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    If any of the conventional methods were really and truly effective, we would have solved HAIR LOSS by now. But now there is finally something NEW which is the first to explain ALL the steps of the entire HAIR LOSS syndrome and how to treat it with NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY. You can read the details at http://WWW.BORNAGAINHAIR.COM

    The OLD methods using drugs, the lotions and even the transplant surgery have all helped a little bit so I don’t want to criticize them, but they have not really, completely or effectively cured baldness in the vast majority of people because they have all failed to target the MAIN underlying cause of HAIR LOSS and MPB in both men and women.

    They have only focused on the role of DHT… and if that was really the ONLY cause, it would have been solved by now.

    The newest and most radical theory of the MALINIAK METHOD is that DHT is only a secondary factor. The MAIN cause is a disruption of the BLOOD FLOW to the follicles caused by a blockage third lower layer of the scalp called the GALEA which is very very tight in only SOME MEN and this chokes off the flow of blood. All men have this GALEA but not all men go bald….ONLY those with a very, very tight GALEA .

    DHT is still involved, which respects the conventional wisdom, BUT…only when this disrupted blood flow causes an OVER-PRODUCTION and ACCUMULATION of much too much DHT.

    Read the simple explanation and see the PROOF of its effectiveness at http://www.BORNAGAINHAIR.COM

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    You can make fun of our ” mickey mouse” website, which some people do make fun of…but we have now helped thousands of people to STOP HAIR LOSS and GROW NEW HAIR 

    My priority is to STOP HAIR LOSS and GROW NEW HAIR and not to be an artistic  web “designer”.

    Our website at http://www.BORNAGAINHAIR.COM is meant to be mainly an ACADEMIC presentation of the MALINIAK METHOD ” theory” and the science and PROOF about the effectiveness of this method. It is so amateurish that some people think we are geniuses for deliberately making it look like that way, while others make fun of us because it is so unprofessional.

    We did not really do it on purpose, although that’s what I tell people, but it looks that way because we are NOT some slick commercial enterprise with a ” scam ”  baldness cure which we try to trick people into trying  with ” slick” publicity material and fancy web layouts.

    We are just a couple of guys in a small company. I am just a dumb former trial lawyer who after forty years of study came up with a way to STOP HAIR LOSS with a simple and effective TWO step treatment to treat BALDNESS using NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY and my partner Bernie is a former hockey playing buddy of mine who insisted I make this available to everyone else on the planet.

    You could go to our competitors fancy websites and waste your money on endless drugs and lotions and surgery which have NOT solved this problem till now, OR…you can forget the “frills” and just focus on a LOGICAL and scientifically proven method that is working great on so many people…and is the LEAST EXPENSIVE system available.

    Check it out yourselves at http://WWW.BORNAGAINHAIR .COM

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    Since I am claiming  that I have come up with an effective treatment to STOP HAIR LOSS and GROW NEW HAIR using a COMBINATION of two previously known ALTERNATIVE sciences which were used separately, people want to know what my ” COSMIC beliefs ” are and how I explain the origin of this ” INTUITION “….and what else I am hoping to accomplish.

    My answer is that I have always believed in and continue to believe in the existence of a creator GOD and that this is where my ideas must have come from because I could never have figured this out only by myself.

    This is NOT a religious statement, it is a statement which says that;

    ”  From my perspective, looking at all the evidence of our magnificent design of life, and borrowing an expression from my thirty years as a LAWYER,  from the PREPONDERANCE OF PROOF and the BALANCE OF PROBABILITIES it is much more LOGICAL  to conclude that we are the result of an INTELLIGENT DESIGN and not simply the result of an accident over time or random chance.”

    This was Newton’s belief and Einstein’s…and I like this company.

    To borrow an adage from my friend and former client GREGORY LEKHTMAN, a Russian-Canadian neurophysiologist,  and a GENIUS who has over 90 world wide patents, including the ORIGINAL patent for the  EMG heart rate monitor which is on every piece of exercise equipment in the world;

    ” I believe that ALL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY is a gift from GOD…”

    This idea for how to STOP HAIR LOSS and GROW NEW HAIR using a COMBINATION of two ALTERNATIVE SCIENCES and foregoing the conventional wisdom can only have been an intuition from GOD. It is impossible that I conceived of it only by myself. I reversed my baldness at the age of 62…nothing else would have done this.

    The MALINIAK METHOD has already worked to CURE BALDNESS in the vast majority of our three thousand members all over the world but this is only phase I of a much more important initiative for me, as I explained in my book. Having had two bouts of CANCER in my family… my MAIN passion is to do something to improve the way we deal with this even more serious plague on mankind…known as CANCER.


    My success with HAIR LOSS using a new COMBINATION of a double-barreled approach with ALTERNATIVE sciences has encouraged me to believe that you do not have to be a medical professional to come up with a new and effective idea and to figure something out which has baffled the mainstream medical community for years.

    I am equally hopeful that another GOD given intuition I have been given, to COMBINE  a different ” double-barreled ” set of ALTERNATIVE sciences, each of which is already known and have a large body of ANECDOTAL evidence of their effectiveness, but which have been used SEPARATELY….WILL ALSO IMPROVE THE CURRENT FAILED SYSTEM…we certainly can’t do any worse then the existing system and curing CANCER has also baffled the mainstream medical community as much as HAIR LOSS.

    So that is WHO I am and WHAT I am trying to do. My goal is to fund the proper clinical trials myself  into this double-barreled treatment for cancer and find out once and for all IF IT IS EFFECTIVE because the major pharmaceutical companies will never do it. And if it works…to get it to be adopted by the mainstream medical community.

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    If you have a HAIR LOSS problem and have been trying to decide whether to try this system or not, it is important to understand that the MALINIAK METHOD is NOT some crazy underground ” conspiracy ” theory based on some outrageous idea or which uses some bizarre new techniques which have never been known or discussed before. Each element has been known for a long time…what is NEW and RADICAL is HOW THEY HAVE BEEN ” COMBINED”.

    See the anatomical diagrams, photos, videos  and testimonials at http://WWW.BORNAGAINHAIR.COM

    Each of the TWO components of the treatment method, the MASSAGE to restore proper blood flow to the follicles and the correct, powerful  VIOLET RAY device to revive already DORMANT follicles,  have been tried and used before but they were used SEPARATELY  or they were used together but INCORRECTLY….which is why they FAILED till now.

    There was also never any LEGITIMATE  global explanation of the whole hair loss syndrome which made sense and which would give people the confidence to know that we finally understand WHAT is really going on.

    The focus on only the role of DHT has obviously been wrong….or else we would have solved this problem by now.

    The MALINIAK METHOD is the first to provide a COMPREHENSIVE and COHERENT theory about the whole HAIR LOSS AND MPB syndrome, caused by TWO FACTORS and where DHT is only a ” secondary” issue and it is the first to COMBINE these two simple techniques in a way which have NEVER been combined correctly before….THEY WERE CLOSE… BUT NO CIGAR !

    Even the main idea of the MALINIAK METHOD, that the disruption of the blood flow to the scalp was caused by a genetic pre-disposition in some people to a very, very tight lower layer of the scalp called a GALEA through which the blood vessels pass, was debated for fifty years without a resolution. The MALINIAK METHOD ended this debate and took a definitive position that this GALEA was the “KEY” and explains the steps of  how ALL of these things together trigger  our HAIR LOSS… and then says how to counter-act it. NO DRUGS…NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY needed.


    The whole HAIR LOSS syndrome is first triggered by a very tight GALEA which disrupts  BLOOD FLOW to the follicles.

    This disrupted blood flow causes an OVER-PRODUCTION and ACCUMULATION of Dihyrotestosterone ( DHT )  which is normally GOOD for the hair but becomes BAD and deadly  when there is much too much…thereby still respecting the conventional wisdom about DHT being the actual “killer”…but now DHT is only a  ” SECONDARY ” factor.

    We ONLY go bald in the areas on the top of the head where this GALEA exists and nowhere else. And,  even though every man has a GALEA…only those men with a very tight GALEA go bald.

    So, go ahead and try the MALINIAK METHOD …it is NOT some wild and crazy idea with no scientific basis…it is just a REFINEMENT, COMBINATION and CONSOLIDATION of several previous mainstream  ideas which have never been put together like this before….you will NOT be disappointed.

    Read all about is at http://WWW.BORNAGAINHAIR.COM

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    No need for any more SALES PITCH. After four years of hearing from people all over the world who had the courage to try this radical new theory, the evidence is now ABSOLUTELY  overwhelming that the MALINIAK METHOD is really working to STOP HAIR LOSS and GROW NEW HAIR… and our rate of success is really incredible.

    All of it using absolutely NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY.

    There are now over three thousand people on this system and I have only had six ( 6 ) cases of people who did not get results as easily or quickly as everyone else. Everyone responds at different rates but the AVERAGE time for the vast majority of our members to see results was between 3-5 months…those who are PATIENT and PERSISTENT and do as I say.

    Of those very “tough” six ( 6 ) cases, four( 4 ) of them FINALLY saw results in about 12 months after I got them to just INCREASE the MINIMUM amount of time on my GALEA MASSAGE and violet ray procedures…easy and obvious.

    The 5th guy finally realized that he was had ignored the explicit  instructions in my book to avoid high doses of Vitamin A because it is a testosterone precursor. Once I found out, I got him to stop and we are now monitoring his reaction.

    As for the 6th guy, I only found out after ONE year that he  had not shampooed his scalp for over TEN years. I told him it is obvious that this was very uncommon and that his follicles must be so clogged with extremely HARD debris that even if I revive his follicles with my method, no new hair would be able to push through that type of GUNK and that he would have to add an extra step of  first  ” CLEANSING ” his follicles, which he is now doing and we will follow him until he also gets results.


    This is a GREAT rate of success for the MALINIAK METHOD and proves that this radical new theory based on this simple ALTERNATIVE science really works.


    If you read my BOOK you will know that treating  HAIR LOSS and MPB with this radical new theory and ALTERNATIVE science, and by ignoring the conventional wisdom,  is part of my larger initiative to find a better way to treat CANCER by also ignoring the conventional and useless current techniques and exploring a few specific ALTERNATIVE sciences that have emerged from the ocean of  wild ideas, because they already have a significant body of quasi-scientific and anecdotal evidence to prove their potential.

    After two bouts of cancer in my own family, it is my MAIN objective in life to use the proceeds of this HAIR LOSS business and the MALINIAK METHOD to FUND the proper investigation of these cancer treatments myself. The best ones seem to be based on simple strategies like OXYGEN therapy and ROYAL RIFE radio frequency therapy which make a better use of our magnificent GOD given design of life. These are techniques  which do NOT destroy the very IMMUNE SYSTEM which GOD blessed us with to protect us. We must do away with toxic chemotherapy, burning RADIATION and slashing SURGERY.

    Curing HAIR LOSS and MPB  is obviously not as important as curing CANCER but it is also a source of great trauma and tragedy for millions of  people like me and both things have BAFFLED the mainstream medical community. If  HAIR LOSS could finally be solved by and  ALTERNATIVE science like the MALINIAK METHOD, then perhaps CANCER can also be solved with completely different non intrusive techniques…we can’t do any worse then the current system.


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    It is now more and more obvious that the people who do the MALINIAK METHOD properly and don’t modify the techniques or use a cheap LOW POWERED machine are getting great results and the vast majority have been able to STOP THEIR HAIR LOSS and GROW NEW HAIR.

    We now have over three thousand members worldwide on this system and the overwhelming majority are getting dramatic results and reporting it in ” unsolicited ” testimonials all over the Internet and on several HAIR FORUMS.

    Many of the members of those forums who actually tried and used the MALINIAK METHOD successfully have done so because they were smart enough to have ignored the idiotic rantings of a few malicious, anonymous ” TROLLS” who typically patrol these  forums and trash anyone with a new idea….including me.  We have been informed by other long term members of these forums to not be discouraged because they know that these “naysayers” are competitors and sponsors of other systems who have NEVER actually tried the MALINIAK METHOD and would love everyone to continue spending thousands and thousands of dollars a year on USELESS methods involving DRUGS, LOTIONS and SURGERY.

    Most people see results within an average of 3-5 months. I have only had six ( 6 ) very slow or resistant cases till now who took more then one year and all they required was an INCREASE in the time spent on the massage and on the violet ray machine.

    PATIENCE AND PERSISTENCE is all that is required and almost everyone gets results even though they respond at different rates…OBVIOUSLY.

    Till now, I have had only two ( 2 ) cases of people who saw no results at all even after one year. I finally found out that one of them had not read the book and was using high doses of Vitamin A, which I specifically warned NOT to do in  in the book because it is a TESTOSTERONE precursor. The second guy was 43 years old, was already ” cue ball ” bald and had not shampooed his scalp in over ten years
    which obviously meant his follicles were clogged with extremely HARD debris and nothing will push through that until it is vigorously CLEANSED

    Both guys have now corrected these ” UNIQUE ” problems and we are monitoring their reactions.

    Otherwise our success rate has far exceeded that of the conventional methods and we use NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY….and it is the LEAST EXPENSIVE method available.


    It took so long to finally come up with something that explains the whole HAIR LOSS and MPB syndrome, explaining that DHT is only a secondary factor,  and which finally works on MOST people, it makes NO SENSE to try to change it…but some people do !!!

    Those people who cheat and don’t follow the instructions EXACTLY and try to modify the simple, basic techniques or who try to save a few dollars and buy the wrong machine and not what I recommend are NOT getting results and they are NOT really on the MALINIAK METHOD properly…so SAD.

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