completes the cycle it was stuck in and then FALLS OUT. This is followed by a brief REST period and then by the next GROWTH cycle. It takes courage for people with HAIR LOSS to endure this transitional stage…but if they really understand the LOGIC of all of this and STAY WITH IT…they will get they GROW BACK NEW HAIR and the follicles will return to their NORMAL cycles.

In a normal scalp, without HAIR LOSS or MPB, many hairs fall out every day but you do not notice them because they are ALL OVER the scalp and other NEW hairs are growing elsewhere. It is part of GOD’s great design that this goes on in different areas of the scalp at different times…WHAT GREAT SOFTWARE and HARDWARE !.

However, in a scalp which has HAIR LOSS or MPB and where, according to the MALINIAK METHOD, the HAIR LOSS is due to the effects of the tight GALEA and restricted BLOOD FLOW, the follicles become dormant “successively” ONE-AFTER-ANOTHER”, so that in any one area, eventually they all catch up with each other and are ALL in the same DORMANT phase at the same time. In these dormant scalps, you do NOT see SHEDDING…everything just STOPS.

However, when the follicles are finally REVIVED, as we have been able to do with the MALINIAK METHOD, the hairs in these follicles start growing again and continue until they all REACH THE END OF THAT CYCLE…and then they fall out. But, since all the follicles in one particular dormant area are ALL in the same phase at the same time…when they are revived, they all fall out at about the same time, which is noticed as temporary ” excessive” hair loss….SHEDDING.

Once they have gone through this revival and after a rest stage, they will now GROW NEW HAIR AGAIN…and they will also go back to their original different sequences and variable TIMING of cycles, so that they all grow and rest at different times…LIKE IN THE ORIGINAL DESIGN…it is like a RE-BOOT !!!

Most people would be scared during this episode, but those who understand HAIR LOSS and MPB correctly will recognize what is going on and see this as a GREAT sign that this MALINIAK METHOD is really, really working.

One such person is LARRY C. who allowed us to use his letter as a “testimonial” on our web site. He went through this SHEDDING phase and did NOT even write to me about it to tell me that he was “worried’…he knew enough about HAIR LOSS and MPB to know exactly what it meant and had the COURAGE to stay with it through this TRANSITIONAL phase and then to tell everyone that it was followed by what he called ” SPECTACULAR GROWTH”.

Some people will never be satisfied with all of our strictly ” ANECDOTAL” and QUASI-SCIENTIFIC evidence and will be always demanding detailed ” statistics” and other more scientific evidence….we can’t provide that for NOW…maybe later on after this MALINIAK METHOD has been around for a longer time and we collect DATA from all of our members. We are not a big company with the ability to spend millions of dollars on testing and advertising.


There are now thousand of people on the MALINIAK METHOD around the world and we have a significant body of admittedly, NON-SCIENTIFIC, and strictly ANECDOTAL evidence but it is VOLUMINOUS and COMPELLING.

Those of who are satisfied, FIRSTLY with the LOGIC of the whole MALINIAK METHOD and with the proof of MY own results and those of our own test subjects, like AURELE, whose photos and video are on the website, and the “unsolicited” TESTIMONIALS all over the world’s largest forums on hair loss, proving that these results have now been REPLICATED on many, many people…will be open-minded enough to give the MALINIAK METHOD a try.

Those who are forever skeptical and want to wait for future ” detailed” statistics….that is legitimate and civilized and that is their choice. But to those who are uncivilized and MALICIOUS in their comments, we politely tell them to;

….”please do NOT go on the MALINIAK METHOD and do NOT buy the book, and in the words of our ” driving force”, BERNIE GURBERG, who has throughout his life had more hair then any women you ever met …and which has now become our sort of rebuttal to perpetual naysayers….” STAY BALD “…

Do the MALINIAK METHOD NOW but do it exactly as I say and get the right machine from us… YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

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