REVERSE BALDNESS with the ” MALINIAK METHOD “- we finally have a really effective solution

The MALINIAK METHOD keeps getting more and more new members from all around the world as people keep getting results and telling their friends and acquaintances to use this method to STOP HAIR LOSS and GROW NEW HAIR.

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Forget the  ” OLD ” useless systems which costs a fortune and which do not really work. The MALINIAK METHOD is the first NEW idea to come around in over 100 years which FINALLY identifies the TRUE CAUSE of HAIR LOSS and MPB. It explains ALL the steps and sequence of events in the HAIR LOSS syndrome and  how to treat it and reverse baldness.

The MALINIAK METHOD uses NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY and is the least expensive system available.


The MALINIAK METHOD explains that the OLD systems failed to solve this problem because they INCORRECTLY  focused only on DHT and different ways to reduce it. For the first time DHT is described as only a ” secondary ” factor which becomes a negative issue to the follicles ONLY when the MAIN cause is triggered…The MAIN cause of HAIR LOSS and MPB is a disruption of the BLOOD FLOW to the follicles caused by a very tight scalp layer called the GALEA.

Only those men who have a very tight GALEA lose their hair and we go bald ONLY in the top of the scalp where this GALEA exists and nowhere else….CASE CLOSED once and for all.

This blood flow issue and the role of the GALEA  had been considered and targeted before but it was not done correctly and it was not done sufficiently because they targeted and treated the WRONG area of the scalp to try to restore BLOOD FLOW and they did nothing to revive already DORMANT FOLLICLES.

The first  simple step of the MALINIAK METHOD properly and much more effectively restores BLOOD FLOW to the follicles and  the second step revives the use of a 100 year old electrical device invented by NIKOLA TESLA to revive already DORMANT FOLLICLES in ways which no other electrical device can do.

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