Here is an answer I wrote to one of our members who is slower to respond then most other people and who has sent me over 100 e-mails and now asked me to compare photos of his progress. His response is not as fast or dramatic as our best members. I reproduce it here because it may interest other people to see to what extent I remain PRO-ACTIVE with our more resistant cases; The EASY cases don’t need me…the TOUGH cases I stay with until they get results;

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You will have to track down and re-send the earlier pictures because I have too many e-mails from you to review them all and find them.

Anyways, the earlier picture that I do have FROM JANUARY 2013, which I attached to my last e-mail, shows me, as I said yesterday, that your hair loss has definitely NOT increased and if anything has slightly improved, or at the very least… remained the same. This is already a positive step otherwise it would have gotten much worse by now and accelerated had you not adopted the MALINIAK METHOD.

This is how this process works in some cases and you will have to accept that it is NOT an overnight recovery and that you may not be as fast as some other people…. The EASY cases, especially with YOUNG men, take care of themselves and some of them get spectacular and FAST results, sometimes within 1-2 months, and they do not need me. But the majority of people take longer, like 4-5 months and that time frame is also easy to tolerate because they DO see constant signs of improvement along the way.

As I say over and over again in the book and on the website… ” we are all so different and we all respond and react at different speeds and so the main challenge is to make sure people stay with it and do not give up prematurely…PATIENCE…PATIENCE…PATIENCE.”

As an aside, don’t ever be embarrassed or hesitant to send me as many e-mails and questions as you want.

You have sent me more e-mails by far then any other person I have in our world-wide group of members but I understand your fear and eagerness about solving this problem and I do NOT avoid the more demanding cases ( although your case is NOT that exceptional or difficult…it is just that you are more anxious then our average member ).

I am MOST motivated by the difficult cases and I am especially PRO-ACTIVE with our more anxious members like you because I understand their frustration and anxiety over their hair loss, and these people will get all the help that they need from me. We do NOT just take your money and run. HAIR LOSS is a very sensitive and emotional problem for me and I want to stand by our members…every single one… till they get results. I went through two difficult bouts of cancer in my family and I did not like when I saw doctors GIVE UP in tough situations and I never want to act that way…on the contrary..I get even more fired up to solve a difficult case.

When certain resistant cases take longer then 6 months I get especially interactive because it is my perspective that if I can solve the toughest cases…every other case will be easy. My attitude is that there should NEVER be a situation of conventional hair loss which I cannot figure out or which does not respond to the MALINIAK METHOD…if we do not give up. I feel this will also increase the credibility of the MALINIAK METHOD and the few resistant cases always respond if we pay attention and give it enough time or ADJUST the treatments slightly where necessary.

In the end, it has been my experience till now that the biggest critics on the world’s biggest hair forums, the most hostile, cynical and skeptical audience in the world, became my biggest supporters once they saw their own results and results from others of their own members.

Do the MALINIAK METHOD NOW but do it exactly as I say and get the right machine from us… YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

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