A TRIBUTE TO the legitimacy of EXPLORING ALL “ALTERNATIVE” SCIENCES when mainstream medicine has FAILED

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The MALINIAK METHOD is an example of how a non-medical professional, unburdened by the prejudices of conventional medicine and not afraid to explore radical new avenues of thought was able to come up with a TREATMENT FOR HAIR LOSS and a way to CURE BALDNESS due to common ALOPECIA which the mainstream medical community has failed to do till now. We only hope that some prominent people who need it, like PRINCE WILLIAMS, eventually finds out about this method and GROWS BACK HIS HAIR…that would really ingrain this theory and treatment method in the public’s consciousness and convince many people to give it a try who are still wavering.

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In the same context I offer the following non-conventional theory and observation, WHICH AT FIRST SEEMS unrelated to HAIR LOSS, but turns out to be more closely connected then what we thought and which is important to treating other degenerative conditions which are an epidemic on mankind;

I recently concluded some research which led to my being shocked at the obscene levels of GROWTH HORMONES and ANTIBIOTICS which are systematically injected into our MEAT supply. This led me to STOP EATING MEAT of any kind.

Within three months I lost twenty pounds and my usually insatiable appetite abated. This made sense because they give these hormones to animals to make them eat and fatten them up…so it is easy to see how it has the same effect on us. So the problem with obesity might not be “super-sizing” but the hormones in all the fast food meats.

Secondly, most of the brown AGE SPOTS which I had all over my body disappeared, and this too made sense because it is logical to conclude that these age spots were manifestations of the cumulative degenerative effects of these undesirable chemicals in our bodies.

Most importantly, all the signs of INFLAMMATION which I had, such as constantly painful knees, went away. The most obvious and beneficial, direct reversal of inflammation and consequence was however that my URINATION, which had progressively slowed to a “trickle” in the last thirty years started returning to a much more powerful stream which I have not seen in twenty years. This also made sense in that the effects of these hormones and antibiotics would cause all the inflammation we see in the epidemic of prostate problems in men.

Here is how it all ties in with HAIR LOSS and MPB as well; enlarged prostates are also ASSOCIATED with and are caused by over-production of DHT and most prostate drugs target and interfere with DHT production as do the DRUGS which are DHT inhibitors for HAIR LOSS and in fact, some prostate drugs ARE PRESCRIBED FOR hair loss !!!

But if I am right, the real culprit may be the HORMONES and ANTIBIOTICS in the MEAT supply which lead to INFLAMMATION and this contributes to the interference with normal DHT metabolism and this is another pathway for the detrimental effects of DHT on HAIR FOLLICLES due to the over-production and ACCUMULATION of DHT in the whole HAIR LOSS syndrome.

I am not quite yet ready to conclude that eating too much MEAT contributes to HAIR LOSS…but all these related observations cannot be easily dismissed as mere coincidences.

The bottom line is that whatever the original cause of DHT over-production or accumulation is, the MALINIAK METHOD can COUNTER-ACT its effects by making sure the DHT flows in and out of the follicles normally and does not accumulate and cause its negative effects on HAIR LOSS.

All of these symptoms are correlated to conditions involving INFLAMMATION and it is my opinion now that the vast majority of degenerative conditions in the general population, which the doctors write off as “NORMAL” consequences of AGING, is due instead to the cumulative effect of the GROWTH HORMONES and ANTIBIOTICS …they may also have some influence on HAIR LOSS