The vast majority of our members are getting very good results with only the TWO basic steps of the MALINIAK METHOD and doing it exactly as described in the book.

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The are a few people who are slower to respond then others, for a variety of reasons, which are obvious. Since I am so PRO-ACTIVE with our members and help anyone who needs a little support,, in those cases all I had to do was “adjust” their program a bit to increase the intensity of the treatment sessions and this was enough to get through the resistance.

One such resistant member recently wrote me asking if he should ADD a third session every day to accelerate his response and I told him it was not necessary and here is the explanation, which may interest others among you;


I would suggest you do NOT do it three times a day as the way of increasing your program. Instead, you should still do it TWICE a day, using both the MASSAGE and the VIOLET RAY in each session, but increase the amount of time in each session.

The logic behind increasing it this way instead of adding a third session every day is that it is a matter of how much you do in any one session, with longer sessions stimulating the follicles more then shorter, more frequent sessions. If you still keep the same lower level of time but do it three times, it would not, in my opinion be as effective in increasing the stimulation and intensity as doing it for longer in each of the two sessions.

It is the same reasoning as trying to do bodybuilding. If you do two MORE intense and longer workouts, it will be more effective then doing three, less intense workouts….also it is easier to do two a day, a bit longer, then fitting in three sessions a day.

That is what I did when I had resistance, and what some of our members have done…and it resolved our problem with slow response time, so this seems to be the correct way of increasing the intensity.

This is still all so new that nothing is written in stone and all of our members and I are very interactive. If someone finds a newer, better way to use the MALINIAK METHOD or to add little twists which make sense and are proven to make it better, I keep an open mind and I am ready to consider “enhancements’. Many people have suggested nutritional issues, “hot” steam, garlic,…it goes on and on.

But, for the time being, the two basic steps of the MALINIAK METHOD are working very well for the vast majority of people, with only the odd “adjustment” from time to time to the length of the sessions, so I will stay with the current program….and it makes life easier for most people, because if it becomes too complicated and has too many steps, people will have trouble staying with it or monitoring results.

Do the MALINIAK METHOD NOW but do it exactly as I say and get the right machine from us… YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

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