I spend hours on the computer answering questions from people who are not even members of our group and have not even bought the book yet about the MALINIAK METHOD. I do this because I was BALD and I understand how frustrated and angry people are who have this problem…so I have lots of PATIENCE…up to a point.

Here is a FAQ about the potential effectiveness of another technique and about ADDING it to my method. It’s long, but it explains how the MALINIAK METHOD was developed and WHY no other enhancements are needed and it may help other people with these same questions;

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I hope you don’t mind a long, detailed response because your question about adding a “BRISTLE BRUSH” technique to the MALINIAK METHOD is actually quite profound and when the question and the answer may be of interest to other people, I post these type of responses on my BLOG.

However, this will be my last exchange with you on this subject because as much as I like these academic interactions, and as much as I try to be patient and answer repeated letters from people who are not even in our group yet, as I have done with you, at some point a person has to make up his mind and at least buy the book because most of the answers to these questions are in the book and I do not want to have to re-write it every time I answer a letter. So, you will have to decide if you want to go on the MALINIAK METHOD or not.

At this time, this system is now so well established and there is so much Independent PROOF of its effectiveness, that I do not need to, nor do I want to debate it any more…I did that for eight months on those HAIR FORUMS with the most cynical, hostile, skeptical people in the world until they were convinced of my sincerity and bought into the theory and more importantly, once a lot of those FORUM people tried it themselves and GOT RESULTS.

There are still a few “naysayers” from time to time but these are always people who have not even READ the book and have not even tried the method and make no reference to the theory or science behind it. They just criticize it because I was a former LAWYER…so it “must” be a scam ! Not a word of scientific SUBSTANCE. I do not even bother with these type of uncivilized “trolls” and the other members jump all over them and defend the MALINIAK METHOD. If anyone is still not satisfied with the theory or the evidence of its validity…then I tell them to just NOT buy the book and not try the method.

So here is my final comment, this time as it relates to ADDING other steps like this ” BRISTLE BRUSH” ;

With all due respect to the “bristle brush” idea, it probably can’t hurt, and may increase blood flow a “BIT” but when you study the ANATOMY of the tight GALEA and how it causes the disruption of the blood flow in a LOWER layer of the scalp and not just on the SURFACE , you will understand that just “brushing” the scalp on the surface cannot in any way approach the relaxation massage techniques of the MALINIAK METHOD which are needed to reach the LOWER layer of the scalp and are far more powerful and effective in relaxing that GALEA layer sufficiently to really restore blood flow ” a lot” and not just a “bit” . This is what is needed to actually STOP HAIR LOSS and GROW NEW HAIR. Just increasing the blood flow ” a bit” at the SURFACE of the scalp with a rough brushing would NOT be enough BY ITSELF.

People add all kinds of their own little “twists” to my method, like “steaming” their scalps, using electrical massage machines, adding lasers and not just using MY violet ray, etc., etc. I do not, and I cannot stop them from wanting to add their own little enhancements because I understand that it makes them feel like they have also contributed to helping their problem, and this makes them feel good and empowers them…so I can’t deny them that pleasure.

I just remind them that whatever they do, it’s okay as long as they do NOT do something dangerous, which some of them did want to try, and NOT to forget to still use the steps of the MALINIAK METHOD…but just not to rely strictly on these other techniques themselves because they have NOT worked BY THEMSELVES in the past….otherwise HAIR LOSS would have been solved before my method came along .


The problem, from a scientific point of view, is that to truly prove CAUSE and EFFECT of a particular additional procedure and see what the effects are for real…. you have to ISOLATE it and use it ALONE.

Sure, if you ADD anything extra to my basic techniques, and while you are also using the MALINIAK METHOD, you will still see results, but you can’t be sure what portion of the results can be attributed to that added procedure or to my original method.

If they really want to be sure if that extra procedure really has any benefits…the TEST would be to STOP using my method and ONLY use that “bristle brush” for example or some other claimed procedure and see what happens…without the MALINIAK METHOD you will get ZERO results using the “brush” or any other “partial” treatment method by itself.

When I developed the MALINIAK METHOD, and if you read the history of it in the book, you will see that I did in fact ISOLATE the various potential techniques, including many different techniques to relax the GALEA and many different electrical devices, such as LASER lamps, to at least somewhat “quasi-scientifically” be able to determine a CAUSE and EFFECT. The same is true when I tested the violet ray BY ITSELF.

I only got results from a certain MASSAGE technique and again, only when I combined it with the VIOLET RAY…no other techniques worked, no other device worked, despite a lot of testing of several permutations and combinations. Then, after getting my own miraculous results, the two steps I chose also worked on my own test subjects in Montreal, and now have been REPLICATED in so many people all around the world.


As far as I am concerned…no other “enhancements” are necessary for now….but people can still add whatever they want…it’s a free world…I think.

Do the MALINIAK METHOD NOW but do it exactly as I say and get the right machine from us… YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

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