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This is a message to all those people who have bought the book on the MALINIAK METHOD but who have not yet bought the correct and effective VIOLET RAY device directly from us or who tried to use a cheap look-alike device. There are many cheap devices trying to cash in on the MALINIAK METHOD which are similar looking machines but are useless for dealing with baldness and HAIR LOSS and you will not get any results. I tried EVERY single one of these cheap imitations and they do NOT get results.

We have never pushed or forced people to buy the machine from us until and unless they first read the book and were satisfied with the logic, the validity and the PROOF of the effectiveness of the MALINIAK METHOD for solving the problem of HAIR LOSS once and for all.

Those people who have followed the method properly and are using the CORRECT machine bought from us are getting great results and our success rate with those members is over 95%…all around the world

So now we are being more forceful and practical because the priority is to protect the credibility of this effective method, so  we are now strongly urging those of you who have not yet been on the FULL two step procedure of the MALINIAK METHOD because you have not got the machine yet or who are using some cheap imitation.

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