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    Maliniak Method Blog – Stop Hair Loss and Grow New Hair. NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY 


    This is LEON MALINIAK, author and inventor of the MALINIAK METHOD.

    Click to go to our website:  Born Again Hair. com

    The team at BORN AGAIN HAIR have set up this new BLOG so that any of our existing members from all around the world can discuss their experiences with the MALINIAK METHOD on a public forum. It is also  for all the many other people around the world who have heard of this method but are still undecided as to what to do and to give them a chance to ask any questions they may have and which they think might be of interest for anyone thinking of trying out this methoud to STOP HAIR LOSS and GROW BACK NEW HAIR, but who do not want to participate on the HAIR FORUMS….and their “anonymous” posters.

    As an introduction to those of you who are not familiar with the status of this MALINIAK METHOD, after being available for about two years, there are now over 300,000 websites who are referring to this method and most of the members of the world’s largest forums on hair loss have now adopted it…after DEBATING it and discussing it very aggressively  for months and months. It has now got to the point where many of their members started posting “unsolicited” testimonials about their success with this method and how it STOPPED their HAIR LOSS and got them to GROW BACK NEW HAIR. Some of the experiences from the very young men are especially dramatic and fast.

    Get the background explanation of this this new theory and treatment method, which uses NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY by reading the website first at http://www.BORNAGAINHAIR.COM and then write us here on this blog post if you want to know more.

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    The MALINIAK METHOD is an obvious inspiration from GOD so here are some further observations 

    One of our most recent new members is a family doctor from the Netherlands who wrote to me to say that the MALINIAK METHOD and its logical explanation for the true cause of hair loss being the restriction of BLOOD FLOW due to a tight GALEA had to be an ” inspiration from GOD “, which I agreed with so to follow up on that theme and for those of you interested in this subject here is my position.



    For those of you struggling with the concept of the existence of a CREATOR GOD and who do not want it rammed down your throat with the BLIND FAITH or rhetoric of religious fanatics, perhaps this logical line of reasoning will help you make a more informed decision…one not based solely on blind faith alone but based also on the FACTS and the evidence that we do SEE.

    I have studied the evidence for and against the existence of a CREATOR GOD for many years and from the perspective of various scientific disciplines. There will still be some element of BLIND FAITH involved but this opinion is based on the  INCONTROVERTIBLE, UNDENIABLE and IRREFUTABLE FACTS. 


    I have examined the EVIDENCE of the complexity of our magnificent DESIGN OF LIFE, and I see a machine with unlimited capacity for self repair and maintenance and with numerous back-up and FAIL SAFE systems. Our design of life has a HARD DRIVE, a set of incredibly detailed programs encoded in our DNA and a built-in factory which can manufacture materials that we need from scratch.

    The “ evolutionists “ want me to believe that this just developed by itself? Are they kidding? Instead, based on my observations, and borrowing an expression from my thirty years as a trial lawyer, I came to the conclusion that;

    From the PREPONDERANCE OF PROOF and on the BALANCE OF PROBABILITIES, it is much more LOGICAL to conclude that our DESIGN OF LIFE is the work of a CREATOR GOD or an INTELLIGENT DESIGNER and the product of an INTENTIONAL design rather than just the result of RANDOM chance and the mere passage of time.

    For example, when you examine our INNATE IMMUNE SYSTEM, one of TWO such systems that we have, the other being the ADAPTIVE immune system, you learn that it takes on average twenty (20) separate and distinct chronological chemical steps, executed in perfect SEQUENCE, to illicit even one immune response. If a major system, like the LYMPH system fails to eliminate lymph fluid in its normal way, it is backed up by a hidden fail-safe system which we are not even aware of and which will kick in and allows LYMPH to excrete through the skin.

    Recently we discovered another program hidden in our DNA which we were unaware of whereby the body cleanses itself of pathogens and even cancer cells when we go through an extended FAST which has been dubbed AUTOPHAGY and has won a NOBEL prize for its discoverer. It raises the prospect that there are other such wonderful programs hidden in our machine which GOD has installed into our hard drive and software which only come into play in emergency and special circumstances and which we have yet to discover. This to me confirms the GOD given origins of this prescription in the BIBLE because there is no way our primitive ancestors would have known about this FASTING  ” program”. 

    Even more recently the researchers at Cardiff University in Whales discovered the existence of what could be a UNIVERSAL marker they called MR-1 which can identify any and all cancer cells in the body no matter which kind they are and an existing killer T-cell which recognizes and reacts to it, killing the marked cell… something I have intuitively known had to be part of GOD’S great and complex design and which it was only a matter of time till we discovered it. This system must be working perfectly well most of the time otherwise everyone would develop cancer all the time since our environment is so poisoned. We just have to now figure out why in some cases its normal efficiency is interfered with. 

    It makes no sense that such a complex DESIGN OF LIFE is merely the result of RANDOM Chance and the mere passage of time. If you said this about any other manifestly magnificent design structure like an automobile… you would be called BRAIN DEAD.

    What do the “evolution” theorists want us to believe? That a bolt of lightning hit a pile of doo-doo four billion years ago…and BINGO…here we are? This is patent NONSENSE and violates plain COMMON SENSE. The MAIN arguments in the theory of EVOLUTION are so fragile that they can be dismissed with numerous arguments, but this following simple argument is more than enough;

    If EVOLUTION alone explains our existence then how come APES are still swinging in the trees? There is no valid or convincing answer for this FLAGRANT CONTRADICTION within that “ theory ”. Saying that we “ split “ off from a common ancestor would still not explain why the other ape line did not build skyscrapers before we did. As President Johnson once said;

    “ You cannot SUCK and BLOW at the same time”.

    Either we “evolved” from the more primitive APES or we did not. The fact that APES still exist or that they did not build skyscrapers before we did…cannot be explained by this theory. 

    Finally, we are no longer primitive camel drivers or sheep herders and we can accept the possibility and probability that the CREATOR GOD is an actual, real and physical being in whose “ image we were made “, as it says, and not just some imaginary, intangible or mystical entity. 


    One of the main consequences of this perspective about the origins of our design of life being the work of a CREATOR GOD or INTELLIGENT DESIGNER is that mankind should reconsider the way the mainstream medical community deals with catastrophic illnesses and cancer and the constantly newly emerging pathogens like the COVID-19 virus which has baffled the medical community and paralysed the entire planet. Their obsession with toxic drugs, burning radiation and slashing surgery is a flagrant and INEFFECTIVE failure. We should consider looking for a new and paradigm shift in the way we deal with these diseases and try to explore new ALTERNATIVE sciences which do not interfere with some of the very elements of this perfect and complex design of life that GOD gave us to protect us and eventually just provide it with a little help it needs to work at its optimal potential. 

    Cynics who argue that this design is not perfect because there is so much illness FAIL to accept that this is due to the numerous ways we have poisoned our environment and sabotaged this GOD given design… which still works perfectly in the vast majority of cases despite these attacks. 

    It is mankind’s divine duty and privilege to try to find better ways to deal with these illnesses and cancers and pathogens like these new viruses, and stop what I call the WANTON SLAUGHTER of so many of GOD’s children of all ages where millions of people die every year because of the current primitive state of knowledge about this design and the mainstream medical community’s methods which interfere with some of the very components of this design of life which GOD gave us to protect us…this should be an embarrassment to our medical community.

    One such non-intrusive and non-toxic ALT science is that of DR. RAYMOND ROYAL RIFE who back in the 1930’s cured many diseases and killed numerous pathogens and viruses using only RADIO FREQUENCY to destroy them. His methods were proven so obviously effective in a controlled clinical trial at USC in 1934 where he cured 16 out of 16 terminally ill patients, 14 with Cancer and 2 with Tuberculosis, that the A.M.A tried to buy shares in his company. When RIFE refused, the A.M.A. banned his method, and prosecuted doctors using it. Unlike other wild and unproven “conspiracy” theories about suppressed secret CURES, these groups ended up in a COURT battle where all of the  evidence of how effective this was is a matter of public record…which is why it appealed to me as a lawyer. 

    Efforts to revive the science of RIFE  have failed to date only because they have not EXACTLY duplicated his ORIGINAL work and have not used his original killer frequencies nor the other elements of his treatment protocol.


    This is the type of alternative non toxic and non intrusive method which we should be exploring and COMBINING it with other alternative sciences such as the various forms of OXYGEN therapy which  have already been proven very effective by the work of such brilliant doctors as DR. ROBERT ROWAN, DR. TULIO SIMONCINI and DR. DAVID WILLIAMS. 

    My own GOD given inspiration has been to ultimately combine such non toxic alternative sciences, use the existing programs GOD has given us and not interfere with them and finally create an elixir where we just provide this machine with the basic ingredients that it needs to work at its optimal efficiency and which I have labelled “PERFORMACAL”. The PER stands for both the PERFORIN which the immune system produces to blow up diseased cells and pathogens and also for PEROXIDE as a source of OXYGEN which is our main agent of life and which also kills cancers and pathogens. The MAG represents MAGNESIUM and the CAL represents CALCIUM both of which along with water are the main effectors of our immune system. 

    I personally am on a relentless mission to have these ALT sciences properly tested because the mainstream medical community seems to be reluctant to do it since there is no MONEY in it for them and these ALT sciences are virtually free. 


    I hope that these arguments and observations help some of you struggling with this issue to finally resolve the confusion and get you to accept the LOGICAL conclusion of the existence of a CREATOR GOD…and if so, then welcome to the team ! 

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    The MALINIAK METHOD final piece of the puzzle for the most resistant cases of HAIR LOSS 

    The MALINIAK METHOD final puzzle piece

    1. The MALINIAK METHOD radical NEW explanation for the true cause of HAIR LOSS and MPB is so obviously valid that one of our most recent members who is an actual family doctor from the Netherlands called it an ” inspiration from GOD” which I agree with because there is no other way that can explain how I came up with this idea when it has baffled and mystified the mainstream medical community forever.

    For most people the MALINIAK METHOD works perfectly well using only the two basic procedures described in the book which are the SPECIAL MASSAGE technique to restore proper ood flow through the lower scalp layer called the GALEA and the use of an old invention by TESLA to stimulate and revive dormant follicles.

    The only extra step that is ever needed for the most resistant and slow responders is to have them CLEANSE their follicles from the hard accumulated GARBAGE like dead skin and sebum which is blocking the hair shaft from emerging in these tough cases.

    It all makes more and more sense as a complete and logical explanation of the whole hair loss syndrome and how to treat it using NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY


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    Conventional medicine has FAILED to solve HAIR LOSS because it has focused only on blocking DHT. I cured my HAIR LOSS with a NEW method described at using no drugs, no lotions and no surgery.

    This theory finally explains why the MAIN cause of HAIR LOSS is not DHT but a reduction in the BLOOD FLOW to the scalp due to a tight lower scalp layer called the GALEA. This is what first starts off the whole sequence of events in hair loss. The restricted blood flow causes a low OXYGEN condition called HYPOXIA which then causes an un-natural and severe over-production and accumulation of DHT in the hair root and only then does it becomes a “killer”.

    Normally DHT is good for proper hair growth and crucial for all male characteristics, so screwing around with it causes serious side effects…like IMPOTENCE. This is why the drug companies who sell DHT blockers are being sued in class action suits all over the world.

    If you have not heard about till now it is because the mainstream medical community and pharmaceutical companies do not want to let you know about an actual effective cure for hair loss which cost almost nothing. They want to keep people in a chronic state of hair loss and continue to sell them expensive drugs, lotions and disgusting surgery and continue to make billions of dollars. SHAME…SHAME…SHAME

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    The MALINIAK METHOD finally explains the whole hair loss syndrome and how to solve it without the crazy salad bar ideas on the Internet 

    Go to and learn about the true, scientifically proven MAIN cause of HAIR LOSS and baldness and how to reverse it using NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY.

    If you go on the Internet you will find all kinds of crazy, un-tested and unproven ideas about some type of what I call ” SALAD BAR ” bar solutions about some food or ingredient being able to cure hair loss. It could be onion juice, ginger, garlic, and a host of other complex concoctions which are total nonsense and not based on any kind of real science.

    Then there are the poor DIET arguments which are even more silly. If hair loss was really related to a poor diet then every POOR person would be bald and this is obviously NOT true. The men who do not lose their hair can smoke and drink, stay out late and eat crap and still do not lose any hair or go bald…IT IS INFURIATING to those of us who have this problem whose hair loss becomes worse with every bad habit. So DIET and bad habits are not the MAIN cause of hair loss.

    It is also not just about DHT or else every man would be bald because we all have DHT and all the mainstream solutions based on just reducing DHT have all FAILED miserably. DHT is normally very good for proper hair growth and also, more importantly, very good for the proper development of every major male characteristic, so screwing around and reducing DHT un-naturally is a BAD idea and has serious side effect and consequences, like IMPOTENCE.

    That is why there are class action law suits against the manufacturers of those drugs in Canada and the USA…DO NOT DO THIS

    The MALINIAK METHOD finally explains how the entire hair loss syndrome all begins with a disruption of the proper BLOOD FLOW to the scalp caused by this tight lower layer of the scalp called the GALEA. This sets into motion the whole series of events which then cause HAIR LOSS. This tight GALEA chokes off the blood supply to the scalp, which then causes a low OXYGEN condition called HYPOXIA and this finally causes a serious OVER-PRODUCTION and accumulation of DHT  in the follicles…and only now does DHT become BAD for the hair.

    So DHT is still involved but the MALINIAK METHOD explains why it is only a ” secondary ” factor and reducing DHT will help a bit but not enough and you must first and foremost attack the MAIN cause…the disruption of the BLOOD FLOW.


    All men have a GALEA but only those men with a genetic pre-disposition to having a very tight GALEA lose their hair. We only go bald where this GALEA exists on the top of the head and nowhere else on the scalp. This tightness is further made worse by STRESS,  which is why the worst cases and the fastest cases of hair loss happens in young men under 20 years old who can lose all their hair in less than six months. These YOUNG men are facing the ” perfect storm ” of high levels of testosterone, a pre-disposition to a very tight GALEA and the STRESS of adolescence. Older guys who who also have a tight GALEA but do not have all these three conditions at the same time lose their hair more slowly and steadily over time.

    The good news is that this tight GALEA is not a genetic ” trait ” which is irreversible, like eye color, but it is only a ” pre-disposition ” and it CAN BE REVERSED and the earlier you start…the better. Start the MALINIAK METHOD as soon as you start seeing hair loss and you will prevent the whole process from even triggering, which is the BEST way to counter-act it. Start it later in life and STICK WITH IT and you will reverse the hair loss process and re-grow your hair.

    Do not waste your time with un-scientific and frivolous nonsense and try the MALINIAK METHOD because it is based on solid science and the main principles of this system have now been validated by three independent scientific studies….plus if is plain ” LAYMAN’S LOGIC”…as one of our earliest successful members famously put it.

    Go to and read about the MALINIAK METHOD, do exactly what it says in the book about the proper MASSAGE technique to RESTORE blood flow, which is very simple…and get the correct electrical machine from BORN AGAIN which is based on an old science invented by Nikola TESLA to revive already dormant follicles…something we were told is impossible and which we now know IS NOT TRUE.

    You will not be disappointed again…this is the real deal.

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    MALINIAK METHOD to cure hair loss is based on simple common sense 

    Even fit athletes are losing their hair because the OLD treatments based only on reducing DHT are obviously wrong. I cured my HAIR LOSS with a new method which you can read about in a few minutes at .This alternative science explains that the first cause of HAIR LOSS is a disruption in the BLOOD FLOW to the scalp and secondly to DHT. It uses NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY. 

    DHT is normally good for your hair but not when there is too much of it. This new theory explains that this disrupted BLOOD FLOW is caused by a tight lower scalp layer called a GALEA which chokes off the blood supply to the scalp causing a dramatic increase in DHT production. Then it becomes a «  killer «. So DHT is   still involved but only as a « secondary »  factor and hair loss can be stopped by first restoring normal blood flow.

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    Get the MALINIAK METHOD machine at 150.00 off the previous price 

    Hi to all our thousands of MALINIAK METHOD members all over the world.

    Our success rate is still well over 95% for those people who do both steps correctly, as it says in the book, first with the MASSAGE technique AND by using only the proper machine purchased from us and not some cheap imitation.

    If you have not yet bought our correct violet ray device for whatever reason then you are NOT doing the MALINIAK METHOD properly and will not get the good results that our other members are getting.

    To celebrate our ever growing number of users all over the world we recently lowered out price by 150.00 USD, which also includes FREE shipping anywhere in the world.

    This is a limited time offer…so…GET IT NOW.

    Go to and get the proper machine from us and do the MALINIAK METHOD correctly….and you will not be disappointed about your HAIR LOSS again.


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    Too many athletes are going BALD and so HAIR LOSS should be a serious topic of interest to all MEN who play sports because it is avoidable. I was completely BALD and CURED my hair loss with a NEW and proven ALTERNATIVE science. If you are tired of the OLD and FAILED ideas of mainstream medicine, I strongly urge you to go to to learn about this NEW and ALTERNATIVE science which finally explains the real cause of HAIR LOSS for the first time and how to treat it using NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY.


    See this video for proof;


    This NEW theory and science explains that all the OLD systems have FAILED because they FOCUS only on DHT . It identifies the true MAIN cause of HAIR LOSS and says DHT is   only a   « secondary »  factor which becomes bad for your hair ONLY when the MAIN cause is not FIRST corrected. It is EASY to understand and very, very simple to use. It is also the absolutely LEAST expensive method available

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    Hi again to all our world wide members,

    A reminder to take advantage of our new REDUCED price for the correct and effective MALINIAK METHOD scalp stimulator.

    Go to  and make sure you get the correct machine from us directly and do not be fooled by cheap look-alikes which are useless and a waste of money.

    We lowered the price to $ 499.00 and this now includes SHIPPING to anywhere in the world.

    Cheers to all

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    Hi to all of our over 25,000 members all over the world.

    Our success rate is still well over 95% for those people who do the full MALINIAK METHOD correctly and who use only the correct machine purchased from us and not some cheap ” look-alike ” copy…as some people have done…they are useless for HAIR LOSS…I tested them all.

    We want all of our members to get these same great results, so we REDUCED THE PRICE  of our  machine from 650.00 to 499.99 which now also INCLUDES SHIPPING anywhere in the world so there is no more excuse.

    Get the correct machine from us at and do not waste your time and money with a fake and useless model bought elsewhere. Many people are trying to cash in on the MALINIAK METHOD and claim to be associated with us or claim to sell our machine…IT IS NOT TRUE.

    Make sure you get the full benefits of the MALINIAK METHOD, this revolutionary NEW two step procedure to STOP HAIR LOSS and GROW NEW HAIR  by doing the MASSAGE correctly and by buying only the correct and effective MACHINE from us.


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    People’s confidence in the MALINIAK METHOD has been rewarded with a success rate of over 95% 

    The MALINIAK METHOD just keeps growing and growing by word of mouth and a few posts. Do not delay any longer and if you have serious HAIR LOSS and are tired of the OLD and FAILED ideas…I urge you to go to to learn about a totally NEW proven science which for the FIRST time in history explains the truth about the HAIR LOSS syndrome and how to treat it using NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY.


    This NEW theory and science explains that all the OLD systems have FAILED because they FOCUS only on DHT . It identifies the true MAIN cause of HAIR LOSS and says DHT is only a « secondary »  factor which becomes bad for your hair ONLY when the MAIN cause is not FIRST corrected. It is EASY to understand and very, very simple to use.


    Do not waste any more time or money on the OLD ideas which have all FAILED. This NEW method is so logical that it is the big « BUZZ » on all the world’s HAIR LOSS forums. There are already more than 24,000 people on this method all over the world and it keeps growing because of a reported success rate of over 95% . It is a ONE time cost and the LEAST EXPENSIVE system available. More importantly, everyone using it says it REALLY WORKS.

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