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    Here is another letter from a grateful member GETTING RESULTS. In the past we used to add these to the website but every time we modified the website, the GOOGLE search robot would lose sight of us for a few days and we became invisible on the Internet so our engineer advised against doing it too often. So now I realized we can post these updates on this BLOG or on our Facebook page. I am not allowed to use last names or give locations or e-mail addresses when I am given permission to use these testimonials;


    RAY B.;  My hairloss problem is basically over now. I really cant thank you enough. I hope you are well. 
    LEON MALINIAK; This is so gratifying to hear and I am hearing it from more and more people all over the world who have had success with the MALINIAK METHOD…they either post comments on the world’s HAIR forums or they write to me privately. It is the most satisfying thing I have ever done in my life…. If you have any pictures of how your HAIR progressed during this process, I would appreciate if you would post them on those forums and also send them to us. 

    RAY B; I would feel the same way if I were you, helping people is what its all about. I would find it way too irritating trying to convince people of its effectiveness though, I think lots of people out there would not have the discipline to do the treatment even though it makes perfect sense when you read the book. You may use anything I’ve written in any way that you wish, I don’t have any real pictures that show the dramatic results that people would want to see but like you said in one of your posts a before and after photo of hair growth are easy to fake  on the internet. I will make another post there for you for sure. I wish you all the best.
    This is just one of many of such  “private” correspondence which I receive about people getting great results with my method and who do not want to post on public forums themselves because this is understandably a very sensitive issue for most people.
    This being such a private matter,  I do also SO MUCH appreciate the numerous posts and “unsolicited” testimonials that other people have volunteered on some of the world’s biggest forums on HAIR LOSS and MPB and who don’t mind going public about their success with the MALINIAK METHOD.
    By the way, in my earlier BLOG there were the most recent pictures from August 2013 of my own continuing success BUT I only gave a link to the pictures on Facebook of where I started from….so,  just to make it easier to compare and not have to go to other links, here are just a few from the whole series of progressive photos again;
    The first picture is from January 2010 before I started the MALINIAK METHOD and where I am virtually completely BALD on top except for a little tuft of hair in front.
    The next one is from April 2010 after only a few months on this method and where some I got the first few signs of new growth on top which appeared as little “black dots” or small thin hairs and which is hard to see…but anyways, I am  still pretty bald. There are more of the full sequence of pictures on the website from 2011 and 2012 showing the constant progress but to jump again to the most recent ones, the next pictures are the same I posted yesterday from August 2013 showing the incredible NEW hair and coverage I recovered.
    Besides the other photos, videos and testimonials on our website at http://www.BORNAGAINHAIR.COM and the numerous testimonials and photos on the world’s hair forums, some of you may still want to wait for even more evidence about the validity of all of this, but for those of you who are satisfied with the existing PROOF…come join our group now…you will NOT be disappointed.
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    Hi everyone,

    The last pictures I posted of my progress on our website http://www.BornAgainHair.com were from March 2012 and they were the last of a series of fifteen (15) pictures showing my steady progress over two years instead of just one “before and after picture” which is too easy to fake and which I never believed myself when I saw it elsewhere.

    Many people have asked me to post more recent pictures but I wanted to wait till I grew my hair out a bit first. We also did not want to constantly modify the website because we were getting lots of traffic and lots of new members because of all the posts from people having success with my method, and previously, every time we made a change to the website, the GOOGLE search engine lost sight of our website and we were invisible on the Internet for a few days.

    But now I have learned we can post updates and modifications on our Facebook page, so I just posted two of my most recent pictures there of my steady and CONTINUING progress and which were taken on August 29, 2013 with  a self-photo on my cellphone camera from both inside my car and then outside my car. TRY TO FAKE THAT !

    Here are those new pictures and also the Facebook link for people who want to see the other sequence of progress pictures.


    Here is the Facebook link


    You will notice that I have tremendous coverage on most of the TOP of my scalp compared to almost BALD situation when I started in 2010.

    I especially want to draw your attention to the one little THIN “patch” on the left side of the photo which I make no attempt to hide because what is happening in that area is important. That area had completely grown back in the first phase of the MALINIAK METHOD, as you can see in other pictures on the website, and now it is going through a SHEDDING phase where all those hairs fell out and after a brief RESTING phase, NEW hairs are starting to grow again… but very slowly in my own case because I am very resistant and slow and I am 65 years old. For younger men these ” transitional” phases are progressing much faster.
    This is the ultimate proof that my DORMANT follicles have truly revived are now starting to try to “CYCLE” normally again, going on and off and each phase produces thicker, more terminal looking hair. There is an extreme close up photo on the website of the new hairs in this “patch”.

    I make no secret of the fact that the very farthest BACK part of the top of my scalp is still very thin and only a few new hairs have grown back there, but as long as I keep seeing progress like this in the FRONT, I will just stay with it and accept that at my age, I am very slow to respond. But there are NO RULES. One of our most successful members, Aurele, whos photos and videos are on the website is almost as old as me and yet he regrew ALL of his hair thick and full all over his head. He also went through a serious SHEDDING stage but regrew his hair faster then me. We are all different and react at different speeds…but we do ALL react to this method.


    Even though we never had access to, or required our world-wide users to send us pictures, in part because we have no control over them and also because I had heard that most people are skeptical of such pictures because of PHOTOSHOP, I have realized that many people still expect it. Although some people will always yell “FAKE”…it is still a necessary tool and I decided we will put it together and just leave it to everyone to make up their own mind about their validity. So, I have started to ask all of our members to take constant progress pictures and send them to me so I can put together the ” BEFORE AND AFTER ” gallery.

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