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    The MALINIAK METHOD is based on the science of NIKOLA TESLA and his name is finally back in the MAINSTREAM NEWS 

    Finally, the message I have been preaching for several years now about the forgotten GENIUS of TESLA is getting some response. He has always been appreciated in the elite halls of science but not in the general public or in the MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

    Now he is making a MAJOR comeback and more and more people are realizing that he is responsible for most of the greatest inventions in our current MODERN AGE and that if we ever complete his unfinished work, it will lead us into the next era of human development, technologically speaking. This will include WIRELESS TRANSMISSION OF ENERGY and ELECTROSTATIC PROPULSION which will allow us to fly like UFO’s, without WINGS, and which will draw FREE power from the unlimited energy all around us. IT IS ALL ABOUT TO FINALLY HAPPEN.

    That is why I am so proud that three years ago I published my first book on HAIR LOSS and MPB called the MALINIAK METHOD and I spent a significant time explaining why ONE of the TWO steps I used was based on stimulating our DORMANT follicles with an electrical device invented by TESLA over 100 years ago. I could have chosen many different devices for this function, like lasers or L.E.D., or heat lamps…but they did not have the same type of MULTIPLE functions as the TESLA device, which is a HIGH FREQUENCY, HIGH VOLTAGE GENERATOR.

    It was the most impressive device and already had some history about its use for this purpose. I also was absolutely overwhelmed by my desire to be associated with anything related to TESLA and to help spread the word about his importance to mankind. Anything based on his science is worthy of consideration and I am proud to be associated with anything related to the utilization of his science.


    I revived the use of his machine on the basis that previously, although it initially achieved results in some people, it did not produce results on the vast majority of people. I finally figured out and ARGUED that this was because we were NOT, at the same time, addressing the PRIMARY problem and MAIN CAUSE of HAIR LOSS and MPB, which is the DISRUPTION OF THE BLOOD FLOW to the follicles caused by a very tight LOWER layer of the scalp called the GALEA .

    This had been argued without resolution for many years…I just ENDED THE DEBATE and I took a position that this DISRUPTED BLOOD FLOW had to be the cause and developed a TWO step process to STOP HAIR LOSS and GROW NEW HAIR.

    With the MALINIAK METHOD, we first and foremost RELAX the GALEA with a simple MASSAGE technique which FINALLY AND CORRECTLY targets the proper area where this tightness is coming from and thereby restoring the proper BLOOD FLOW to the follicles…Then we use the “TESLA” device to stimulate follicles which have already became DORMANT…in ways that NO OTHER MACHINE CAN.

    This MALINIAK METHOD is the first COMPREHENSIVE and COHERENT explanation of the whole HAIR LOSS and MPB syndrome which says it is caused by TWO factors and not just the ONE old and incomplete explanation of DHT being the solo “culprit” …and then putting these TWO treatment procedures together, but based on this NEW TWO factor theory, has produced a system which is finally producing results in many, many people all over the world with NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY.

    As I say in the book, I am not even the first one to try to combine these two methods together, but the previous attempts did NOT have any kind of global underlying theory about HAIR LOSS and MPB and more importantly…THEY WERE MASSAGING IN THE “WRONG” PLACE and using the machine in the wrong place ….which is why they FAILED.


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    Here is an answer to a letter with some very pertinent questions from a very well informed member of one of the world’s largest forums on HAIR LOSS and MPB…many of whose members have adopted the MALINIAK METHOD and reported their great results.

    It may interest some of you who have not heard of it and it is a short SYNOPSIS of the entire MALINIAK METHOD phenomenon;


    Thank you for your interest in my theory and for having at least read the BOOK, but I have to tell you that the principles behind the MALINIAK METHOD are way beyond the point of debate any more because they have been confirmed in numerous independent scientific studies which I cite on the website, in the book, and on our Facebook page. I have answered these same questions before, but since you took the time to read my book, I will address your comments one time, but not back and forth any more.
    I published my first book in 2010, and since that time, after endless debate and challenges on various HAIR FORUMS, three(3) independent scientific studies have been published which confirmed the validity of my two main principles.
    More importantly, any “theory” is only as good as the the results it produces, and in the last two years, my own amazing results, and those of my initial test subjects, who I at least had access to here in Montreal, have been independently  REPLICATED in numerous other people all around the world that I have no control over, and replication in others is the MAIN confirmation of the validity of any theory…and all with NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and especially NO SURGERY.
    Some people may continue to critique the quality and quantity of my proof on this subject, but they are just “naysayers” who will not believe anything, even if a busload of NUNS signed an Affidavit that they witnessed all the progress and success of all of our members. They are in a state of perpetual denial and I do not waste any more time on them, BUT…I do understand it and feel empathy for them because they have been disappointed so many times before with useless products , so I don’t get too mad unless they make insulting and defamatory remarks which don’t have anything to do with the topic of discussion;
    – firstly the BRIAN J. FREUND study, which is the most recent and comprehensive study ever conducted confirmed that a tight GALEA is the first step in triggering the cascade of other events that form part of the entire HAIR LOSS and MPB syndrome, AS I PREDICTED….and as many others before me debated endlessly.
    The effect is to constrict the blood vessels leading to the follicles which causes a reduction of BLOOD FLOW. This then creates an environment of HYPOXIA, a low OXYGEN situation which leads to the OVER-PRODUCTION of DHT…something which elaborates on and adds to my initial “theory” that DHT “accumulates” or “clogs” the follicles…meaing it does not “circulate in and out the way it is supposed to.
     Whatever the correct word… accumulation, clogging  or over-production, the end result is the same;
    TOO MUCH DHT…and contrary to what you say it is still the UNIVERSAL consensus and conventional wisdom that DHT is the actual “killer” of the follicles…although the exact mechanism is not understood or elaborated yet. But it only becomes a “killer” when there is much  too much of it, otherwise it is critical and necessary for proper hair growth…which is why not every man is bald, even though every man has a GALEA and lots of DHT.
    It is only men with a very tight GALEA and really TOO much DHT who lose their hair because that excessive DHT now becomes a “killer”. This is the essence of the MALINIAK METHOD theory.
    If you are not happy with the word “accumulate” or “clog” , that is your opinion. But I believe that it is logical to conclude that when there is TOO much DHT present because it is over-produced, and when it does “circulate” as freely in and out of the follicles as it normally does, due to restricted blood flow, that it would “accumulate” and “clog” the follicles and in that state…it interferes with the normal metabolism in the follicles, including its interaction with the SEBUM and this triggers the whole syndrome. And I repeat, the results we have had confirm the validity of MY opinion on this subject as far as I am concerned.
    – The other study is the one by GEORGE COTSARELIS which confirmed finally that dormant follicles could be revived, contrary to the previous conventional wisdom and where he relates it to the presence of stem cells which can still be activated to form pro-genitor hair growing cells. By the way, he is the world’s leading authority on hair loss and the main proponent of the role of PROSTAGLANDIN receptors. My position on that subject is that it may be part of the actual “mechanism” which makes follicles go dormant but that if you restore the proper blood flow it becomes unnecessary to address or correct that problem and it would only lead to the use of another DRUG.
    – Now there is the third Chinese study I cite on the website from OMICS which confirmed the benefits of massage to the TOP of the scalp which their working hypothesis was that they were trying to “thin” out a thickened scalp layer and improve circulation…and even they got results. They do not use the word GALEA but it is obvious to me that this where their effect is being achieved because the last layer of the scalp on top is NOT the MAIN source of the restricted blood flow.
    Targeting this layer would only improve the LOCAL circulation and would obviously not be as effective as targeting the  MAIN “blockage” coming from underneath the GALEA, where the blood comes from. Their process is probably “softening” a thick GALEA which is probably an additional issue in some case…but I do not believe it is enough of a universal problem to explain the epidemic of the millions of cases of hair loss and MPB.
    The study about the transplantation of follicles you ask about is the famous NORDSTROM study of 1979 which is what has prevented us from solving this problem till now because it WRONGLY concluded that blood flow is not the culprit. That study we now know was fatally flawed because it failed to control for the presence or absence of DHT in either of the follicles they transplanted and it’s conclusions have now been superseded by the more recent 2011 FREUND study.
    In conclusion, and contrary to what you say about “empirical” evidence, the FREUND study does constitute such evidence as to the central role of a tight GALEA and restricted blood flow in HAIR LOSS and MPB….IT IS ALL SO OBVIOUS THAT IT POINTLESS TO BELABOR IT ANY FURTHER.
    Some people may want to go on debating this ad infinitum and will forever be paralyzed by uncertainty and skepticism and end up doing nothing, or worse, will continue to use useless and dangerous drugs
    Many others have analyzed the overall logic and evidence of my theory and the existing results and have decided to join our group and have adopted the MALINIAK METHOD and reported results which some have called AMAZING and SPECTACULAR.
    Even though we could always use more “PROOF”, more testimonials, more photos( which some trolls will then call FAKE )…the EVIDENCE we already have is more then enough for most people to satisfy them that this MALINIAK METHOD is valid and that it really works.
    I do not intend to debate these principles any more, so people can examine it and anyone who disagrees with it can just NOT do it.
    If you have a hair problem, I sincerely hope you try it…you will not be disappointed and I help everyone as much as they need…for FREE. You have the book…you do not even have to buy a machine from me and it is a ONE time purchase. If you do the leg work yourself, you may find a good quality USED violet ray device for very cheap. Just be sure that if you do not get the exact NEW one from us, that you at least respect the SPECS that I list on the book.
    Other devices are USELESS and you will NOT really be on the MALINIAK METHOD.
    So, as far as I am concerned, and as many others now agree…THE MALINIAK METHOD theory IS A LEGITIMATE AND ACCURATE DESCRIPTION OF THE WHOLE HAIR LOSS AND MPB SYNDROME and the two stage treatment method has been shown to be really effective to STOP HAIR LOSS and GROW NEW HAIR.
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    I am now getting more and more letters from people who have had success with the MALINIAK METHOD and I also provide all the continued support that they need for FREE if they have a specific problem area.

    Here is an exchange of letters with a member who wrote to me yesterday; ( I delete the e-mail address and keep it confidential unless I get specific permission)( the  bold formatting in his letter is mine) .


    Name : John
    Email : ( deleted)
    Message : Leon,
    I’ve been trying your method for about five months now and am seeing some decent results. I wasn’t completely bald when I started but my hair was very thin. The results aren’t noticeable to anyone but me right now, but my hair/scalp is much less greasy now and I’ve seen some regrowth of short dark hairs around the front of my hairline. Also, I’ve noticed that when I pass a mirror with the light shining from the side, a bunch of tiny light hairs light up that certainly were not there when I started. However, I haven’t seen much if any regrowth on the back/crown of my head and I was wondering if this area took much longer to fill in for you? Do you spend a certain amount of time massaging the back of your head or do you just alternate back and forth between the forehead and rear scalp muscles?



    Hi John,

    Seeing some sort of NEW regrowth with “short dark hairs” in one area, and new ” tiny light hairs” in another area, is a great and obvious sign that the MALINIAK METHOD is already working for you. Your time frame for seeing results at around 5 months, is also right about the “average” of 3-5 months for most of our members. Just stay with it and continue to be PATIENT and PERSISTENT, as I repeat so often in the book, and you will see better and better results.
    As for WHERE and  HOW to MASSAGE,  you see that in the book I say to massage everywhere,  all around the entire PERIMETER of the scalp. This is important as a BASIC rule because the pull on the GALEA is coming from all the muscles all around the scalp and not just from one place.  BUT…there is NO  single ” one size fits all” rule about how much time to spend in any ONE area because everyone is so different and everyone has such a different set of scalp circumstances, meaning that the “degree” of PULL is and tightness is coming from different directions in everyone…
    These differences in how the pull is distributed explains the wide variety of patterns and also explains why some people have a harder time with the TEMPLES and other people, like me,  have a harder time with the back. …as you seem to indicate is your situation. It all depends on the pattern of the pull from the GALEA and where the hair loss presented itself FIRST and where the scalp is the most stretched and compromised.
    The obvious approach to address these personal differences and variations in hair loss loss patterns is to spend a bit more time NEAR the problem areas, on the logic that the pull on the GALEA is greater in that area. But remember that we are NOT mainly massaging the bald spots themselves,  although massaging the bald spots themselves on TOP is still allowed   in the MALINIAK METHOD if you are first and foremost massaging those proper perimeter muscles which are pulling on the GALEA.
    The recent Chinese study that  I cite in my blogs also confirms that massaging the TOP would THIN out a thickened scalp and although they do not mention it,  I have to conclude that this softens and thins out the GALEA and not just the surface layer of the skin, and this explains the effect they are achieving. To me this would be necessary only for people with a very thick GALEA, which is RARE,  and I think it would apply only to people who are VERY RESISTANT  and slower to respond….and this is the advice I have given to people who are slower then the “average”.
    Also, to address these personal differences, you would obviously spend more time with the violet ray device on those problem BALD areas themselves.
    The bottom line is that the HEAD is such a small area, it is easy for everyone to massage all of it, the PERIMETER muscles and the TOP…but ALWAYS, first and foremost, focus on those perimeter muscles because that is what is the MAIN source of the blockage of the blood flow to the scalp according to the MALINIAK METHOD,  and which has  now been confirmed by several independent scientific studies.
    FINAL CONCLUSION AND ADVICE; Massage all around the perimeter and on top… but spend a little more  time with both the massage and the machine on your problem BACK area.
    In the words of one of our earliest successful members; ” IT IS ALL SIMPLE LAYMAN’S LOGIC”
    Stay in touch and please take plenty of pictures.
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    When it comes HAIR LOSS and MPB, it is such a delicate and sensitive subject, and to my own personal knowledge, such a source of trauma and anxiety, that it has always been important for me to be completely frank and never make exaggerated or unrealistic claims…otherwise nobody who knows about this subject would ever believe it…and neither would I.
    So, when a recent new member reported seeing some sort of response after only TWO weeks…I had to calm his enthusiasm and remind him to be realistic, and I explained it was probably just “wishful thinking”… even though it would obviously be in my interest to report this kind of incredibly fast result.
    The MALINIAK METHOD works really great to STOP HAIR LOSS and GROW NEW HAIR, and the vast majority of people see results relatively quickly, on average, between 3-5 months…BUT NOT in only two weeks !
    Here is my response to him;
    As I said in my earlier letter, I love your enthusiasm and your POSITIVE feedback, but I never try to over-hype this system or exaggerate its benefits, and to me it is unlikely that you would have see any kind of noticeable improvement of any kind this soon after starting the “full”  MALINIAK METHOD ( or any method…except a “PAINT” job) only a few weeks ago !
    The “tingling” you report is normal because the combination of the MASSAGE and the VIOLET RAY “vibration” should in fact be are having an immediate effect on IMPROVING your blood flow and ” ELECTRICALLY” stimulating your follicles, and this would manifest itself as the “tingling” that you refer to…it is a sign that at least  “something” is going on and that your follicles are not just being allowed to remain dormant any more…where you would have NO type of sensation like this “tingling”.
    But, is takes a while longer for follicles to really respond with any kind of significant change that you would be able to notice in your hair shafts themselves because these changes would first occur at the root of the follicle in the DERMAL PAPILLAE and would not be visible for a while, so things like a “thickening” of the existing hair shaft would be unlikely at this stage, because that hair you are looking at has already grown out of the dermal papillae. This is probably just wishful thinking on your part because in your earlier letter you said you noticed a “thickening” already and now you are not sure.
    I am pretty sure it is much too soon to have experienced this type of “thickening” response. On the other hand, some initial SHEDDING is observed in many, but NOT all of our  members and it depends on which stage of the hair cycle their follicles fell dormant. In very severe and advanced cases of HAIR LOSS and MPB, this  is in fact one of the BEST signs that someone’s follicles are actually and truly reviving and becoming active  and are trying to “cycle” again…otherwise nothing would be happening in a permanently dormant follicle.
    Any kind of “thickening”, would most probably occur with an improvement in the performance of a fully revived follicle, which would only happen in a much later stage of the follicle’s recovery. At the beginning, this is really NOT our main objective, because it is to STOP HAIR LOSS and GROW NEW HAIR which is our first priority.  THICKENING of each hair shaft should only be seen after the root was really revived and started producing a better quality, thicker ” terminal” hair shaft and that would probably takes several “cycles” of the follicle returning to normal.
    As glad as I am to see that you are trying to report back some sort of noticeable response this fast, it is unlikely that this has happened to you after only a few weeks on the MALINIAK METHOD. After a few MONTHS… it is VERY possible and many of our very YOUNG members have reported that type of speed of response, on average between 3-5 months, but not after two weeks.
    The reason I am giving you this lengthy response is because your comments seem to suggest an expectation that you will solve your hair loss problem virtually overnight and this is NOT the way it works with this insidious and traumatic problem.
    The MALINIAK METHOD is so simple but it takes time and effort and if you read the book carefully you will see my repeated theme that this process takers PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE.  When you have HAIR LOSS and MPB, it means that your follicles have been under attack for probably years and years before you actually notice significant hair loss,  and if you have too unrealistic expectations that they will return to normal in only a few weeks you may become discouraged too fast and give up before the MALINIAK METHOD has a chance to work.
    So be “realistic”, remain patient and stay with it,   and you will also benefit from the same type of great results that the vast majority of our members are experiencing while understanding that it takes a normal and reasonable amount of time to counter-act and reverse this HAIR LOSS problem.
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    The vast majority of our thousands and thousands of members get rapid and dramatic results with their HAIR LOSS and MPB in an average of 3-5 months. We have had only about six(6)  very SLOW and RESISTANT cases world wide taking over one year and four(4) of those responded after just increasing  the amount of time on both of my procedures.

    However, I never give up on any case and the “toughest” cases motivate the most because I will not stop until every single case of HAIR LOSS and MPB of one of our members is successfully treated.

    It is our GOD given right to have HAIR !

    In remaining proactive and continuously analyzing a resistant member’s problem, and for FREE…I finally identified the obvious problem with one member who initially got results and then stalled. It baffled me until  he finally notified me that he was taking very high doses of vitamin A…something I warn about in the book.

    He also asked an interesting question about WHERE TO MASSAGE.

    Here is my answer to him…which may interest some of you;



    Good to hear that you accept the LOGIC of my advice, which is definitely mentioned in my book,  and that are going to now finally cut out your high vitamin A doses that you just told me about. As I explain, this  is due to the fact that vitamin A is a precursor to, and increases testosterone production…normal doses are not a problem…but these high doses are BAD and contribute to HAIR LOSS and MPB.
    I have no doubt that we have finally put our finger on why you were so much slower to react then the vast majority of our thousands and thousands of members all around the world and that you will now again show progress… and I expect it to accelerate.
    It makes sense that this excess vitamin A and resulting testosterone production is why, although you initially told me you saw results with the MALINIAK METHOD, it then stalled. This is the “essence” of problem solving…not to give up and to keep studying and analyzing a situation till we figure it out.
    Had you told me about this excessive vitamin A intake earlier, we could have counter-acted it sooner.
    As I say in the book, you must still always FOCUS mainly on massaging the muscles all around the perimeter of the scalp, which is where the MAIN disruption of the blood flow is coming from, but if you are properly massaging these areas, then it’s also okay to also massage the actual bald spots themselves because it does improve the LOCAL circulation a bit….even though not as much as the perimeter massage.
    But this is also because there is now a new insight into this problem. In the new recent 2012 CHINESE study, which is cited on our Facebook page, they got some results in treating HAIR LOSS and MPB  by just massaging the top of the head, trying to thin out a thick scalp. They talk about a thick “SCALP” and do not use the word GALEA…but I conclude their effects must be realized by the action this has on softening the GALEA itself and not just the thin top layer of the skin….because the role of a “thick” GALEA has also been debated for years and this also fits in perfectly as an extension of the MALINIAK METHOD.
    Therefore, in addition to the small improvement of the LOCAL circulation by massaging the bald spots themselves, this secondary benefit of massage to the top of the head, by “thinning” out the GALEA also sounds like a logical ADDITION for those few very, very SLOW or RESISTANT CASES. I think it is still a relatively RARE condition but some people probably not only have a “tight” GALEA, but they may also have a “thick” GALEA,  and therefore, massage on the top of the head, where the GALEA exists may further improve the results by making a thickened GALEA a bit thinner, and this may also make it easier to restore proper blood flow even more in these very slow or resistant guys.
    In conclusion, and very, very, simply;  MASSAGE the whole head…it is so small and area anyway, this is not a problem…but still and always focus mainly on the muscles all around the perimeter which are pulling on the GALEA.
    GOOD LUCK…be patient and give it a chance to turn around because the BAD effects of having taken these too high doses of vitamin A will take a while to reverse…and be persistent with your treatments.
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