People keep asking me just to UPDATE constantly. If you have a serious HAIR LOSS or MPB problem you must forget the OLD failed systems and try this totally NEW approach to curing your baldness.

The MALINIAK METHOD available at just keeps getting bigger and bigger with more and more people joining our group mainly because of the referrals from other successful members.

We are now over 11,500 members and our success rate is steady at over 95%…still using NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY

The MALINIAK METHOD finally explains the entire HAIR LOSS syndrome. SIMPLE and OBVIOUS…and it is not mainly about DHT which is why they failed till now. DHT is only a ” secondary ” factor.

The MALINIAK METHOD  finally identifies the true cause ; a very tight lower SCALP layer called a GALEA which causes a serious disruption of BLOOD FLOW. WE ONLY GO BALD IN THIS AREA…MEN AND WOMEN !

This is the main cause because it results in an abnormal build up of DHT which finally clogs our follicles and makes them DORMANT…but contrary to what we have been told till now these dormant follicles CAN BE REVIVED. It just takes the correct TWO steps of the MALINIAK METHOD.

Thank our creator GOD and thank our lord and savior JESUS who has been given dominion over us and protects us!

Hopefully we will one day also learn to better understand this magnificent design of life that GOD gave us and also solve the mystery of CANCER which has baffled the mainstream medical profession the same way that HAIR LOSS has.

Simple, simple solutions based on a better understanding of the machine and stopping to destroy the very components of it that GOD gave us to protect us. IT’S ALL RELATED