MALINIAK METHOD for treating HAIR LOSS is still valid and success rate keeps growing 


I have not posted for a long time because I do not like to aggravate my members with constant and repetitive posts with artificial ” NEWS” just to keep in peoples’ faces…I do not like that and there has been no need for updates because the ORIGINAL idea and treatment is still working as first advertised.

However, many of our members and potential new members have asked me to make some new posts just to hear from me and make sure I still exist and to confirm whether or not the previous claims of the effectiveness of the MALINIAK METHOD are still true and that it is really and finally the answer to treating HAIR LOSS with NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY.

This is a legitimate request, so, as a RELEVANT ” update ” I will say that I still confidently and honestly assert that based on our continuing success that my ORIGINAL theory for the TRUE cause of HAIR LOSS and MPB due to a restricted blood flow caused by a tight GALEA has continued to prove to be true based on the continuing success of our more then 6,000 members all over the world. It is a membership which continues to grow mostly from word of mouth and referrals…which is the BEST PUBLICITY…and our success rate has been maintained at a steady 95%.

If you have HAIR LOSS or MPB do not want to waste your time any more with those OLD and failed systems using drugs or lotions which incorrectly target only DHT and forget the whole idea of  intrusive and expensive SURGERY.

Check out the  MALINIAK METHOD which is the first NEW theory to come along in over 100 years and do what it says in the book and YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.