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 The most recent development in the MALINIAK METHOD is that we now have a solution for even the toughest cases of  CUE BALL bald guys by adding ONE extra step only for these men. For the vast majority of people the TWO very simple basic steps of the MALINIAK METHOD are enough and our success rate is well over 95% using NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY.

The MALINIAK METHOD family of members keeps growing and growing all over the world without millions of dollars of publicity and just by word of mouth and by people reporting their success to friends and acquaintances and by reporting their success to others on some of the biggest forums on HAIR LOSS and MPB.

This radical New theory is the first time we finally have a complete explanation of the whole sequence of events which lead to HAIR LOSS in MPB and which identifies the true first step and MAIN CAUSE of HAIR LOSS and that  it all starts with a disruption of the BLOOD FLOW to the follicles…caused by a very tight scalp layer. This triggers an over production and accumulation of the DHT…which triggers the syndrome. Just treating DHT is NOT ENOUGH…the OLD systems FAILED because they all focused only on DHT and not on this main cause of disrupted BLOOD FLOW.

In the MALINIAK METHOD the DHT is described as a  ” secondary ” factor and we focus on restoring the BLOOD FLOW but in a NEW way  and a different location then what was ever tried before and we revive already DORMANT follicles using a 100 year old science invented by NIKOLA TESLA the greatest inventor in human history.

If you have this problem go check out the MALINIAK METHOD….you will NOT be disappointed again.



This is what I looked like in 2010 before using the MALINIAK METHOD and at age 61


This is what I look like on August 2013 after being on the MALINIAK METHOD and using just the TWO basic steps

This is me in June 30, 2015 after ONE extra procedure to remove a layer of SEBACEOUS PLAQUE from a completely CUE BALL bald area on the TOP of my scalp and hair growing there for the first time in years.