Recently a member wrote to me to ask my opinion about a Youtube video he had seen where some female “expert” made the comment that ” once a follicle becomes dormant, it can no longer produce hair”. Here is my unequivocal answer based on the NEWEST scientific proof and not on these “outdated” mis-representations which have prevented us from curing HAIR LOSS and MPB before the MALINIAK METHOD was invented;

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The answer is very easy; She is 100% WRONG.

This is the type of mis-leading and false science that has confused us for so many years and prevented us from finding a cure till now. When you go bald or lose your hair, your follicle does NOT DIE right away, it just becomes DORMANT and it can stay dormant for a very long time. A dormant follicle most probably will die eventually, but that takes years and years, and based upon my recent experiences, it seems like we are talking about 20-30 years or more.

Previously, hair “specialists” also wrongly concluded that even a DORMANT follicle cannot be revived, but this too has been proven wrong and in fact, a DORMANT follicle can definitely be revived and induced to grow hair again BUT ONLY WITH THE PROPER STIMULATION. This is what the MALINIAK METHOD does and which has now been PROVEN to be effective with the results of our thousands of members all around the world.

The PROOF is now overwhelming because my results, and those of my test subjects, have been REPLICATED in many, many people. JUST READ THE MOST RECENT TESTIMONIALS ON OUR WEBSITE and on the world’s leading forums on HAIR LOSS.

You do not have to just take my word for it that dormant follicles can be revived. The most recent scientific study by the world’s leading researcher on HAIR LOSS and MPB, Dr. GEORGE COTSARELIS, from the University of Pennsylvania, published in 2011, one year after I published my book, has concluded that dormant follicles can be revived because the stem cells which eventually become the PROGENITOR CELLS which are the ones that actually grow hair, still remain present in a bald area…they just have to be revived. So this world’s leading researcher on HAIR LOSS is confirming my hypothesis that ” DORMANT FOLLICLES CAN BE REVIVED “.

He is an academic researcher so he did not focus on HOW to do that, but since my priority was to actually REVIVE the follicles and STOP HAIR LOSS AND GROW NEW HAIR, and not just research the problem academically ad infinitum, I designed STIMULATION methods to do this NOW… and my system obviously WORKS.

So, do not waste your time with these mis-guided and “antiquated” comments….just do the MALINIAK METHOD exactly as it is described and you will NOT be disappointed.

Do the MALINIAK METHOD NOW but do it exactly as I say and get the right machine from us… YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

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