The MALINIAK METHOD final piece of the puzzle for the most resistant cases of HAIR LOSS 

The MALINIAK METHOD final puzzle piece

  1. The MALINIAK METHOD radical NEW explanation for the true cause of HAIR LOSS and MPB is so obviously valid that one of our most recent members who is an actual family doctor from the Netherlands called it an ” inspiration from GOD” which I agree with because there is no other way that can explain how I came up with this idea when it has baffled and mystified the mainstream medical community forever.

For most people the MALINIAK METHOD works perfectly well using only the two basic procedures described in the book which are the SPECIAL MASSAGE technique to restore proper ood flow through the lower scalp layer called the GALEA and the use of an old invention by TESLA to stimulate and revive dormant follicles.

The only extra step that is ever needed for the most resistant and slow responders is to have them CLEANSE their follicles from the hard accumulated GARBAGE like dead skin and sebum which is blocking the hair shaft from emerging in these tough cases.

It all makes more and more sense as a complete and logical explanation of the whole hair loss syndrome and how to treat it using NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY