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This is first radical NEW theory about the true cause of HAIR LOSS and MPB and how to treat it that has come along in over 100 years and the basic principles of the MALINIAK METHOD have now been confirmed in at least three(3) independent scientific studies. The main cause is NOT the DHT which has been the sole target of the mainstream medical community till now and which is why they failed.

The MALINIAK METHOD explains that even though  DHT is still involved, it is only a SECONDARY factor and explains how it is all about the disruption of the BLOOD FLOW to the follicles caused by a tight scalp layer called the GALEA.

Do not waste another second with the FAILED and OLD methods…if they really worked, we would have solved HAIR LOSS a long time ago. The drug companies making DHT inhibitors are being sued in class action suits in Canada and the USA because they don’t really work and have terrible side effects. The LOTIONS are only effective in minor cases of hair loss and only work on about 17% of the people and I will not even talk about the horrible and barbaric approach of intrusive transplants…PHEW !