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    I am always so gratified when someone points me to a post or a comment on a site or discussion forum which I have never heard about or seen before and where a complete stranger reports about his success with the MALINIAK METHOD.

    This new testimonial was brought to my attention by a friend of our method called MASTAMIND who is a very, very well informed young person from the USA who is knowledgeable on many topics and I thank him for the reference.

    You can see this new post at the following link;


    Almost no day goes by when there is not a NEW comment from someone who has tried the MALINIAK METHOD and seen results..it is very satisfying

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    Almost every week I get letters from members who are getting results with the MALINIAK METHOD and are able to STOP THEIR HAIR LOSS and GROW NEW HAIR.

    Most of our members, especially the young guys, see results within an average of 4-6 months but I have had about 6 very, very tough cases who took much longer and they, understandably, were discouraged and were ready to give up many times.

    I responded to their repeated letters over and over and I just kept encouraging them and supporting them to tell them they were just slower and more resistant then the others, but that they would eventually also respond…ALL SIX EVENTUALLY SAW RESULTS.

    Here is an extract from our most recent “tough” case, JOE. N ( NO LAST NAMES) whose testimonial will shorty be on our website. I leave it with all the syntax and grammatical ;

    Hey leon, u may remember me altho i kno u contact many peoples queries daily, but as we have contacted many times hopefuly u will remember me!

    Now first of all, i am now at the around 13/14 month mark of using your method, and the results are absolutly amaizing!! Uv basically saved me my hair and this method i am convinced is the cure! I am so glad i found your method and the current state of my hair is the best its been for 2/3 years and its all down to ur info and findings. Even my atual scalp its self is now alot more elasticated and the extreme tightness has gone which i beleve must just be from the massage techniques alone, its great! I am even down to just doin it once a day and I will continue to use ur method for the rest of my life and im confident the results have been that good this time next year my hair will b pretty much back to how it was before it started thinning, frontal area is the most noticable for me, im thrilled! And alot more confident.


    Now, after being on the market for three years, the EVIDENCE is overwhelming that the MALINIAK METHOD is really a complete explanation of the whole HAIR LOSS and MPB syndrome and that the simple treatment method REALLY WORKS.

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    HOW DO HAIRCUTS AFFECT HAIR LOSS AND MPB – a surprising new perspective 

    Hi everyone,

    I am now 64 years old and the results in STOPPING HAIR LOSS and GROWING NEW HAIR in my own case have been miraculous, but my results are now nothing compared to the results of the many YOUNGER people who have now also been using the MALINIAK METHOD and whose results are much more dramatic and much FASTER then mine.

    This makes sense in general but I am also one of the slowest and most resistant cases of all of our members worldwide because I am one of the oldest and I have BALD the longest and I may just be a very difficult case but I continue to get progress and do not give up…I just accept that I am very,very slow even after my initial quick SPURT.

    But one particular situation has led to a new intuition about SLOW cases and resulted in my proposing a slight “enhancement” in such cases which has now produced results in one of my most resistant areas.

    One area in particular had grown back in the first six months of the MALINIAK METHOD and then I went through a SHEDDING phase in this one “patch”, an area about two inches wide, where all the hairs fell out together, since they were all revived together, and then NEW HAIR started sprouting within a few weeks…proving the MALINIAK METHOD was really forcing the follicles to revive and act normally again, BUT THOSE NEW HAIRS WERE NOT GETTING LONGER. The last photo on the website shows these obviously NEW hairs emerging in that “patch”…a picture taken with a close up camera.

    I tried modifying my schedule of treatments but nothing seemed to accelerate the growth of the hair in this one patch. Everywhere else where I had regrown new hair was growing normally and lengthening.

    I mulled over this problem and tried to figure it out until I finally remembered that one of our most successful older members, who regrew as much hair as any of our young men, did NOT cut his hair during the entire first 18 months that he was using the MALINIAK METHOD because he always wore the rest of his hair long and had a ponytail….I wondered if NOT CUTTING ONE’S HAIR could be a factor in some cases where there is resistance and slowness.

    I realized that it is possible that only for people with a HAIR LOSS problem, and which is caused by the muscles around the perimeter of the scalp causing a tightening of the GALEA and restricting blood flow to the follicles, it makes sense that anything else which further tightens the GALEA or which also causes muscular spasms in the muscles of the scalp could further disrupt the blood flow and make this problem worse and impede recovery.

    Every follicle of the scalp has a muscle called a GIGLI muscle which is what makes hair stand on end in the event of FRIGHT. I reasoned that CUTTING THE HAIR TOO OFTEN could also cause those muscles to spasm and further affect proper blood flow to the follicle or otherwise “choke” the follicle temporarily. In normal scalps, without a tight GALEA from pulls from other muscles around the perimeter of the scalp, this would NOT be a problem, but for those of us with hair loss and MPB it might just make it worse, just like every other bad habit makes it worse.

    I also remembered that virtually every guy who has HAIR LOSS and MPB, the first “knee-jerk” reaction he has is to cut his hair short on the premise that this will make it harder to pull out…but it never stops the hair loss process because once the “bulb” at the bottom of the follicle is shrunk and atrophied, it falls out whether it is short or long. I now theorized that this may make their problems worse.

    I was cutting my hair every two weeks because I did not want my empty “patch” to look so different from the rest of my regrown hair and I now realized that maybe this was what was preventing my faster regrowth in that area.

    So, I decided to TEST this theory and I stopped cutting my hair.

    The results were almost instantaneous and dramatic. Within a few weeks, and for the first time in the one year since this patch had stopped lengthening, the hair in that area finally started growing longer…still slow…but finally and noticeably growing.

    I am therefore now convinced by the LOGIC and the proof in my own resistant case that;

    FOR MEN WITH HAIR LOSS AND MPB…cutting your hair short and too often is COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE and contributes to making this problem worse and interferes with recovery…most probably mainly in those cases that are SLOW and RESISTANT but perhaps even a bit in all cases.

    I therefore now suggest that people using my MALINIAK METHOD should NOT cut their hair at all during the first few months of the treatments until their hair loss has stopped and until they see NEW hair and it has lengthened significantly.

    This may probably be an issue only for people who are SLOW or RESISTANT…others who see quick and steady progress do NOT need to avoid cutting their hair….but they may chose to experiment with this idea themselves because it worked for me and IT IS LOGICAL.

    The MALINIAK METHOD is now so well established as an effective way to finally solve the problem of HAIR LOSS and MPB that there is no more room for doubt or debate.

    After being available for three years, here have now been so many OTHER people all around the world having now tried it, both MEN and WOMEN, and having REPLICATED my results and the results of my first test subjects, who have reported their success with this method both on open forums about HAIR LOSS and MPB and even more dramatically, in private letters to me from people who do not want their hair situation examined in public, that the evidence is absolutely overwhelming that the MALINIAK METHOD theory has truly explained the entire HAIR LOSS syndrome and has also provided a legitimately effective solution.

    This is so true that we have endured the most obvious sign of validity and success, which is that we now have a few ” COPYCATS” who are trying to cash in on my system and have even tried to appropriate certain elements of of it themselves by changing the names of the steps or suggesting other techniques to loosen the GALEA and worse, suggesting the use of other, cheaper violet ray devices, which do NOT replicate the original science of the device I use and without ever having tested them on many individuals as I have.

    People are free to do what they want of course, but anyone who makes the mistake of following the advice of these copycats, who have never TESTED the results of their other techniques or the effectiveness of these other devices on numerous people the way we have, or who makes variations in the original steps I have suggested, is DOOMED TO FAILURE.

    It took so long to come up with something that finally makes sense and which has now been PROVEN to work…WHY SCREW AROUND WITH IT ? It makes no sense to invite failure and disappointment.

    In addition to that, people who are in our group have my CONSTANT support and help for FREE. In all sincerity and with all humility, with the success I have had with even the toughest cases, I believe I really understand this whole HAIR LOSS syndrome and I feel I can help just about anyone and… I NEVER GIVE UP till everyone of our members gets results.

    The average time that people have taken to see results is between 4-6 months, meaning both a STOP OF HAIR LOSS and the GROWTH OF NEW HAIR, but I have had about six(6) extremely slow and resistant cases from all the thousands on this method, who took over one year to finally see results.

    This is what I expected because we are all so different and even the conventional treatments of DRUGS and LOTIONS, which only work on a small percentage of people, take a few YEARS to show any results, and only in those limited cases where they show any results at all.

    The main manufacturer of DHT inhibitors is now being sued in a class action suit both in the USA and Canada because of all the side effects….and my system uses NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY.

    These tough cases wrote numerous letters to me, discouraged and ready to give up. I did NOT abandon them or give up and I had to keep writing to them over and over again and encouraging them to be PATIENT and PERSISTENT and explaining the various preliminary phases they were going through because I knew and was confident that they would also eventually see results, but just that were were SLOWER….THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED.

    In every one of these “tough” cases, they all eventually saw results and finally wrote to me, relieved that it was finally succeeding and so happy that they were overwhelmed. The most recent of these is from a member called JOE N., whose last name I am not allowed to repeat, but who is a regular poster on one of the world’s hair forums and who finally saw what he called “spectacular” regrowth at the 13/14 month time frame. He was ready to give up many times but I never let him do that and never abandoned him. I kept supporting him until he saw results.

    His TESTIMONIAL letter will soon appear on our website at http://www.bornagainhair.com.

    There are many generic devices called “violet rays” but they are all different and all have different power outputs and different specs, and most of them are completely useless for HAIR LOSS. Unlike other “copycats”, I have tested dozens and dozens of devices from manufacturers from all over the world who wanted to be my supplier and I would have loved if one of these more modern, cheaper devices would have been as effective as the CLASSIC models I have seen the best results with and which had the same specs I was using…but they were clearly NOT effective for hair loss.


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