THE MALINIAK METHOD continues to grow and it works great just with the TWO main procedures…and recently ONE tip for very slow or resistant people 

Hi to all of our over 21,000 world wide members,

I do not blog too often because everything is going very well by people just doing what is explained in the book and I do not want be pushy with endless blogs like some sites. We continue to grow mostly by word of mouth and our success rate is still well over 95% for those people who do it exactly as described in the book and who buy the proper violet ray device from us at and do not try to cheat with useless look-alike machines.

For the vast majority of our members the two basic steps of the MALINIAK METHOD  are still more then adequate and effective but I wanted to also help our few  slower and resistant cases.


– ADD a follicle cleanse to remove very hard debris or else hair shafts cannot push out through the scalp no matter how much they are ” REVIVED “. I tried commercial cleansers but  they did not do much…so how to do it BETTER ?

As an advocate for alternative science, like the MALINIAK METHOD, I realized that I had to keep an OPEN mind and listen to other advice if it makes sense and is  LOGICAL. I cannot be arrogant or presumptuous in this field and I must keep trying to find techniques which might improve our results, especially  in the really tough cases.

I had read about ONION JUICE as a way of cleansing the follicles and at first laughed it off as one of those useless ” SALAD BAR ” solutions, but I wanted to give it a fair chance so I tested it. The idea that in very resistant cases, mostly in OLDER men, first cleaning out the follicles would improve the MALINIAK METHOD even more MADE SENSE and I did blog about this a while ago.

The idea that ONION JUICE may help and possibly better than commercial products seemed to make scientific sense because of the pure and concentrated SULFUR content.

I had already decided that VERY HARD DEBRIS clogging the follicles would explain what is happening in the few slow or resistant cases and since the OTC commercial exfoliates did not do much…let’s try ONION JUICE.

THE RESULTS HAVE BEEN AMAZING…and even in an OLD man like me, now just turned 70…NEW hair emerged in areas where even I could not get any regrowth before.

So, I can honestly report that for those of you who are very slow or resistant,  cleansing your follicles first and repeatedly with ONION JUICE  while still doing the other TWO basic procedures of the MALINIAK METHOD…will accelerate and improve the results.

In conclusion, we must KEEP AN OPEN MIND. Remember to not poison yourself with the OLD failed  ideas; the MALINIAK METHOD still uses NO TOXIC DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY