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    One of our members asked me about the risks of taking testosterone supplements. My answer touched on how this fits in with the MALINIAK METHOD. I addressed that and it also led me into the related question of the role of SEXUAL ACTIVITY in increasing testosterone levels and it’s role in HAIR LOSS. The short answer is that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE UP SEX…but here is my detailed response;
    Even though your question seems simple, it is actually not, so I hope you do not mind a detailed answer.
    I may get into a much more “cosmic” answer then you expected but your question touches on many interesting “collateral” issues which relate to HAIR LOSS and MPB specifically, but which also goes way beyond that, and my answer may interest you and interest other people who might also want to know my take on it.
    These issues include the questions of; What are the proper levels of testosterone in the male body, and  what does tampering with these levels do, and how does that affect many male functions and activities, including hair loss and hair growth and SEXUAL activity.
    I am not a doctor, a micro-biologist or an endocrinologist, and this question relates to an issue which I am not an expert on but it is also a complex question which even those experts have had a tough time answering….otherwise we would have solved many testosterone related issues before now, including how this is involved in HAIR LOSS and MPB.
    However, since my layman’s intuitions about the whole HAIR LOSS syndrome seem to have been validated by the incredible success so far of the MALINIAK METHOD, I feel I am qualified to at least make an “educated” guess. I will give you my “layman’s understanding of it, and especially how any of that may relate to my “theory” about what is going on in the HAIR LOSS SYNDROME according to the MALINIAK METHOD…but it is strictly an intuitive response which you are free to adopt or reject.
    I both “believe” intuitively , and “see” the concrete proof in the design of the human body of  the presence of an INTELLIGENT DESIGNER…call him GOD or whatever name you like or whatever intellectual construct of that concept you can adopt…but I do not believe, nor do I see in our body’e design the product of a strictly RANDOM “pot-luck” result of only evolution. There are just too many complex “fail-safe” and redundant “back -up” systems to be explained only by random chance.
    Having said that, it leads to the inescapable conclusion that;
    Therefore this original ” Intelligent designer ” must have had certain well defined “parameters” for the specifications and levels of various components of this design to provide its OPTIMAL functioning…including TESTOSTERONE.

    To me this means TOO MUCH is not good and TOO LITTLE is no good…because in either case it leads to a disruption in the plan of the original design and causes dysfunction and problems.
    Of course this begs the question of WHAT ARE THE “NORMAL” LEVELS…and I will defer to the mainstream medical community to answer that one BUT…in general, unless you have a PROVEN disruption in your natural levels…YOU SHOULD NOT FOOL AROUND WITH THEM…ESPECIALLY NOT TESTOSTERONE WHICH IS SO IMPORTANT IN SO MANY MALE FUNCTIONS.
    The proof of the danger of doing that has now been clearly demonstrated by the fact that the producers of DHT inhibitor products are now being sued in a CLASS ACTION lawsuit in both the United States and Canada for the very serious side effects they cause, especially on some other very “important” sexual functions.
    My motto is NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY…I do not play around with GOD’s original design and any effort to deal with a DYSFUNCTION in this operation of this original design is based on strictly trying to restore that ORIGINAL functionality NATURALLY by figuring out what is wrong and correcting it without toxic drugs or chemicals and without surgical “cutting” .
    Testosterone is absolutely critical and beneficial to proper HAIR GROWTH and the mature development of our hair. Without it our beards and our scalp hair would never become proper TERMINAL looking mature hairs. However this means the levels must be within the proper parameters of the original design. If this is tampered with…we have problems
    TOO LITTLE is not not good; but this would have to be due to some real “medical condition” and I have to theorize that this is a relatively RARE condition for most men and that therefore, as a rule,  SUPPLEMENTATION is not something that should be desirable, and especially NOT in very YOUNG men, where the opposite would probably be the RULE where they have higher levels of testosterone during adolescence then later on.
    TOO MUCH testosterone is also no good;  the conventional wisdom has to be respected that testosterone and its byproduct DHT are still the actual “killer”  of the  hair follicles…but almost ALL young men have very high and “raging” levels of testosterone…so how come they are not ALL bald ?

    The logic would be that too much SEX would also increase the levels of testosterone and contribute to HAIR LOSS and MPB and so many men are so afraid of this that they have given up or severely cut down their sexual activity. There are as many forums on that subject as there are on HAIR LOSS.

    But again, most men have lots of SEX and they do NOT all go bald…so, guys do NOT have to give up sex…the answer is simple;
    The MALINIAK METHOD says that these high levels of testosterone only become and issue and are detrimental to, and cause HAIR LOSS and MPB… ONLY in those men who also have a very, very tight GALEA and NOT in every man.
    This tight GALEA chokes off the blood supply to the follicles and causes the DHT to “accumulate” and to be greatly  OVER-PRODUCED compared to even the higher levels associated with adolescence or with having too much sex. It is this accumulation and very high  over-production which turns the good effects of DHT into its bad effects.
    BUT THIS CAN BE COUNTER-ACTED and prevented easily and NATURALLY by restoring the normal blood flow to the scalp with the MASSAGE techniques of the MALINIAK METHOD.
    Follicles which are already DORMANT can be revived with the second step of the MALINIAK METHOD using the “high frequency” generator which further “dislodges” the already accumulated DHT; Stop this accumulation and over-production of DHT and it is no longer bad for your hair…because it will again be operating at the normal levels of the original design.
    CONCLUSION – if you insist on altering DHT levels…you can at least prevent it’s negative effects on your HAIR using the MALINIAK METHOD!
    For all the reasons above, I do NOT subscribe to or endorse the use of SUPPLEMENTS for testosterone unless someone has a proven and RARE medical condition of abnormally low levels. Also, I absolutely maintain that playing around with the process in which testosterone is converted to DHT using DHT inhibitors is dangerous and goes against GOD’s original design.
    However, if you absolutely insist on taking supplements for body-building, or if a person with a HAIR LOSS problem and a tight GALEA does not want to give up sexual activity, you can at least COUNTER-ACT the negative effects of this increase in testosterone and DHT levels and prevent it form aggravating you HAIR LOSS and MPB by following the techniques of the MALINIAK METHOD.
    These are my ” layman’s ” intuitions and you are free to adopt them or reject them…but I have not been doing too badly so far with my “educated” guesses.
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    Why is the MALINIAK METHOD working so well on so many people to STOP HAIR LOSS and GROW NEW HAIR ? Because it is based on a “simple” and logical TRUTH…resulting in a completely NEW perspective on the whole problem.

    There are now so many, many independent people posting “unsolicited”  testimonials all over the biggest hair forums on the Internet about their success with this method….there can no longer be any doubt that this truly a valid explanation of the “simple” underlying cause of the whole HAIR LOSS and MPB syndrome and that the treatment method really works.

    As with all things in life which at first seen so complicated, and which have baffled us forever, once we finally identify the TRUE CULPRIT…the explanation is usually very, very simple and the treatment becomes very, very obvious.

    With HAIR LOSS and MPB, the true culprit which I focused on with the MALINIAK METHOD …and the “simple” cause we were overlooking, was the role of disrupted BLOOD FLOW to the follicles, which I say, and many others have said before, is  caused by a very, very tight layer of the scalp called the GALEA.

    This had been debated for 100 years without a resolution, and together with a fatally flawed scientific study from 1979 which dismissed the role of blood flow, it is what has prevented us from solving HAIR LOSS and MPB till now. But once I realized the shape and location of  the GALEA and HOW it could be causing an interference with the blood flow to the follicles on top of the scalp…all the pieces of the puzzle all fell into place and I ended the debate.

    I concluded that disrupted BLOOD FLOW caused by a tight GALEA was OBVIOUSLY the main cause of HAIR LOSS and MPB and I developed a simple massage technique and treatment method to deal with it  which relaxed this GALEA, but which was “counter-intuitive” to what we had thought till now because it does NOT target the  bald spots themselves but rather the DEEP SOURCE of the disruption to the blood flow, and this finally restored the proper blood flow. Local, superficial massage of the bald spots themselves has been tried for years and years and although it worked ” a bit”…it was not enough and  never really solved HAIR LOSS and MPB.

    They were massaging in the wrong place ! The MALINIAK METHOD targets the right places.

    The second part of the treatment, using an OLD SCIENCE of the  “high frequency” , “high voltage” generator’,  generically referred to as a violet ray device,  to stimulate already dormant follicles, when massage alone is not enough,  WAS NOT SO OBVIOUS, but it had been done 100 years ago with some limited success, but not a very significant or universal success.  I decided to revive it firstly, because it was invented by NIKOLA TESLA, the greatest inventor of all time, and because I reasoned that 100 years ago it FAILED because they used it ALONE, without FIRST restoring blood flow.

    Now, with the unique  COMBINATION of these two techniques together in the MALINIAK METHOD…the FIRST TIME these two things have been combined…it is working great and nobody has to take just my word for it anymore…it is all over the Internet.

    One of my perspectives on all of this, and HOW disrupted blood flow sets the whole process into motion is that disrupted blood flow causes an accumulation and overproduction of DHT and a failure to clear out this extra  DHT and other debris from the follicles and “clogs” them up, sometimes with very hard debris, thus not allowing full size  ” terminal hairs”  to develop in the dermal papillae AND not also not allowing the hair to push through the scalp.

    My theory about BLOOD FLOW and the role of the GALEA is now a scientific “FACT”, proven by several independent scientific studies published in 2011 and another in 2012, one year AFTER the printing of my first book in 2010.

    You can read the whole explanation on our website at; http://www.bornagainhair.com



    I am also hoping that my intuitions is correct that other problems which have baffled mankind in situations of epidemic proportions will also eventually be elucidated by the realization of a “simple” underlying truth which we have ignored or overlooked till now, such as the one I have “theorized” about involving the PREVENTION OF  DUCTAL BREAST CANCER.

    My explanation about this syndrome and my ideas about preventing it by regularly cleansing a women’s breast ducts BEFORE they develop ductal breast cancer can be examined in my article in E-ZINE at;


    So, whether it is about HAIR LOSS and MPB or about the more important issue of curing BREAST CANCER, or better still, PREVENTING IT, these are all different instances of we non -medical professionals looking for ” SIMPLE” answers and intuitions to understand these problems on a global level and to seek out ALTERNATIVE SCIENCES to deal with them.

    We must overcome the IMPASSE in the mainstream medical community and their FAILURE to solve these problems till now and we don’t have to be medical professionals to lend our insights and ideas. I believe we have now done it for HAIR LOSS and MPB with the “simple” explanation and treatment of the MALINIAK METHOD and hopefully one day soon we will have an equally simple explanation and treatment method for preventing ductal breast cancer.

    My overview on both these issues is that they are manifestations of the adage that ” CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS”…that just keeping our ” plumbing” clean can prevent or treat many, many ailments.

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    A recent inquiry from a person on our website raised an interesting question about WHY the CROWN and TEMPLE areas seem to go bald first. This has in fact puzzled many people, and he asked how the MALINIAK METHOD might explain it.

    Here is the answer I gave which is just a “theory”  and you are all free to agree with or disagree with it, but I believe it is logical and consistent with the principles of my theory and with the other recent scientific studies on the subject of HAIR LOSS and MPB which have confirmed the main principles of the MALINIAK METHOD;


    Firstly, thank you for your interest in the MALINIAK METHOD.
    Before I answer your question I have to tell you that after three years of debating this theory and treatment method with the members of the world’s biggest forums on hair loss and MPB, an audience of the most hostile, cynical and skeptical people going, and finally getting them to try it and then getting so many “unsolicited” testimonials about many of their own members’ success with this method… I really do not debate this any more or try to defend any aspect of my theory….AFTER THREE YEARS OF DOING THAT….WE ARE NOW WAY BEYOND THAT ENDLESS DEBATE.
    We are getting amazing results from the vast majority of our members and my explanation of the whole HAIR LOSS and MPB syndrome seems to be valid and the treatment method IS DEFINITELY very effective.
    However, you ask an interesting academic question which I think would further add to the “layman’s LOGIC of my theory and therefore I will address it because according to the principles of the MALINIAK METHOD, I believe I have a common sense explanation which you are free to consider and adopt or reject,  but which I politely will tell you I do not want to debate.
    My theory is based on what is the now scientifically accepted FACT, confirmed by several scientific studies published AFTER the first version of my book, that HAIR LOSS and MPB are  triggered by a disruption in the BLOOD FLOW to the follicles.  I attribute this mainly to the tightness in the GALEA and say that this is what triggers the rest of the  whole HAIR LOSS syndrome, including the subsequent over-production of DHT…which is still the ultimate killer of the follicles, as per the conventional wisdom…But DHT is only a secondary factor which comes into play AFTER the disruption of the blood flow. It only happens in men with a tight GALEA…which is why not every man is bald.

    You are right that most of the various hair loss patterns in the NORWOOD scale seem to start either in the CROWN or in the temples and most of us know this from experience. This two areas then join together to form the classic completely empty “horseshoe” shape.
    As to WHY the CROWN and the TEMPLES seem to be the first areas to become bald, and even though elucidating this issue is not critical to the overall concept of the importance of blood flow everywhere on the scalp, I would theorize that it is because of the combination of two effects;
    Firstly, I would believe it makes sense that in most people these two areas have the poorest network of blood supply to begin with, compared to the other areas of the scalp and therefore any further disruption of the blood flow  would manifest itself first in these two areas, and ;
    Secondly, because the PULL on the GALEA is coming as it does from all around the scalp, it may have its greatest effects  and greatest “combined” pull on the very top of the scalp towards the BACK of the head and at the very front of the head near the temples, because both of those areas are the “attachment” or “insertion” points of those perimeter muscles pulling on the GALEA, and the area where the pull coming from all directions would be the strongest, whereas other areas on the top of the scalp have the pull on the GALEA coming from more limited sources. This is a “MECHANICAL” argument based on the shape and location of all of these muscles..but  I believe it makes sense and since the mainstream medical community has no consensus explanation for this phenomenon or for the hair loss syndrome in general, my “theory” can not be any worse then any explanation they may have.
    I believe this is as good an explanation as there is and it is consistent with the principles of the MALINIAK METHOD and with the superficial examination of the anatomy of the scalp muscles and the study of the blood vessel network in those areas. As I said, you are free to accept it or reject it but that is my intuition on this subject.
    The bottom line is that the elucidation of this question is not necessary to further clarify or validate the main principles of my theory or the effectiveness of my suggested treatment methods.
    Our results are being REPLICATED in many, many people all over the world and this is the ultimate test of the validity of the theory.
    If you have a serious HAIR LOSS and MPB problem, you should consider using my method…you will not be disappointed…if you do exactly what I say and remain PATIENT and PERSISTENT.


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    I recently responded to this simple and heartfelt plea from a new member which sums up in a few words the “frustration” we have all felt who have HAIR LOSS and MPB and I explained why the MALINIAK METHOD now provides realistic hope for everyone. Here is that letter;

    Your  statement that ” I JUST WANT MY HAIR BACK” , is so innocently simple, and yet it  raises an important issue which goes to the very HEART of this HAIR RESTORATION initiative called the MALINIAK METHOD, so I hope you don’t mind a detailed response.
    If you do exactly what I say in the book without variation and if you read it carefully so as to understand the SCIENCE behind it, and based on that understanding, remain PATIENT and PERSISTENT…you will NOT be disappointed.
    Some people who fool around with it and make their own “UN-TESTED” changes to the MASSAGE techniques or get the wrong machine to save a few bucks, and worse, advocate these “UNTESTED” changes to others who do not take the time and effort to read the book… they do NOT get results.
    It took so long to come up with this idea, then to TEST it and to also experiment with dozens of different various violet ray machines, and then to finally have something that works to STOP HAIR LOSS and GROW NEW HAIR…it makes no sense to fool around with it.
    After restoring proper BLOOD SUPPLY, the next step is about stimulating very DORMANT follicles with the proper VIOLET RAY device and not cheating with use of some cheap toy.
    There are now so many independent people posting “unsolicited” testimonials all over the biggest hair forums in the world about their success with the MALINIAK METHOD, and there are now at least three ( 3 ) independent scientific studies which have confirmed the main principles of my theory…that there can no longer be any doubt about its validity. 
    There is NO DOUBT that this MALINIAK METHOD finally and accurately describes the entire HAIR LOSS SYNDROME and also provides an EFFECTIVE TREATMENT METHOD.
    My results, and those of my own test subjects, have now been REPLICATED over and over in many of these other people…and this type of independent REPLICATION by other people  is the main type of anecdotal and pseudo-scientific PROOF available in an initiative such as this. We are not a giant pharmaceutical company or medical research facility. Our laboratory and our test subjects have been all those people all over the world willing to give this a try because, in the words of one of our earliest members, the theory was all such “LAYMAN’S LOGIC” and made so much sense.
    It has taken me three(3) years of testing this method, and endless challenges, arguments and long explanatory essays on these tough forums on HAIR LOSS and MPB, to get this MALINIAK METHOD debated, evaluated  and then adopted by the most hostile, skeptical and cynical audiences in the world. Once they finally decided to actually give it a try and check it out for themselves, and once they saw their own members reporting their successes, more and more people joined our group and started getting and reporting results.
    Most people get results easily and quickly with the TWO basic steps exactly as described and without modification but the few people that are slower or more resistant get all the help and support they need until they also get results. I never give up on anyone because I have so much confidence in this system, and as one of our newest adherents recently stated; ” IT IS OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO HAVE HAIR “
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    Most of our members do NOT need my help at all and they get the full  benefits of the MALINIAK METHOD simply and easily and are able to STOP THEIR HAIR LOSS and GROW NEW HAIR using only the two basic steps without adjustment or enhancements of any kind.

    But for those few who are more resistant and are slower to respond, which is to be expected and normal with ANY system or method, I stand by them and never give up until they also get results. To show you the degree of involvement with such tough cases and how PRO-ACTIVE I am with anyone who needs help, here is a copy of a letter I sent to one such very, very resistant member.



    Hearing you still have “vellus” hairs all over the place and a few long hairs in front, with a really bald patch in back, does make you sound very similar to my situation which you can see  if you look at the first photo of me on the website BEFORE the MALINIAK METHOD and which I have attached hereto as the third photo on the right taken January 2010. The other two photos are the most recent ones from August 29, 2103….LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE.
    To me, the presence of vellus hairs indicates follicles are completely dormant but they are NOT dead...AND  the main thing the MALINIAK METHOD has proven these last three years is that supposedly dormant follicles CAN IN FACT BE REVIVED, contrary to everything we were told before. This is also now a scientific fact , as demonstrated by the study I cite from Dr. George COTSARELIS of the University of Pennsylvania, the world’s leading researcher on HAIR LOSS and MPB, published one year AFTER my book came out.
    So to me these vellus hairs can certainly be revived and induced to cycle and grow again but at this advanced stage they will require a lot of PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE, and from your initial slow response, perhaps even more then what I required. If you are prepared to give it that type of commitment and if you truly understand how this whole syndrome works…you will certainly conclude it is worth your while…and you will also get results …just accept that it will take time.
    So, if you do in fact have most of the top of your scalp full of these vellus hairs, like I did, their revival will give you sufficient coverage to not look bald. The areas which are “cue ball bald” with not even vellus hairs will be much harder to revive….like the very top, back area of my scalp in the January 2010 photo.
    Look at my most recent photos from August 29, 2103 above and see how the regrowth of my vellus hairs in the middle of the top of my head and pretty far back, has given me so much coverage on top now that even though the completely “cue-ball” bald area in the very BACK is still pretty empty and has only grown back a few wisps of hair till now…I no longer look or feel bald. 

    You would have to be much taller then me or look at me from behind to see that back thin area. I am pretty sure you would be ecstatic to recover the same amount of hair I have recovered in these two photos above.

    My remaining “cue-ball” bald areas have just only now finally begun to show new growth, meaning EVEN  in my TEMPLES…which is really amazing in a guy 65 years old and in the very back…but still only a few hairs there. Maybe I will never even grow it back in that area…but if keep getting more and thicker hair everywhere else on top, as in these photos, I already consider this MIRACULOUS enough…any really bald guy would be thrilled to have recovered what I recovered and for sure, had I started at a younger age, I would have had an ever more total recovery by now EVERYWHERE.
    You are a bit younger then me when I started so even though you are very slow and resistant, you have even better prospects of recovering what I recovered and more…if you stay with it and remain PATIENT AND PERSISTENT.

    1. Firstly and obviously, continue doing the two steps of my method and do MISS ANY DAYS and do not use the machine at too high a power.

    2. ADD a bit more massage to the actual TOP of your scalp where you are thin or bald, as well as all around the perimeter…which is still the MAIN focus of the massage. 

    In the book I say that massaging the TOP is secondary and only helps if you first massage the more important areas all around the head, pulling on the GALEA and this remains true, but it is possible to speculate, without seeing you in person, that you may also have a “THICKENED” GALEA in addition to a tight, stretched one.

    In the light of the recent Chinese study on this subject, which I cite in my recent BLOG, massaging the top where the GALEA exists will make it THINNER and perhaps help you improve your local circulation and your chances….they got results in test subjects doing only this massage…so doing both areas should make the chances of success even greater….in very tough cases.

    3. ADD a scalp CLEANSING a few times to your program. Some of our resistant guys did this and it helped them get through a ” plateau” of resistance. This is because in very advanced cases the follicles may be clogged with extremely HARD debris which will not come out with only the massage or the machine and must be separately removed. NOTHING WILL PUSH THROUGH VERY HARD DEBRIS…SO IT MUST FIRST BE REMOVED.

    If your sister is in the business maybe she can do a professional follicle cleanse for you. You will know if this is a contributing factor in your case almost immediately by her examining WHAT comes out of your follicles.

    So, add these adjustments to your application of my method and let’s monitor your results and see what happens. Again, do not expect to see results immediately if you do in fact have a THICKENED GALEA and/or if you have extremely HARD debris…it will take time for the follicles to recover after you have addressed those two issues.
    Stay in touch and let me know how it progresses and I will be there to help you continuously until you get results. As I have said over and over; ” THE EASY CASES TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES AND THEY DO NOT NEED MY HELP” …therefore it is the TOUGH cases which motivate the most and I will not give up till everybody gets their hair back…
    It is our GOD given ” right”
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    I recently solved a problem with certain areas which had first grown back my hair using the MALINIAK METHOD then shed and although they started growing back, it was very SLOW and RESISTANT and the hairs were not lengthening for over one year. I am now 65 years old so I figured my age might be a factor, but in trying to solve this riddle I finally speculated that I was cutting my hair every few weeks and wondered IF and HOW this might be a factor. I TESTED this theory by not cutting my hair for six months and the results were AMAZING…for the first time in months…those hairs started growing and lengthening. My recent pictures are on the website at http://www.bornagainhair.com


    Most of our members are getting results quickly and easily, but as it is to be expected, a few people are much slower to react and more resistant and require more time OR they have another piece missing to this puzzle, so I tell them to try to leave their hair alone for a few months and not cut it so often. THIS IS ONLY A POSSIBLE COMPLICATING FACTOR FOR PEOPLE WITH HAIR LOSS AND MPB …and those few who are extremely resistant to the revival of their follicles.

    Here is a letter I wrote on this subject to one of our very resistant members because I NEVER GIVE UP and support anyone who needs extra help…until every one gets results…even the”toughest” cases;


    It is interesting that you now mention that you “trim” your hair every few months. This introduces another element into your particular puzzle and you may be interested in my recent opinions on this matter.
    I was doing the same thing while I waited for a thin “patch” to grow back, after it had first regrown using the MALINIAK METHOD , lengthened  and then SHED. It then was growing back again  but slowed down or stopped in that area. If you have been following my BLOGS you would have seen that recently, in trying to solve my particular puzzle, I speculated about the possible negative effects of cutting one’s hair very short on a regular basis…IF YOU HAVE A HAIR LOSS PROBLEM and I theorized that this might contribute to the problem…even though it goes against everything we have been told till now…WHY ?
    The first thing ever young guy does when he starts seeing hair loss, is to cut his hair very short, on the premise that this will make his hair stronger and make it harder to pull out…we ALL did this. But has never really helped and these guys hair loss just continues to get worse and worse…otherwise we would have solved this problem by now. The weakness in not in the hair shaft itself but in the DERMAL PAPILLAE at the bottom of the hair follicle and if that “bulb” becomes small and weak, the hair will fall out and pull out easily no matter how short you cut it.
    I therefore now speculated that this might be counter-productive in guys with compromised follicles and suggested that this might interfere with recovery in some of us because in addition to the muscles all around our scalp which pull on the GALEA to make it too tight and cut off the blood supply, there is also ONE separate muscle associated with every hair follicle called a GIGLI muscle…it is what makes your hair stand on end when you are frightened.
    I hypothesized that when you cut your hair, this muscles goes into “spasm” and further adds to the tightness of the scalp and further interferes with the blood circulation. In normal people this extra pull would not be a problem, but in guys with an already compromised and disrupted blood flow, this would make it worse. In fact, even in normal people, I have been told, and maybe your sister can confirm this, that after a haircut, even an ordinary person takes time to “grow into their cut”…which means that the cut hair does NOT start growing back right away…it usually takes two or three weeks.
    For people without HAIR LOSS or MPB, this temporary extra pull is not problem and their hair will recover quickly and grow again, but for those of us with compromised follicles…THIS MAY MAKE THE PROBLEM WORSE, and if you cut your hair again and again…you will constantly be preventing the follicles from restoring the normal blood circulation and interfere with your progress and recovery.
    I reasoned that if that is all true, then if I would STOP cutting my hair too often the way I was doing…maybe it will finally allow  my hair growth to accelerate and my hair to lengthen again and regrow. I tested this theory and did not cut my hair for six months. The results were amazing and my hair started growing thicker and faster then it had for over one year.
    I recently POSTED the newest pictures of my this improved  progress, taken on August 29, 2013 on the website…go have a look at http://www.bornagainhair.com and compare these pictures with my old ones.
    I also came up with this idea because in ruminating about my resistance I remembered that one of our most successful members had never cut his hair since he started the MALINIAK METHOD and despite his age, 61 when he started,  he grew back as much hair as any young guy. His photos and videos are also on the website and his name is Aurele.
    In my opinion, ALL of this only applies to guys with compromised hair follicles, HAIR LOSS and MPB and does not affect normal scalps, but it would be one other important NEW development which is also very LOGICAL and simple to try for guys who are very SLOW to react or very resistant with their efforts to revive the dormant follicles…and so I strongly suggest you consider trying this.
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    My book about HAIR LOSS and MPB called the MALINIAK METHOD was first published in 2010.

    Since that time several NEW independent studies have been published which have confirmed the validity of my TWO MAIN PRINCIPLES; Firstly, that disrupted blood flow to the scalp follicles, caused by an overly tight, lower layer of the scalp called the ” GALEA” , is the main cause of HAIR LOSS and MPB and secondly, that DORMANT follicles can in fact be revived and induced to grow NEW HAIR again…contrary to everything we had been told for the last fifty years.

    These studies confirm what the MALINIAK METHOD has said for three years, namely that ;

    ” DHT  is only a secondary factor which is triggered when there is TOO LITTLE blood supply.”

    Another new Chinese study published in 2012 was just brought to my attention by one of our world wide members which further confirms the benefits of even the MASSAGE portion of the MALINIAK METHOD to treat hair loss. It proves my theory even more so because these researchers were focusing only on the TOP layer of the scalp where the hair loss exists and where their stimulation of the blood flow was only LOCAL and SUPERFICIAL and yet still they saw results with this limited approach. Their massage treatment and theory was limited to the idea that this massage made the top layer of the SCALP thinner and improved blood flow. This study can be seen at;

    I love seeing independent corroboration of the principles of the  MALINIAK METHOD theory but with all due respect to that study, our system goes even further then this by identifying and targeting the more underlying and deeper MAIN source of the disruption of the blood flow to the follicles and not just this local and superficial blockage, and which has proven to produce even greater results. This study does not even talk about the GALEA,  and their massage technique does NOT release the main blockage of the blood flow which comes from DEEP down under the TOP layer of the scalp where the blood vessels have to pass through the GALEA to get to the follicles.

    The MALINIAK METHOD does this with massage techniques which target the areas which are NOT thin and balding on top but rather  the muscles all around the PERIMETER of the scalp  which is where the “PULL” on the GALEA is coming from…which is the main source of the “choking off” the blood supply to the top layer of the scalp. I still allow for the massage of the thin and balding spots on TOP…but state that these are of limited benefit if you do not FIRST release the main source of the blockage from DEEP down underneath this top layer.

    The blood vessels have to pass through the GALEA to get to the surface of the scalp, so if you do not release the “blockage” down below…just improving the circulation on the top will not do as much good.

    Also, this study did not test the benefits of the additional stimulation of the already very DORMANT follicles with the use of the type of electrical stimulator called a VIOLET RAY device used with the MALINIAK METHOD which is a critical component of my method and which is required to get the best results because MASSAGE alone will not be enough to revive very dormant follicles. These are too clogged and blocked with debris and excess DHT to be cleared by massage alone.

    The TWO steps of the MALINIAK METHOD have been getting more and more results from people all over the world who have reported their results in “unsolicited” testimonials all over the world’s biggest forums on hair loss and where even the most hostile and cynical critics are finally coming around and adopting this method. It took three years to convince these people to consider my theory, try it, see results and then report it to all the other members.

    Now, there is no longer any doubt that the MALINIAK METHOD truly explains the entire HAIR LOSS and MPB syndrome and that the TWO step treatment method is really, really effective.





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