Every once in a while someone suggests another possible factor to address in the HAIR LOSS and MPB problem and one such very interesting and well informed person from South Africa, called SEAN, recently wrote to me to address the very interesting idea of the role of LEARNED FEAR as an additional contributing cause of hair loss and the idea that we can “un-learn” this response. I agreed with him that things like this and other sources of tightness of the GALEA like the famous SKULL EXPANSION theory can all contribute to tightness in the scalp but they are too rare to explain the millions of cases of HAIR LOSS and it’s epidemic proportions. The MAIN CAUSE in the vast majority of people is still the disruption of blood flow caused by the tight GALEA and the two steps of the MALINIAK METHOD are more then adequate to counter act this influence and are getting great results. Here is the full text of my explanation;

No need to apologize and thank you for your well thought out insights about another potential contributor to the hair loss problem.

I love sincere, legitimate and academic exchanges like this instead of some of the gratuitous personality attacks by a few people on some of the hair forums who do not mention one word about the substance or merits of this debate about the causes of hair loss and MPB.

I will start by saying I agree that the “learned” response of fear or flight can also be a source of the tightening of the scalp muscles, and “unlearning it”, a form of relaxation and therapy, but in my opinion, if it has an effect it is more likely to effect the tightening of the individual GIGLI muscles of each follicle, which makes our hair “stand up” during fright and that this can possibly be a contributing factor in some cases in people who already have a tight GALEA and the whole hair loss syndrome. For us, every little other negative factor makes our situation worse…including my most recent “intuition”, which is having too many hair cuts…the knee jerk reaction of most guys when they first see hair loss !

But this type of effect can only be of a SUPERFICIAL nature and cannot, except in very, very extreme cases, affect the LOWER levels of the scalp, like where the GALEA is and where the blood flow originates…and since everyone faces fear all the time and yet not everyone loses his hair…this can only be a factor in extreme, extreme cases. For example, where some people lose ALL their hair overnight because of an extreme experience of fright. ( and where it is not an autoimmune disease).

Since you basically agree with my theory about one of the major causes of hair loss being the tight GALEA, there is no need for me to repeat what I often have to say to people with other “alternative” ideas, which is namely that;

” At this point, with so many people getting amazing results with the MALINIAK METHOD and with the publication of the independent scientific study of BRIAN J. FREUND, the most comprehensive study on hair loss ever conducted, and released one year AFTER my first book, which confirms everything I say about the role of the GALEA and it’s effect on blood flow to the follicles and on DHT over-production and accumulation… this issue is no longer subject to debate…the MAIN principles of the MALINIAK METHOD are now accepted scientific FACT. ”

There are many things which can also cause tightness of the scalp, like the SKULL EXPANSION theory and now your LEARNED FEAR response, which could be viewed as another form of STRESS….but at the end of the day they all end up having their negative effects the same way…which is to interfere with blood flow to the follicles.

This is the CAUSA CAUSANS of hair loss and MPB…a Latin expression from my days as a LAWYER.

My perspective on other sources of tightness is that, although they may also contribute to tightness of the scalp in some cases, including the tightening of the GALEA, they are relatively rare and since this problem is such an epidemic with so many people suffering from this problem, they cannot be the explanation for the vast majority of cases and are all secondary. The MAIN, most common and most important source of tightness in the vast majority of people with HAIR LOSS and MPB…is the extremely tight lower layer of the GALEA, which in my opinion is caused mainly by a genetic pre-disposition, which is why the most dramatic and most rapid cases of HAIR LOSS and MPB manifest themselves in very YOUNG men who have what I call, a PERFECT STORM of an OVERLY TIGHT GALEA, THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF DHT and in many cases, the STRESS of adolescence.

We will probably REFINE and enhance the MALINIAK METHOD over time with such observations as yours and add other relaxation techniques, but it would take years of the type of testing that I have done with my existing TWO factor theory and techniques, and for now the MALINIAK METHOD is working so well in the vast majority of people who have tried it that I am satisfied with the evidence that the TWO basic steps are more then adequate for now.