Hi to everyone who has been following this BLOG and who commented to me and did not get a response;

I am very smart with some things, but I am still stupid and a bit mystified by certain Internet functions, like how to manage this BLOG site, so I did not realize that people were making comments that I did not see and were “PENDING”. In my defense, the notifications that there were comments pending went to my JUNK mail, so I did not see that until today.

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I therefore apologize to everyone who posted nice comments.

I thank you all for your kind comments and I will continue to make posts which are informative and interesting, mostly on HAIR LOSS and MPB but also on other related subjects such as the potential “ALTERNATIVE SCIENCES” for curing CANCER. Ironically, the most exciting possibility in that context is the methodology of DR. ROYAL RAYMOND RIFE, which is based on the same exact science of NIKOLA TESLA as is the MALINIAK METHOD for HAIR LOSS and MPB.

A lot of TESLA’s science is all based on the principle of RESONANCE and we are learning more and more how that phenomenon is central to the understanding and CONTROL of our entire physical world and is an issue in many earth sciences. Stimulating HAIR FOLLICLES with the right frequency is a cosmetic application, but there are many much more important uses of this same science.

If we can tap into it and control it properly it can even be the basis of many START TREK type advances for mankind, including a non-drug based method for treating Cancer, free WIRELESS electricity for everyone, machines which do not need fuel to drive or to fly but are powered by the free electricity surrounding us everywhere, on earth and in SPACE and even a weapon so powerful that it could protect the earth from being struck by meteorites.

THIS IS NO IRRATIONAL OR FANCIFUL “THEORY”. TESLA already had working models of some of these advances, like WIRELESS TRANSMISSION OF ENERGY and his followers developed some of the others, like an electro-static propulsion flying machine,( flying saucers) which we now know is a PROVEN FACT, because it made it to the HISTORY CHANEL, and we are now 100% sure that the GERMANS already built fully operational models of them at the end of WWII…all based on TESLA.

I am proud that the MALINIAK METHOD is based on one of TESLA’s inventions which was originally conceived by him for medical purposes, generically referred to as “electro-therapy, but he did not spend any more time on it because of his other obsession with his other work.

Those of you who have HAIR LOSS and MPB should go to our website and read the introduction to the MALINIAK METHOD theory and treatment method and if it makes sense to you…then give it a try…you will NOT be disappointed. It is at http://WWW.BORNAGAINHAIR.COM

Besides all the ‘testimonials” we have from people who have STOPPED THEIR HAIR LOSS and GROWN BACK THEIR HAIR with the MALINIAK METHOD, the OTHER best PROOF we have right now of how big this is becoming is that we already have many CHEATERS trying to pretend that they are associated with us or advertising that they make the machine which I use…ALL FALSE…DO NOT TRUST anything else you read unless you read it from us.