Some of you may be interested in the ongoing debate about the relative merits of ALTERNATIVE sciences versus CONVENTIONAL science and in the arguments in favor of at least trying something NEW when the conventional methods are proving useless. Here is a commentary I recently posted on the blog site of DR. JOE SCHWARCZ, a McGill University professor and journalist, who I greatly admire and whose work I appreciate in trying to protect the public from SCAM artists promoting illegitimate pseudo scientific CURES but who I often try to get to keep an open mind to the potential of some of the radical new ideas which have at least anecdotal and quasi-scientific evidence of their effectiveness…like ACUPUNCTURE. In this case, I was criticizing the wanton and unscrupulous attacks on JENNY McCARTYHY for her position on the subject of AUTISM, and which arguments apply to ‘KEEPING THINGS HONEST” in also pointing out the shortcomings of the conventional medical approaches to certain problems;

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Leon Maliniak Dr. Joe “politely” accused me of always getting on my “SOAP BOX” in defending alternative sciences and trashing the mainstream medical research community, but who can resist in the face of all of these disingenuous, defamatory and gratuitous criticisms and personal attacks of Jenny McCarthy or any parent or family member looking for help with a sick relative that the conventional methods are unable to help. It makes me want to puke. The real SCAM artists and CHARLATANS and PSEUDO SCIENTISTS are the pharmaceutical companies ( NOT THE DOCTORS ) who are producing and promoting poisons which KILL, or even worse, make permanently dysfunctional, millions of people all around the world by releasing drugs which they know or should know are useless and dangerous. These are drugs which have been subjected to seven years of the three or four phase process of the vaunted ‘double-blind”, peer reviewed studies without disclosing that they were secretly funded by drug companies with a conflict of interest in the results, that research was outsourced to countries without oversight and that negative results were systematically suppressed. THAT MEANS THAT THEY “KNEW” THESE DRUGS WERE DANGEROUS AND USELESS. It is these people and their companies who should all be in JAIL. McCarthy’s battle with her son’s autism is reminiscent of the battle of AUGUSTO and MICHAELA ODONE with their son Lorenzo’s battle with the even more mysterious disease of ADENOLEUKODYSTOPHY ( ALD ), a disease similar to Lou Gherig’s disease and MLS and which was the basis of the movie LORENZO’s OIL. Those two parents were able to find an effective treatment for their son’s condition, which stopped him from dying within six months, which was his prognosis and the prognosis of every other child with that disease at that time. They came up with a simple and novel INTUITIVE idea which was totally and diametrically opposed to the methodology that the mainstream medical community was BLINDLY AND INEXPLICABLY pursuing for TEN years…despite the fact that it was not working and that children’s conditions treated with this approach were just getting worse. Just to put things in perspective, when I brought up this analogy to Dr. JOE in one of our initial exchange of letters he said it was a BAD EXAMPLE of the potential benefits of ALTERNATIVE science or PSEUDO SCIENCE …because LORENZO eventually died. I had to remind Dr. Joe that Lorenzo was treated a bit late and the disease had already progressed too far for him to be PERMANENTLY cured, but the rampant progression of his disease was stopped AND MORE IMPORTANTLY…hundreds of other children all over the world were actually CURED and saved from dying from their ALD because they were given LORENZO’S OIL before the disease had progressed as far. I also reminded him that LORENZO did not die within six months and he lived until he was 23 years old, although he was bed-ridden. These wonderful, intuitive, well educated and well intentioned people, who worked for the WORLD BANK and who were bringing education and progress to primitive people all around the world, were ostracized and demonized by the mainstream medical community for “daring” to come up with a cure themselves and their efforts were also dismissed as PSEUDO SCIENCE. However, the other parents facing this situation and seeing that the mainstream medical approach was going nowhere and that hundreds of their children were dying, did NOT care about “double-blind”, “peer-reviewed” studies…all they cared about was that one of their OWN… someone going through the same thing themselves, and not just blathering on about it in the “knee-jerk” reaction of trashing all things not “double-blind” studied…had found something which was working and THEY WANTED TO TRY IT TOO…IT COULD NOT BE ANY WORSE THEN THE EXISTING MAINSTREAM METHODS. McCarthy may be completely wrong in blaming her son’s autism on the THIMEROSOL preservatives in vaccines, and that old WAKEFIELD medical study may no longer be valid, but there is no dismissing her success in somehow improving her son’s autistic condition…something, once again the mainstream medical community has FAILED….FAILED …FAILED… ” DO YOU HEAR ME YET ? “….FAILED …TO DO. Do we go around calling all doctors and pharmaceutical researchers SCAM artists, or charlatans or accusing them of practicing ” PSEUDO SCIENCE? ” If everyone in these exchanges, including Dr. JOE, were fair and balanced about this debate between MAINSTREAM medical science and ALTERNATIVE science, which I just define as PRELIMINARY SCIENCE which has not yet been tested by the standard scientific model, they would at least acknowledge the shortcomings of the existing ” scientific ” approaches and admit that there is lot of room for improvement and that we at least FAIRLY and in a spirit of sincere discussion evaluate at least some of these novel alternative ideas which have at least a significant body of anecdotal and quasi-scientific evidence of their validity…If we do this, and HONEST and legitimate scientific testing, without the process being controlled by people with a conflict of interest, show these alternatives to be useless…THEN WE WILL DISMISS them…but at least let’s try… they cannot be any worse then the exiting methods. In conclusion on this subject I want to be clear remind everyone who incorrectly admonishes me, that my tirades are against the methods of treating CATASTROPHIC diseases, like CANCER, MLS, ALD and AUTISIM and I acknowledge the importance and benefits of the mainstream medical community’s ability to treat and help with all other types of ailments and dysfunctions and that we still need them desperately. I also do NOT suggest that we stop funding conventional research…just that we put at least a few dollars into these more un-conventional theories in areas where there is NO effective treatment yet.

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