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    Every once in a while someone suggests another possible factor to address in the HAIR LOSS and MPB problem and one such very interesting and well informed person from South Africa, called SEAN, recently wrote to me to address the very interesting idea of the role of LEARNED FEAR as an additional contributing cause of hair loss and the idea that we can “un-learn” this response. I agreed with him that things like this and other sources of tightness of the GALEA like the famous SKULL EXPANSION theory can all contribute to tightness in the scalp but they are too rare to explain the millions of cases of HAIR LOSS and it’s epidemic proportions. The MAIN CAUSE in the vast majority of people is still the disruption of blood flow caused by the tight GALEA and the two steps of the MALINIAK METHOD are more then adequate to counter act this influence and are getting great results. Here is the full text of my explanation;

    No need to apologize and thank you for your well thought out insights about another potential contributor to the hair loss problem.

    I love sincere, legitimate and academic exchanges like this instead of some of the gratuitous personality attacks by a few people on some of the hair forums who do not mention one word about the substance or merits of this debate about the causes of hair loss and MPB.

    I will start by saying I agree that the “learned” response of fear or flight can also be a source of the tightening of the scalp muscles, and “unlearning it”, a form of relaxation and therapy, but in my opinion, if it has an effect it is more likely to effect the tightening of the individual GIGLI muscles of each follicle, which makes our hair “stand up” during fright and that this can possibly be a contributing factor in some cases in people who already have a tight GALEA and the whole hair loss syndrome. For us, every little other negative factor makes our situation worse…including my most recent “intuition”, which is having too many hair cuts…the knee jerk reaction of most guys when they first see hair loss !

    But this type of effect can only be of a SUPERFICIAL nature and cannot, except in very, very extreme cases, affect the LOWER levels of the scalp, like where the GALEA is and where the blood flow originates…and since everyone faces fear all the time and yet not everyone loses his hair…this can only be a factor in extreme, extreme cases. For example, where some people lose ALL their hair overnight because of an extreme experience of fright. ( and where it is not an autoimmune disease).

    Since you basically agree with my theory about one of the major causes of hair loss being the tight GALEA, there is no need for me to repeat what I often have to say to people with other “alternative” ideas, which is namely that;

    ” At this point, with so many people getting amazing results with the MALINIAK METHOD and with the publication of the independent scientific study of BRIAN J. FREUND, the most comprehensive study on hair loss ever conducted, and released one year AFTER my first book, which confirms everything I say about the role of the GALEA and it’s effect on blood flow to the follicles and on DHT over-production and accumulation… this issue is no longer subject to debate…the MAIN principles of the MALINIAK METHOD are now accepted scientific FACT. ”

    There are many things which can also cause tightness of the scalp, like the SKULL EXPANSION theory and now your LEARNED FEAR response, which could be viewed as another form of STRESS….but at the end of the day they all end up having their negative effects the same way…which is to interfere with blood flow to the follicles.

    This is the CAUSA CAUSANS of hair loss and MPB…a Latin expression from my days as a LAWYER.

    My perspective on other sources of tightness is that, although they may also contribute to tightness of the scalp in some cases, including the tightening of the GALEA, they are relatively rare and since this problem is such an epidemic with so many people suffering from this problem, they cannot be the explanation for the vast majority of cases and are all secondary. The MAIN, most common and most important source of tightness in the vast majority of people with HAIR LOSS and MPB…is the extremely tight lower layer of the GALEA, which in my opinion is caused mainly by a genetic pre-disposition, which is why the most dramatic and most rapid cases of HAIR LOSS and MPB manifest themselves in very YOUNG men who have what I call, a PERFECT STORM of an OVERLY TIGHT GALEA, THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF DHT and in many cases, the STRESS of adolescence.

    We will probably REFINE and enhance the MALINIAK METHOD over time with such observations as yours and add other relaxation techniques, but it would take years of the type of testing that I have done with my existing TWO factor theory and techniques, and for now the MALINIAK METHOD is working so well in the vast majority of people who have tried it that I am satisfied with the evidence that the TWO basic steps are more then adequate for now.

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    A recent challenge came to me from one of the posters on a leading forum on HAIR LOSS. Here is an extract of my answer;


    This time I do not mind answering you because you finally make an academic and scientific statement and challenge, and although you provide some credentials, people can ask questions without a degree in Biomedical science. You now state a position which requires consideration and an answer…PROGRESS at last!!! We may actually end up liking each other..it has happened many times before with other challengers.


    The issue as to whether or not the follicles become clogged with very HARD debris is an issue in only some resistant cases and is a theoretical position I have taken on trying to explain those few cases which are slower to respond then most others who see results quickly and respond easily to the MALINIAK METHOD, and which is why I have used the word “MAY” be clogged.

    However, I strongly disagree with you if you are trying to make a generalized statement of “fact” that the follicles do not become “clogged” with some sort of debris in any and all cases, because there are dozens of products on the market which sell follicle or pore “CLEANSERS” exactly for that reason. Also, every cosmetician performs exactly that function and “squeezes” dirt, debris or whatever, from their client’s follicles and pores. They are not all imagining this problem.

    Just have someone look at your scalp and get them to “squeeze” those pores and SEE WHAT HAPPENS…it will be easy and you will see what comes out of those scalp pores ( follicles) and this is all you will have to do to prove to yourself how accurate the “theory” is on my part that these follicles do become clogged with debris….some of it very, very hard.

    I do agree that if this debris is not TOO hard, the hair will grow through it under normal circumstances, even in a scalp that is compromised with HAIR LOSS and MPB, once the follicles have actually been revived, and this is why the vast majority of people on this method do NOT have to add an additional follicle cleanse. But, in some cases where the follicles have been dormant for a long time and that debris has become very, very hard and entrenched … the hair will absolutely NOT push through that blockage and an EXTRA cleansing has helped some of our members overcome slow or resistant responses. This is plain common sense and very logical and I would be equally justified to ask you for scientific evidence of the contrary.

    As for the quantity and quality of the evidence and proof of the effectiveness of the MALINIAK METHOD there is no doubt that our proof is strictly ANECDOTAL and only QUASI-SCIENTIFIC but in the words of Dr. JOE SCHWARCZ, a P.H.D. in Chemistry at McGill University and an international radio and newspaper celebrity; ” all real science starts with anecdotal evidence” . This is a little “bone” he once threw me in my advocacy for the exploration of alternative sciences.

    Our proof is now voluminous, REPLICATED and very compelling that this MALINIAK METHOD is really working to STOP HAIR LOSS and GROW NEW HAIR and in addition to the photos, videos and testimonials on our own website , much of it comes from confirmations from people on forums like this whom I have no control over.


    I suggest in my book that when you are testing a DRUG you would have to go through the standard scientific testing protocol of “double-blind studies, with control groups and PLACEBOS and “peer-review” but when you are testing a “mechanical ” procedure like this MALINIAK METHOD, all you have to do is show that it works and then that other are able to REPLICATE your results independently. In our case that is exactly what has happened many, many times now. I challenge any critic to get people to stop their hair loss and grow new hair just by “telling them” that they are on this method…the essence of the PLACEBO effect…GOOD LUCK !

    As an analogy, if I want to prove that I can break a car windshield with a baseball bat, all I have to do is show that I have done it and then show that other people have REPLICATED this effect independently.

    I had one other micro-biologist from Australia, MIKE, 53 years old who has a science website and a major audience and following who was ten times more hostile and skeptical then you or anyone on these forums, and in an effort to discredit me and challenge my “theory” and my “evidence”, he asked me repeatedly for “scientific” data of such, as SEINFELD would say, “excruciating minutiae” of this method that it was infuriating. Questions such as; does it work better in 30 year olds or forty year old? is it better if you do 8 minutes on the machine or 9 minutes? should you do the massage before the machine or after? etc., etc., etc.,

    I knew it was all an effort to just put me down…but I also knew that if I could just get him to try it..the PROOF would be in his results.

    So, I answered all of his letters for a while and tried to explain that we are just a small start up company and we did not have that kind of detailed information and we cannot test all of our members ourselves because they are all over the world and that we rely on the feedback from people all over the world. I finally told him that the ONLY way for him to evaluate this properly was to try it himself…and if it fails…then he can give me all the S…T he wants.

    I did not hear from him for about four months and when I finally saw a new letter from him I was reluctant to open it but curiosity got the better of me and when I read it, his tone and his attitude towards me had completely changed because HE TRIED IT…and he told me, and showed me pictures, of how his hair almost completely grew back on his crown in only four months. If he ever allows me, I will ask for permission to post them on my website to add to the pictures we already have at http://www.bornagainhair.com. Not everyone wants to make their story public.

    He was an interesting case because losing your hair on the crown at 53 years old is NOT a classical case of HAIR LOSS or MPB and I speculated that at that age, this type of late onset hair loss had to be due to some very stressful event, which can also tighten the GALEA, but not as severely as in early onset, possibly, genetically pre-disposed tightness. It was exactly what happened to him. To be completely open, he was also against buying an electrical machine of ANY kind because he had already tried a LASER without success and sent it back to the company and he wanted to try only the MASSAGE portion of the MALINIAK METHOD. He did only that and he still got these results. This is NOT typical however and in my opinion it was because at 53 years old, he did not have a severe case of typical MPB and his follicles were not yet very dormant or clogged with debris.

    Most people with classical hair loss and MPB absolutely need both the MASSAGE and the MACHINE steps of the MALINIAK METHOD otherwise their dormant follicles will not respond to massage alone…or we would have solved this problem a long time ago.

    People, including ME, have been massaging our bald spots for years and it helps a bit but it only stimulates blood circulation very superficially and is not significantly effective in stopping hair loss or growing new hair . The MALINIAK METHOD has revealed that this is because we were massaging in the WRONG PLACE…we were massaging the bald spots themselves instead of massaging the muscles pulling on the GALEA..which is what is choking off the blood supply to the follicles and improves the circulation not just superficially, but DEEP DOWN where it is originating from. No use just massaging the top if the blood supply is choked off underneath.

    Usually all my biggest critics, including many on these forums, have later become my biggest supporters once they actually TRY the MALINIAK METHOD.

    One final note about “double-blind” studies; Every time I speak at a conference or am challenged by someone in the mainstream medical community about the MALINIAK METHOD or about ALTERNATIVE SCIENCES for treating Cancer, I rely on my thirty years as a researcher and a trial lawyer and I am always prepared for the inevitable comments about “QUACKERY” and about “double-blind” sacred cow of the conventional research community and I can’t wait for that question because it as easy as shooting fish in a barrel…and they are so unprepared for the rebuttal.

    What I tell them is that; I will tell you who the real “quacks” are. This “double-blind”, peer-reviewed, Placebo controlled process is so tainted that it has led to over 100 DRUGS being released on the market since 2007 which went through the phase I, Phase II and Phase III stages and passed the 7 years of studies and testing and were approved by the FDA only to be removed from the market within a matter of months after they ‘KILLED” thousands of people world wide. The most recent scandal is about JASMINE, a birth control pill which has killed many women and has been withdrawn.

    Recent meta studies reviewing numerous testing procedures have shown that many of these drug trials are secretly funded by pharmaceutical companies with a conflict of interest in the results, the research is outsourced to countries without any supervision and negative results are suppressed.

    The World Health Organization has released statistics which say that deaths from Cancer are going to go UP from 7.5 million to 11.5 million by the year 2030. That’s death going UP not down ! Who are the real quacks ?

    I also add that, just as cancer has baffled the mainstream medical community and they have been unable to solve the HAIR LOSS and MPB problem forever, we are justified to try to come up with our own alternative theories and rely on our own ANECDOTAL evidence and we are free…no, we are compelled… to try other solutions…we cannot do any worse then they have done till now .

    My MALINIAK METHOD uses NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY…and it is so inexpensive because you do not have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars year after year forever. The makers of one well known DHT inhibitor drug now has CLASS ACTION legal proceedings against it in Canada and the USA because of the harmful side-effects of this drug-based approach.


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    Some jealous and malicious people and disgruntled competitors who want you to keep spending thousands of dollars on drugs, lotions and surgery have tried to attack me and discredit the MALINIAK METHOD with all kinds of lies and mis-representaitons. Here is an extract, with a few additions, from a letter I sent to a civilized , well informed and helpful member who also understood exactly what was “NEW” about all of this;

    You seem to have grasped exactly what the MALINIAK METHOD has brought to solving this problem which is new and that is the COMBINATION of two previously UN-connected methods and a complete theory of the whole hair loss syndrome. I am sure many other people have understood that as well because it is so easy to understand my explanation that one of my earliest members called it “LAYMAN’S LOGIC” and we have thousands of people from all around the world on this method and so many reported cases of success …even though I wish they would all send me more pictures.

    Everyone who is not in denial or jealous, or a competitor, realizes that I have acknowledged that even though the two separate elements of the MALINIAK METHOD have been known before, what’s new about this is that;

    1. Even though the possible role of the GALEA in hair loss and MPB was known before, it was a never ending, unresolved debate. I ended that debate and took a position and concluded that it is obvious that it is involved in HAIR LOSS and MPB.

    Also, the old methods of scalp MASSAGE to improve blood circulation usually were aimed at only the BALD areas themselves where the GALEA ( the third LOWER layer of the scalp) exists on top of the head and which I concluded were of very little use because it is only a superficial stimulation. They never properly targeted or sufficiently improved the deeper stimulation of the blood LOWER layer of the scalp which would vastly improve the blood flow to the upper layer of the scalp by relaxing of the muscles all around the perimeter of the scalp, where we are not bald, but which is where the pull on the GALEA is coming from, and which is much more effective in restoring blood flow.

    2. Even though the VIOLET RAY was known about for hair loss one hundred years ago, it was abandoned for that use over fifty years ago because it was not very effective for most people when used only by itself. I have revived it’s use by saying its previous limited effectiveness was because they FAILED to first treat the main underlying cause of hair loss , which is the restricted blood flow caused by the tight GALEA.

    3. The MALINIAK METHOD is the first theory to combine these two procedures into a comprehensive TWO step method, and just as importantly, the first to provide a complete and coherent global theory and explanation of the whole HAIR LOSS and MPB syndrome by saying that; Hair loss and MPB is a TWO FACTORED problem triggered firstly by the restricted blood flow to the follicles caused by this tight GALEA and that DHT is only a secondary factor.

    DHT is still the “killer” of the follicles, respecting the conventional science, but that it only becomes detrimental to hair follicles in people with this very tight GALEA because this causes too much of it to be produced and too much to accumulate in the follicles.

    Nobody ever put these two treatment procedures together and nobody ever explained the whole hair loss syndrome in this way.

    One year after I published this theory in 2010, my main principles were confirmed by the most recent, most comprehensive clinical study ever conducted on hair loss by BRIAN J. FREUND of the CROWN institute OF Pickering , Ontario and it confirmed everything I said about the GALEA and the secondary role of DHT.

    The existence of that study was brought to my attention by one of the members one of the world’s largest forums on HAIR LOSS called “CYBERPRIMATE” and I give him credit for this in my book.

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    Here is the FULL response, part of which I posted on IMMORTAL HAIR to the repeated attacks of one “skeptic” who although he is still skeptical, at least finally made the “first concession” to the validity of the principles of the MALINIAK METHOD. That’s usually how everyone eventually reacts. It takes time and effort…
    At least you are more civilized now, and you have made a minor concession to my theory, so one last “polite” comment and you need not respond. I will not try to convince you over and over about the validity of all of the MALINIAK METHOD and I will just accept that some people will never believe this…UNTIL THEY TRY IT THEMSELVES.

    But, to show how off base you are with your understanding of who and what I am, if you look at my website, SEE MY PICTURES and read my history, you will see that I am ABSOLUTELY one of the guys who is [b]” going through the same hair loss issues you all are”[/b]…I have been plagued and traumatized by my HAIR loss my whole adult life.

    I do not want to post a long answer here, so anyone interested in the whole SCIENCE of this and the rest of my detailed response, which will tell you how legit this is, please go to our website at http://www.bornagainhair.com and go to the MALINIAK METHOD BLOG…

    That is why I am in this in the first place. I know the pain and anxiety HAIR LOSS causes, which is why I am so tolerant of “naysayers”. I know they have been burned and scammed so many times in the past by failed hair loss treatments that I expected them to be skeptical. I knew it would be a hard fight to convince people…especially on these forums, but I kept at it and faced tremendous hostility for one year and I never avoided criticism or failed to answer a challenge because I had so much confidence in the validity of this system that I was prepared to defend it against all kinds of questions and attacks.

    Finally most of the skeptics all eventually saw the logic and reasoning of it and more importantly, the PROOF that it was working. That made them realize that this is NOT bullshit…as you so cavalierly dismiss it.

    Some small sign of progress in your own “grasp” of the logic of all of this is that before, you attacked me without one word about the substance or merit of the discussion…and look, now you have come around and you did throw me a little bone with your reference to your accepting that it IS related to BLOOD FLOW and a tight scalp.

    You are right that it is only one factor but I assure you it is the [b]MAIN [/b]factor. This restricted blood flow is what triggers the whole process and what sets the rest of the steps of the whole HAIR LOSS and MPB syndrome into motion. All of the other factors such as DHT accumulation, Prostaglandin receptors, nutrition, etc., etc., etc. are all “SECONDARY” factors which would never become an issue if not for the restricted blood flow due to a very tight GALEA. That is the essence of my theory.

    The GALEA can become too tight because of genetic pre-disposition, which explains the early onset and most aggressive cases in very YOUNG men who have both this tight GALEA and also have high levels of DHT associated with adolescence. But, it can also be caused by STRESS, which explains the slower tightening of GALEA in OLDER men over time which is usually why their HAIR LOSS is less severe and proceeds more slowly then in young men who can lose all of their hair in a matter of months.

    Solving my hair loss problem to the extent I have already done so is a miracle for me. I don’t have a full head of hair yet and at my age I might never, but what I have already recovered is incredible and no other system could have done this. I no longer feel bald or helpless and I will just accept that in my own case it will take longer to grow back even more hair.

    This MALINIAK METHOD is mainly TARGETED for men who start this treatment at a much younger age then me and before their follicles have been dormant for years and years and before they become TOO clogged with debris and accumulated DHT. These YOUNG men usually have had the best and fastest results but there are NO rules and some of our older men have also had dramatic results.

    It was only after my success, and the success of my initial test subjects that it also became a business at the urging of one of my friends and clients Bernie Gurberg, the owner of DOLLAR CINEMA in Montreal. You will forgive me for trying to make a few bucks from this but there is nothing immoral about that. Tell me the next time you or someone else invents something this important and this beneficial for people and gives it away for free….NEVER.

    I have tried to make this as inexpensive as possible and and it is the least expensive hair loss treatment available because it uses NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY. I have given away [b]free books[/b] and even[b] free machines [/b]worth $ 500.00 at the start to allow people to test the effectiveness of the MALINIAK METHOD with “NO STRINGS ATTACHED” …free to report their results GOOD or BAD…if this still sounds like a “SCAM” to you then you will never be convinced.

    But on an academic level, please drop the gratuitous “scam” word. If you took the trouble to read my book you would see all the science and thought that has gone into it. Years and years of study that finally culminated in an intuitive conclusion about the role of blood flow and the role of the GALEA that has been debated for a long time. You might be able to dismiss some of the other ridiculous HAIR LOSS solutions by using the “scam” word because they usually have absolutely NO comprehensive science or theory behind it but not the MALINIAK METHOD.

    [b]The main principle of my theory and treatment method, that the RESTRICTED blood flow, caused by a very, very tight GALEA in some men, is the MAIN cause of HAIR LOSS and MPB has now been confirmed by an independent scientific study published in 2011, one year [b]AFTER [/b] I released the first version of my book. That study by BRIAN J. FREUND of the CROWN INSTITUTE of Pickering, Ontario, is the most comprehensive study on hair loss ever conducted and it concluded that a very tight GALEA causes a restriction of blood flow to the follicles, which creates an environment of LOW OXYGEN called “HYPOXIA”.This low oxygen then triggers an OVER-PRODUCTION of DHT and this extra DHT is what still is the actual “killer” of the follicles, as per the conventional wisdom.
    This is exactly what I said one year earlier and even though DHT in too high a level is still the actual killer, none of it would happen without the GALEA first becoming too tight and blocking the blood flow.

    The first part of my method restores the blood flow with simple MASSAGE to relax the muscles pulling on the GALEA and the second procedure revives the use of an electrical device that was invented 100 years ago by NIKOLA TESLA and which was originally approved for hair loss but then it was abandoned because BY ITSELF it did NOT solve most hair loss cases. It helped in some but not in others.

    I concluded that the earlier inconsistent results of the machine alone was because although it may have stimulated some dormant follicles, this was not enough and it failed because they were NOT also treating the main cause of the HAIR LOSS, which according to my theory, is the disrupted blood flow and the tight GALEA.

    I therefore developed my theory and my method around doing BOTH procedures…and it is working. I tested it on myself and on several test subjects in my own city and now, many, many people have used it successfully from all around the world and have reported their results all over the Internet and on many of these hair forums.

    If you are still skeptical, please do NOT buy my book and please do NOT use the MALINIAK METHOD but do not call it “bullshit” and do not call it a scam.

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