Almost every day someone writes to me to suggest the ADDITION of some other component to my method and refers me to websites which talk about their potential. I appreciate this constant exchange and keep an open mind…BUT the two simple steps of the MALINIAK METHOD are already working so well…we do NOT need to tamper with it or complicate it. Here is an answer I gave to a member who was interested in the role of CALCIUM;

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I thank you for your insights and your suggestions. This is a very PRO-ACTIVE effort, as I say in the book, and I welcome any other opinions and perspectives.

Almost every day someone sends me a link to some site which discusses the possibility of some mechanical or electrical factor OR other “nutritional” factor that may be involved in HAIR LOSS, or that might improve our results, and I read them all, including this one on calcium. I KEEP A VERY OPEN MIND.

There are articles on the connection to various B vitamins, inositol, selenium, protein, etc., etc., etc., and they may contribute to some degree to problems with the hair BUT the evidence about the CAUSAL connections are not compelling enough for me to be scientifically convinced and …my perspective is that these are ALL more related to issues of the QUALITY of hair, although they may, arguably, also contribute somewhat to reducing hair loss .

However, the MALINIAK METHOD is focused mainly on the issue of how to STOP HAIR LOSS and GROW NEW HAIR and for me that is the priority. As such, the evidence is now so overwhelming that the two steps of the MALINIAK METHOD are already working so well on so many people all over the world in achieving this PRIMARY objective WITHOUT ANY OTHER VARIATIONS or ADDITIONS, and just as it is described, that I do not want to fool around with it and I do not want to complicate it with adding any other elements which would make it more difficult to apply and adhere to.

Over time, maybe some other truly “key” element could be discovered and added but I would never adopt or endorse anything unless and until I had tested it myself.

I always tell people that they are free to add any little personal twists that they want or things which they think may enhance even further the recovery of their hair, as long as they do NOT forget to use the two basic steps of the MALINIAK METHOD and to do it exactly as I say…without variations.

So, if the possible role of calcium impresses you, then you are free to add what you want, I cannot stop you. But you know my mantra; ” NO DRUGS, NOT LOTIONS and NO SURGERY” and I am not comfortable playing around with the complicated metabolism of calcium because, as with all other chemical approaches, our current state of medical knowledge still does NOT know all of the micro-biological interactions in the body and this applies to calcium metabolism as well.

It is the same reason I do not like DHT inhibitors, even “natural” ones because that approach plays around with the metabolism of testosterone…and again this is not fully understood and leads to only problems. Propecia now has a class action suit against it in the United States and in Canada for this very reason.

In conclusion, the MALINIAK METHOD is working very well just as is described right now, and it is so simple…why screw around with it ?

Do the MALINIAK METHOD NOW but do it exactly as I say and get the right machine from us… YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

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