sexual activity and hair loss

I recently had a question about the connection between sexual activity, including excessive masturbation and HAIR LOSS, something which plagues many people, and here is my answer and my perspective on it and how the MALINIAK METHOD can contribute to solving this dilemma;

Many men worry about the possibility that too much sex or too much masturbation can contribute to HAIR LOSS and MPB and there are many websites dedicated to this question where men debate this over and over and some are so upset about even the POSSIBILITY that there is some connection that they have decided to abstain from sexual activity. VERY SAD AND NOT NECESSARY.

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I have TRIED to post letters on these sites, without success, where I try to tell these men that even though there is definitely a relationship between too much sex and hair loss, because these activities stimulate the production of testosterone, and too much testosterone still is the killer of hair follicles… this connection happens ONLY IN MEN who have the problem of the TIGHT GALEA, which is the MAIN cause of HAIR LOSS and MPB, according to the MALINIAK METHOD. It is therefore only in these men where too much sex and the consequent production of TESTOSTERONE will then lead to HAIR LOSS and not in other men… who do NOT have a tight GALEA..

But men do NOT have to give up sex…all they have to do is COUNTERACT the effects of the tight GALEA using the MALINIAK METHOD….if my theory is right…AND I AM ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT IT IS RIGHT.

Then, if the GALEA is relaxed and the blood flow to the follicles is not restricted, the increase in the testosterone, and thereby, the DHT levels….WILL NOT CAUSE HAIR LOSS. This same benefit, of relaxing the GALEA, which has helped many of our members worldwide to STOP their HAIR LOSS, will at the same time allow men to NOT worry about having too much sex because of its potential effect on HAIR LOSS. Many other men have lots of sex and play sports, which also increases testosterone and DHT and they do NOT lose their hair…so it is not the sex itself… and it affects ONLY those men who have a tight GALEA.

This is the fundamental basis of the MALINIAK METHOD and if it is LOGICAL to people, then men will not have to stop having sexual activity…ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS USE THE MALINIAK METHOD.


Some of my friends, and I am sure you know such people too, have all kinds of bad habits, they smoke and drink, they stay out late and party, they are sex maniacs and still they do NOT lose their hair…BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE A TIGHT GALEA choking off the blood supply to their hair follicles.

If you agree with my reasoning, and if you have seen some of these forums on masturbation and hair loss, please post a comment referring them to our website. Avoiding sex is another horrible and unnecessary consequence of having MPB and men do NOT have to endure it any more.